which is the degree measure of an angle whose tangent is 567

An angle of tangent 5.67 is 270 degrees. In order to find the degree measure of the angle, you will need to find its tangent, or the other side of the angle. The answer should be rounded to the nearest whole number.

270 degrees

Generally, a 270 degree angle is greater than a 180 degree angle, which is called an obtuse angle. In addition to this, it is more than 90 degrees. The 360 degree angle, on the other hand, is called a complete angle. For a proper and accurate measurement of an angle, it is helpful to have a protractor handy.

The tangent of a circle is a point that intersects two lines. The angle’s tangent measures 5.67 degrees. The tangent is rounded to the nearest whole number. The two angles’ measures are then derived from an algebraic equation. When the tangent of an angle is greater than its complement, the degree measure is 270 degrees.

67 degrees

Which is the degree measure of an angle if its tangent is 5.67 degrees? The answer is 270 degrees. The tangent is the line segment that passes through the point. It is also called the tangent distance. In addition, the tangent distance T is the distance between the tangents of two lines intersecting at the same point.

The degrees of an angle are often written as numbers, but a protractor can be used to draw the angle. If the tangent is 5.67 degrees, the angle is called an obtuse angle. It is larger than a straight angle and less than a 360-degree angle.

Chelsea Glover