which graph shows a mixeddegree system with exactly one solution

Which graph shows a mixed-degree system that has one solution? This article will explain how to interpret the graph. You will also learn more about the X-Y plane. Graphs of mixed-degree systems can be difficult to understand, but if you know how to read them, you can understand them and use them to your advantage.

X yplane

The X yplane graph shows y = x+2y = 6. In other words, the point at the intersection of the x-axis and y-axis is the solution. An equation must have a solution to be valid. If y = -1, then the equation is invalid. On the other hand, if y = x+2y+2, the equation is valid and can be solved.

In an x-yplane graph, a mixed-degree system has a single solution. There are four regions on the graph: the origin, the x-axis, and the y-axis. Graphing an equation in this way makes it possible to determine the slope. The slope is the change in y in relation to the change in x. It can be calculated using the formula m=x2 – y1.

Graph of a mixed-degree system

In a system of two or more inequalities, a point lies in a region where the solutions of both inequalities overlap. The point is then a solution to both equations. A point lies within the solution region if the inequality at that point equals y +5.

If two equations have the same solution, the resulting graph is the same. This is called an ordered pair. In an inconsistent system, there is no solution. The equations of a system are either dependent or independent if all the solutions are the same or not.

Graph of a mixed-degree system with exactly one solution

The graph of a mixed-degree system with exactly a solution has exactly a single solution, and it is called a mixed-degree system. This graph can be solved using the same method as the Graph of a linear system. However, the solution to this system is not always unique, and it may be inconsistent.

To determine whether a system has exactly one solution, it must first determine whether there are two or more inequalities. The solution to the system will be in the purple area. A point that lies within this region is considered to be a solution to both inequalities.

A mixed-degree system has exactly one solution if two lines intersect. In this case, the x-axes scale by one-half. In this example, the equation y = -six plus eight is graphed through the points zero and eight, while the line from point one to negative four intersects the two lines. Graphs of mixed-degree systems may be the same or different. A mixed-degree system can have a single solution or infinitely many solutions.

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