which graph shows a mixeddegree system with exactly one solution

Which graph shows a mixed-degree system with exactly one solution?

A mixed-degree system is a set of linear equations. If the graphs of all the equations in the system intersect, then there is one solution.

If the graphs do not intersect, then there are no solutions. Sometimes the graphs of the equations will graph as the same line, in which case there are an infinite number of solutions.


How to graph y2x+5

A graph is a line drawn from one point to another, with a slope and a y-intercept. The y-intercept can be any point on the line, and the slope is the distance from that point to the next. In this case, the y-intercept is a point where x is zero and y is 1.

There are several ways to graph a mixed-degree system with exactly one solution. The first method is to graph the system in its simplest form. The second method is to replace any two equations in the system with another pair of equations, and to use the result to determine the y-coordinates of the two points. The third method is to multiply any two equations in the system by a nonzero number.

Graphing y2x+5 is easy, but it does require a little practice. To begin, you should decide which equations to graph and where to put the y-coordinates of the points. You should also determine how to calculate the y-coordinates of any given point, and how to find the y-intercepts. There are a few helpful tricks to help you find the y-coordinates of a point, but it is always best to start with a straight edge and draw a line between the x- and y-intercepts.

Chelsea Glover