We can define the lessons learned as the knowledge that we can acquire through the analysis and reflection of a process or an experience that may have had a positive or negative result. For these lessons to be learned, they must be registered in a knowledge base available to everyone, so that they can be reviewed, consulted, and used on future occasions.

Lessons Learned help us a lot

In case of negative results, the result of the analysis of the process will help us to reach a good level of understanding of our own mistakes, this will be very necessary to be applied in situations to come, this being one of the ways to avoid repeating the mistakes. Same bugs over and over again.

A lesson can be learned when the result we get from an action or decision is different from what we expected. This means that said result can be better if it exceeds our expectations, or worse if we feel disappointed with what we have obtained. In both scenarios, both the best and the worst result, it is essential to carefully analyze the situation and draw the respective conclusions so that the lesson can be used on new occasions, both to avoid making decisions that lead to undesired results or in otherwise, to promote risk management that can become more successful.

A Lesson Learned:

– It arises from a systematic process of analysis and collective reflection with the participation of all those involved.

– It can be positive or negative, depending on the result achieved by exceeding or not exceeding our objectives.

– It must be useful and timely.

– It requires dissemination mechanisms, it must be available to enable its use.

 – It is a first step for the identification of possible good practices.

Use Lessons Learned

Experience is not what has happened to us but what we are capable of learning from the situations we have experienced. We all know the saying that “man is the only animal that trips over the same stone twice”. In short, it means that if we repeat the same mistake, it is that we were not able to learn from the result of the first time.

For a lesson to be learned, the respective change of action must take place. We can only talk about learning when we are capable of having a different action from the previous one to obtain a different result. Therefore, it will not be enough to carry out the analysis, the reflection, obtain the conclusions, write reports or standards to learn. We must take action and change our way of acting so that we can claim that we have learned a lesson.

For lessons learned to be timely and useful, they must be:

– Applicable. They must have a real or potential impact on the operations or processes that we must carry out.

– Valid. They must be based on facts.

– Significant. They identify processes or decisions that reduce or eliminate possible failures or are capable of enabling a better result.

Lessons learned are important in any project. Hopefully, all the information that has been provided in this article was useful.