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Image of bodily injury liability coverage |  GEICO Car Kit:


Bodily injury liability coverage

Pays for damages to others, such as injuries resulting from an accident or death for which you are at fault. Can provide: legal protection.

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Collision coverage

Pays for damage to your car when it hits or hits another car or object, or if the car overturns. Based on your terms, boundaries և conditions policy agreement.

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Comprehensive physical injury coverage

Pays for damage to your car that is not the result of a car accident. For example, theft, vandalism, flood, fire, animals, etc. covered dangers.

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The part of the claim that you pay out of your own pocket. Budget tip. Choosing a higher deductible will lower your premiums, therefore choose wisely.

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Emergency Road Service (ERS)

If the tire is punctured or the battery is depleted, you need to drag or lock it out of the car, we are by your side. It starts at just $ 14 a year for one car.

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Mechanical Accident Insurance (MBI)

Covers all car mechanic repairs, protecting you from expensive repair bills The warranty period expires.

Personal Injury Protection Image |  GEICO Car Kit:


Personal injury protection

Can pay for your բուժման your passengers’ treatment, lost wages or other accident-related expenses, no matter who caused it the accident.

Property Liability Coverage Image |  GEICO Car Kit:


Property damage liability coverage

Pays for someone else’s car or property accident that you are to blame for. Can provide: legal protection.

Rent Reimbursement File |  GEICO Car Kit:


Rent compensation

Or “Transportation Expenses”, this optional coverage helps pay for car rental costs when your insured car is off because of coverage. accident or loss.

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Coverage of uninsured drivers

May pay for your injuries or property damage caused by an uninsured driver or in some states; unknown driver.

All definitions are subject to the terms of your policy agreement, the terms and conditions, as well as the state which you live.

Park on a flat surface Image |  GEICO Car Kit:


Park safely on a rough, off-road surface և be sure to place it emergency brake.

Loosen Nuts File |  GEICO Car Kit:


Loosen the screw nuts halfway through the tire iron, but do not take any of them. is off yet!

Jack Up Car Image |:  GEICO Car Kit:

Remove Lug Nuts Image |  GEICO Car Kit:


Remove the screw nuts և the wheel.

Install a spare tire Image |:  GEICO Car Kit:


Insert your backup * և partially reinsert nuts.

Picture of the lower car |:  GEICO Car Kit:

Finish Tightening Log nuts Image |:  GEICO Car Kit:


Finish tightening your screw nuts. Always pull from top to bottom, from left to right (order shown).


* Spare parts come in full size – smaller “donut” designed to replace only the rear tire. If the front tire punctures, remove the rear tire and replace it with a cookie. Then change the tire in front of you with the tire.

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You can use cat litter to get your car out snow or mud!

Clean loose snow or mud around your tires, then spray cat litter around your tires. traction tires.

You should never move an injured person unless he or she is inside Immediate danger.

Only take photos if you can safely do so. Include all car damage ակայ surroundings և upload pictures to with youև report loss

Your name, your insurance company, your policy number և GEICO phone number only to other parties (except police). Be sure to dial.
• Date և hours
• Location
• Police report number
• Other driver’s license, insurance տվյալ Contact information:

If your vehicle is unable to drive, call GEICO to report a loss. GEICO will help you get yours The car was towed quickly.

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Stop worrying about your accounts. Sign up for electronic money transfer (EFT) or your credit or debit card և you never to be late again.

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Choose the number of payments that works for you life և budget.

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Pay the full premium before the policy goes into effect, you are ready. (And you will avoid it
Credit payments.)

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Sign up without paying for paperwork եք do it all online. eBill և ePolicy are great ways to track your payments և policy documents.

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Pay your bill anywhere, anytime: Sign up for text notifications when payments are made. Write to MOBILE on number 43426 for download now.
Tariffs for messages և data transfer may apply.

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Make it easy.
Download: that: Appendix:

is available on your phone or tablet in this form
digital identification cards.

paying a bill, adding a driver or vehicle, or changing coverage.

finds the lowest real-time fuel prices nearby և gives you directions there.

Roadside assistance

Is the tire spilled? Has it run out of gas? Our Emergency Road Service (ERS) can help. Log in to your GEICO Auto Policy or call (800) 424-3426 to get quotes or add quotes your policy.

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Whether you are getting married, going home or adopting a pet, GEICO is here. grow with you.

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The above is intended as general information ընդհանուր as general policy descriptions to help you understand the different types of coverage. These descriptions do not apply to any specific insurance contract, do not change any definition, exclusion or any other provision expressly stated in any insurance contract. We encourage you to talk to your insurance agent և read your policy agreement to fully understand your coverage. Some discounts, coverage, payment plans և opportunities are not available in all states, all GEICO companies or all situations. Homeowners, tenants, apartments, pets, travel, floods, term life, jewelry և business transactions և property coverage written through unrelated insurance companies և secured by GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. Boat և PWC coatings are provided by GEICO. Marine insurance company. GEICO Auto Insurers may be eligible for a premium discount on their GEICO Marine Insurance policy. Covers for motorcycles and ATVs are provided by GEICO Indemnity Company. GEICO Portfolio Identity Theft Protection is provided by Generali Global Assistance, Inc. ված is provided through GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. Identity Theft Insurance is guaranteed by Generali USA. GEICO Personal Umbrella Policy is provided by Government Employees Insurance Company և available to qualified State Employees ընկեր Insurance Company և GEICO General Insurance Company ապահով Insurers և other authorized persons other than bulk commercial vehicle coverage guaranteed by Government Employees Insurance Company. In some cases, commercial vehicle coverage is provided through GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc., either in agreement with the National Indemnity Company (NICO), the Berkshire Hathaway branch, or unrelated insurers. Business transactions և property coverage is written through unrelated insurers ված secured by GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. GEICO Mobile application և website received the number 1 rating according to Keynova Group Q1 և Q3 2021 Mobile Insurance Scorecards. If you do not wish to receive future marketing correspondence from GEICO, please fill in the form available at or send your full name և mailing address, including postal code, Mail Preference, GEICO Marketing address: , One GEICO Plaza, Floor 4T, Washington, DC 20076. GEICO is a registered service mark of the State Employees Insurance Company, Washington, DC, 20076; Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999–. © GEICO: