which is the degree measure of an angle whose tangent is 567

Which is the degree measure of an angle whose tangent is 5.67 degrees? There are four possible answers to this question: A, B, C, and D. You will need to select the answer that makes sense for the situation.

Answer choice A: 45 degree

The 45 degree angle is a tangent to the shortest side and the longest side of a triangle. If we draw a line on a piece of paper and write an equation for the angle, we get a hypotenuse of (sq rt 2) *a. We can also write the tangent as arctan(1) = 45 degrees. A 45 degree angle is the simplest of all angles.

A 20 degree angle is easier to pull than a 45 degree angle. Another example is a ladder. A 10ft ladder is a 45 degree angle to the wall and to the ground. You have to reach up for a 13ft ladder but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Answer choice C: 63 degree

If a student adds a vector with a magnitude of 40 to a vector with a magnitude of 200, what will be the result? The answer will be a negative number, if the two vectors have different directions, or a positive number, if they are opposite in direction. A student who takes this exercise will have a sense of how vectors work.

When two sides of a triangle have the same tangent, it means that the magnitude of one of the sides is equal to the magnitude of the other. For example, if one side of a bed is 40 m and the other is 60 m, the angle between them is 22 deg. In order to find the shortest distance from point C to side c, the tangent of the first side must meet the tangent of the second side. This is the shortest distance.

Another way of finding the tangent is by using the half-angle formula. To do this, multiply the top and the bottom of the tangent by two and then take the square of the result. Using the above formulas, the tangent can be cleaned up.

Chelsea Glover