which synonym describes the greatest degree of regret

Regret is the feeling of regret that follows a mistake or mistaken action. Regret is a feeling of loss, but it’s not always negative. In some cases, regret may lead to vindication. For example, a person may feel vindicated when someone criticizes them for committing a certain sin.


The first step is to decide what the correct word is to express the degree of regret. The answer is not always straightforward. The word “regret” can be used with a specific object, act, or fault. Sometimes it can be used with an emotion such as disappointment. If you don’t know the right word, here are some examples.


A person experiences regret when something bad happens, like when they make a wrong decision, or when they do something wrong. It is a feeling that seems good in the moment, but turns out to be bad in the end. The opposite of regret is vindication, which can be a good thing.

Chelsea Glover