which of the following determines the degree of decentralization of a firm

The degree of decentralization in a firm is a crucial element in its functioning and effectiveness. The process of decentralization refers to the organization of a firm into a number of subunits. This allows for the organization to reduce the costs, improve the quality of decision-making, and increase employee morale. However, the process can also create confusion and dissent among its members.

Improves employee morale

Boosting employee morale can be achieved when an organization becomes decentralized. This can help workers cope with adversity. It can also encourage people to perform better.

Decentralizing a firm allows more authority to be in the hands of the employees. When this happens, workers feel as though they are more valued. That is, they are more likely to stay in the job.

Boosting morale is a continuous process. A good way to do this is to offer frequent communication. People like to work with others, especially when they are doing challenging tasks. Also, managers should sit down with their workers on a regular basis.

In order to boost morale, organisations should design a compensation scheme that meets the needs of the workers. This can be done through providing an appropriate wage structure, and by implementing a sound incentive plan. Moreover, the benefits offered to the employees should include well-being and physical health.

Morale is a vital part of the organisational culture. The attitude of workers towards the organization, its management, and its objectives directly affects productivity. Therefore, promoting it is a management responsibility.

High morale can help in solving many labour related problems. But, it is important to understand that there are many external factors that influence the morale of workers.

Besides, the nature of the job can also have a major impact on morale. Employees are likely to be more satisfied with their jobs if they are given a variety of opportunities for growth.

For example, if the company offers a variety of benefits, employees are more likely to enjoy their jobs. Another factor that can help improve morale is a comfortable, safe, and clean working environment.

To boost employee morale, an organisation must promote a positive work climate. One way to do this is to establish a positive working relationship with employees. Having people in leadership roles who communicate that they value employees’ opinions and want them to do their best helps create a safe, healthy workplace.

Organisations can also hire behavioural scientists and psychologists to identify the reasons for dissatisfaction and help in developing a solution. Furthermore, a positive attitude can lead to employees’ recommendations to their friends and family.

Chelsea Glover