which of the following toplevel domains identifies a degreegranting institution

If you are looking for a domain name to represent your degree-granting institution, you have many choices. But which one is most appropriate? The answer to this question will help you decide which top-level domain best fits your institution’s mission and vision. Listed below are some examples of popular top-level domains for education institutions.


A.edu is the domain name of a degree-granting institution. It is used to identify a college or university that is accredited by an accrediting body. These institutions are usually accredited by regional agencies or are listed in Carnegie’s basic classification. They also must have some degree-granting programs that are delivered in-person and have a full-time first-year bachelor’s degree program. Furthermore, they must graduate students within six years.


A degree-granting institution is an organization that awards degrees to students. These organizations may be public or private, and are governed by elected or appointed officials. Public institutions are often operated on a nonprofit basis, and private institutions may be run for profit. Both types of institutions enroll first-year undergraduates in degree-granting programs.


There are several top-level domains for degree-granting institutions. Which domain best identifies your institution? The domain should be one of the following:.info,.edu, or.edu.info. In some cases, these top-level domains may be used for more than one institution. You will need to provide proof that you’re affiliated with a specific institution to register a.info domain for it.

Chelsea Glover