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Hershel is a strict goal-oriented manager

When it comes to the fictional characters on the television series The Walking Dead, there is a certain degree of prominence given to the character of Hershel Greene. He is a middle-aged man of Irish descent who has a background in agriculture and veterinary. In the show, he is a farmer and a devout Christian who lives with his wife and seven children on a farm in Georgia. However, when the apocalypse hits, he and his family are thrown into the horror of the zombie apocalypse. As a result, he takes on the role of a father figure to Carl Grimes, and spreads reassurance and hope to his fellow survivors.

While his family has been devastated by the apocalypse, Hershel has also been impacted by the zombies. Although he lost his wife Annette, his son Shawn, and his mother, Josephine, Hershel has tried to find a way to cope with his losses. Aside from his job as a farmer, he became a veterinarian after his wife died. His experience with this profession helped him develop a more religious point of view. Since he believes that zombies are merely sick humans, he was shocked when the apocalypse struck.

Initially, Hershel was cold and strict, but he softened his stance as he began to see the need to protect his family. After Maggie was born, Hershel gave up his alcoholism and took responsibility for protecting her. By the time Glenn asks him for his blessing to marry her, Hershel was willing to accept him as a good father. But when Rick starts to turn to violence, Hershel begins to fear for his safety. And when a group of walkers attacks their camp, Hershel is forced to take charge of the group’s decisions. Eventually, he becomes the moral center of the group.

While the producers initially scripted Hershel to be killed by Randall in the season’s first episode “Better Angels”, they eventually decided to let him live. They thought that allowing him to survive would provide more drama and depth to the series. Furthermore, they wanted to explore the drama that might have been caused if the farm was lost in the season’s third episode.

The character of Hershel is not the only one who is prone to being a strict manager. The character of Michonne also has a similar demeanor. She is also a goal-oriented manager. At the beginning of the season, she is very skeptical of Rick’s group and is not very willing to cooperate with them. Nevertheless, she tries to help them to escape the horde of walkers, and she even finds Hershel’s reanimated head. With this newfound confidence, she becomes a valuable member of the group.

Hershel is a vital character on the series. In addition to his position as a farm owner, he is also a key player in the group. He acts as a mediator, a father figure, and a diplomat. Moreover, he helps to keep the group away from violence and convinces Rick to spend more time with his family.

Chelsea Glover