YFN Lucci feat. Greedy performing Used To This (Future & Drake Remix) (Official Audio 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics)  Used To This
Woah, yeah, yeah, yeah..Hey I’ve been winning shit with my eyes closed
I can count a million wἰth a blindfold
Hate when that paper get gone it’s all bad
There ain’t no way we going down, ain’t no falling
I gotta get up and grind like I used to
I can’t be wasting no time like i used to
I’ve been working all day
I’ve been slanging all day
You know that money can make everything right
I brought that paper home and changed my whole life, yeah
Oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah..
Ok look, these ni*gas ain’t hustle like we used to
And they always hate, had to get used to it, yeah
And it’s still a lot of shit I gotta get used to
But we still count paper like we used to
I’m tryna pull up in that Audi R8 with you baby
Know we straight, know they gonna violate you at the gate, uh
Heard you like to floss, well my ni*ga like to take
And you say you a boss, well the boss gotta pay
Mexicano, working like I’m Mexicano
Go hit a lick and go track it down in the condo
Mafia shit, you know the code that we follow
Hit him in the head and get some commas, yeah
Hit him then he’s dead, they don’t, yeah..
They had me with my back against the wall
They say I ain’t supposed to ball
Yeah 0 to 100, what the coupe do
Yeah I heard he had money, well he used to
Yeah I still be busting iron like I used to
Yeah I still be whipping pie like I used to
You know I’m still in the trenches with the wolves fool
Eat your face when you’re hungry, what the wolves do
You know they treat me like Obama when I push through
All I gotta do is call ’em, they gon’ push through
New Benz coupe and it push too
Yeah, nut the trap, I had to push too
Yeah, money over bi*ches that I been knew
You know we been getting money, gonna continue
Yeah, bottles and bi*ches
Yeah, these ni*gas cars be rented
Yeah, I hope you don’t feel offended
Yeah, I swear the Lord as my witness
Mexicano, working like I’m Mexicano
Hit a lick then go trap it down at a condo
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Working like I’m Mexicano
Uh-uh I ain’t used to this
And they know I ain’t used to this
Yeah, I ain’t used to shit
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, balling like we used to
Shit ain’t looking like it used to
I’m wἰth the same crew…