which basketball player earned a doctorate degree in education

During the past several years, several basketball players have earned doctorate degrees in education. These include Shaquille O’Neal, Jeremy McLaughlin, and J-Mac. These men have a passion for education and a dedication to making the world a better place. They want to pass on the benefits of their education to their children.

Shaquille O’Neal

Despite earning millions of dollars as a professional basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal did not leave his education behind. In fact, Shaq graduated from Barry University with a doctorate degree in education.

The former NBA superstar is a businessman and entrepreneur. He owns a number of restaurants and 24-hour fitness centers. He is also an early investor in Apple and Google. He also has a partial stake in the Sacramento Kings. He has invested in more than 50 companies.

Before he was drafted into the NBA, Shaq attended Louisiana State University. While there, he received a Bachelor’s degree in general studies. He later earned a Master’s degree in business from the University of Phoenix. Afterward, he returned to Louisiana State University to finish up his studies.

After college, Shaquille O’Neal returned to the NBA, but he knew that he wanted to finish up his studies at LSU. He also decided to enroll at Barry University in Miami Shores. There, he took classes online and through correspondence courses. He completed 16 courses with a grade point average of 3.81.

O’Neal has earned a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a doctorate degree. He is a member of the American Basketball Association and has been named a 15-time All-Star. He has also won three regular season MVPs and four NBA championships. He has a net worth of over $350 million.

Shaq is the first NBA player drafted out of high school. He also owns a number of restaurants and cinemas. He is also the owner of 17 Auntie Anne’s Pretzel locations. He is also the owner of a Krispy Kreme franchise. He owns a Gulfstream G550 aircraft that has an elephant print pattern.


Several people have tried to emulate J-Mac’s accomplishments, but no one has been able to come close. J-Mac’s game was impressive to say the least, but his contributions are more than just athleticism. He is also a public speaker and a public figure, and he continues to work with Coach Jim Johnson.

Coach Johnson has done a lot for the basketball program at Greece Athena High School. For starters, he is the school’s only winning coach in the last 30 years. He has also done a number of TV appearances and radio shows. He has also met a lot of notable people, including President George W. Bush, Governor George Pataki, and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Jason “J-Mac” McElwain is a senior at Greece Athena High School, and he is also the team’s manager. He has played on varsity basketball team for eight years. He is averaging over 10 points per game. He also leads his team with his dedication to fitness and education. His dream is to become a college basketball coach.

The most impressive feat was when J-Mac scored 20 points in four minutes, which he accomplished during the last regular-season game of his high school career. This was a feat that he had never accomplished before, and the game was shown on ESPN and CNN. He also had six three-pointers, which was impressive, and not just because of the number.

The best part of all is that J-Mac’s achievements are not the only ones. His team won the Section V championship in 2013, and in 2014, they were the state finalists. He is also a member of the First Team and the Second Team in the state of New Jersey.

Jeremy McLaughlin

Jeremy McLaughlin is a senior at Catawba College. He has been on the basketball team all four years. He has earned honorable mention All-American status as a senior. He also earned honorable mention All-Big 12 Conference honors. He is a senior communications major. He plans to attend graduate school to earn a doctorate in education.

McLaughlin was a standout player in high school. He averaged 13.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game in high school. He was also named Sierra League MVP, Daily Bulletin Inland Valley Player of the Year, and was an All-State selection. In his senior season, McLaughlin also played in the Southern Regional portion of the state playoffs. He recorded 17 points in the state playoffs. He suffered a torn labrum in the quarterfinal loss to Chino Hills.

McLaughlin was a member of the 1986 NCAA men’s championship team. He was also an assistant coach at Pepperdine University. He served as a coach for three World University Games and the 1991 Pan-Am team. He served as a consultant for the 1992 U.S. Olympic team. He was also the head coach of the 1991 Pan-Am team.

McLaughlin’s son, Bobby, is also a college basketball player. He earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master of Data Analytics. He also played for La Salle University and Christian Brothers University. He also ran track at La Salle. His family is from Forest Hill, Louisiana. His cousin is National Baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin. He is also a member of the Louisiana Christian University Sports Hall of Fame. He has also been awarded the Honda Award, Capital One Academic All-American, and ESPNW national player of the year.

NBA players go back to school more than they used to

Unlike past generations, today’s NBA players are getting the opportunity to train at a higher intensity. They are also able to watch more games. They also get to test their mettle in the scouting arena. These players are taking advantage of all of these opportunities.

They are also using the latest technological gizmos to their advantage. For instance, a stats geek helped Kevin Durant break down a video. They are also getting a leg up on the competition by using the latest and greatest social media tools. They are also taking advantage of the business opportunities that come their way.

A survey of players revealed that one of the most notable things about the modern era of basketball is the increase in the number of young players that have the opportunity to tryout for the pros. This has helped increase the number of scouting networks that exist, allowing for the aforementioned talent discovery.

The best part of this new reality is that the economics of the NBA have skyrocketed. They are generating billions of dollars in revenue for the NBA, NBA G League and NBA League One. That said, there is a huge disparity between the top of the line players and the average Joe. The biggest challenge for the league is to keep the talent pipeline from being overstocked. There are currently about a million players in the league, many of them underclassmen.

There is also the aforementioned COVID-19 pandemic, where players are starting to get one and done, which is a fancy term for getting drafted early. The other notable sign of this trend is the proliferation of the e-commerce marketplace. This is where young players can make a little bit of money on the side.

Shaq wants his kids to learn the value of hard work and education

During a recent appearance on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, Shaq discussed his approach to raising his children. As one of the most dominant basketball players of all time, Shaq wants to instill the value of hard work and education in his kids. The NBA Hall of Famer is currently an analyst on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” show. He also has a foundation called the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation that works to help children in need.

Shaq is also known for his sense of humor. He has been described as “one of the most entertaining NBA analysts” by ESPN’s Avery Johnson. He has also played a genie in the movie Kazaam. He is currently the spokesman for The General Automobile Insurance.

Shaq’s kids are a lot like him. They are also smart and hard-working. His youngest son, Shaqir, is 18 years old and plays basketball for Crossroads School in Santa Monica. He will soon enter Texas Southern University to continue his education.

Shaq’s oldest child, Shareef, is also a basketball player. He is a junior at LSU and will continue his college career there. He will be playing at UCLA in 2020. He underwent open heart surgery to fix an aberrant coronary artery while in college.

As Shaq explained, he wants his kids to have the opportunity to work hard and earn their own money. He also wants to make sure they don’t take for granted what they have. During his career, Shaq earned more than $300 million. In addition to that, he has dozens of endorsement deals. Shaq’s net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

During his career, Shaq has earned more than $292 million in salary. His endorsement deals include numerous food and drink establishments throughout the US.

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