which basketball player earned a doctorate degree in education

The NBA is home to some of the most talented and successful athletes on the court. A lot of people may not know it, but a few of them actually earned doctorate degrees in education. Shaquille O’Neal and Jeremy Lin are just two examples. These athletes went on to become teachers, proving that hard work, education, and perseverance can lead to success in any field.

Jeremy Lin

If you’re a basketball fan, you’re familiar with Jeremy Lin. He is a native of the Bay Area, and is one of the most prominent Asian-Americans in the NBA today.

He is a Harvard graduate, and was the first Chinese-American to play in the NBA in the modern era. His success as a player has been the source of much ado. However, the end of his career is likely to be a bit less gaudy.

During his time in the NBA, Jeremy Lin played for teams in Houston, New York, and Los Angeles. Despite his success as a point guard, he has had some struggles in his career.

Although he has earned a few awards and titles, he has also endured many setbacks. The most recent of which was his 81-game absence from the NBA after rupturing his patella tendon.

Having a career as a basketball player is not for the faint of heart. And, if you ask a lot of people who have made it in the league, they will tell you that it’s been a tough ride.

After his playing days, Jeremy Lin turned his attention to academics. Upon graduating from Harvard, he went on to earn a doctorate in education. While he had an impressive resume, he was unable to find a local school that would offer him a scholarship.

Ultimately, he found his way to the New York Knicks. But his tenure there was plagued by injury. When he returned in 2012, he was a starter for the Knicks, going 9-3. That was good enough for him to make the All-Star team.

After that, he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2013, he was given the opportunity to go on a one-on-one learning experience. At that time, he learned Mandarin.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is a four time NBA champion who is known for his great athletic abilities. While he’s a famous athlete, he also has a strong commitment to education. He has earned a doctorate in education at Barry University.

As a member of the Miami Heat, Shaquille played a key role in winning the 2006 NBA title. After his retirement from the basketball team, he turned his attention to investing. Today, he owns a stake in the Sacramento Kings and has invested in dozens of businesses.

Before becoming an NBA player, Shaquille attended Louisiana State University. During his studies, he completed many courses by correspondence. But when he was drafted into the NBA, he had to leave school early to work on his career. However, he returned to school and finished his degree.

The doctorate in education that he received from Barry University is in organizational learning and leadership. Shaquille studied the ways in which CEOs and other leaders apply humor in the workplace.

Although Shaq didn’t graduate from a traditional college, he did attend a private Catholic institution in Florida. His family attended the commencement ceremony. This included his mother, brother, sister and nephews.

Shaq wore a custom made bright red XXXL gown during the graduation ceremony. Afterwards, he walked down a row of graduates, posing for pictures and giving high-fives.

He was one of about 1,100 students to receive their degrees from the school. The ceremony was held at the James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami.

Shaq’s doctorate in education was awarded with a 3.8 GPA. O’Neal said it’s the proudest accomplishment of his life. And he’s looking forward to the future.

‘The Big Aristotle’ wants his kids to learn the value of hard work and education

Aristotle is one of the most prominent figures in the annals of Western civilization. Although his contemporaries lauded his genius, the man was a bit of a wanderer. After a stint as a student in Athens, he founded a lyceum in his native Macedonia. Later in life, he branched out on his own, becoming a notable philosopher of the ancient ages. He also wrote several books, among them, the fabled Euclid’s Elements.

He is credited with several other impressive feats of arms, including his ingenious invention of a time keeping device. While he may have been a tad oblivious, his contributions to the field of philosophy remain a significant factor in the genesis of modern Western civilization. Among his many achievements, he was the first to publish a book on physics, arguably the most important subject in the history of the universe. Other noteworthy milestones include his invention of the chronometer and the first known telegraph. His magnum opus, the Euclid, remains a testament to the power of his wits and his ability to distill the complexities of the sex and time of life into digestible, easy to comprehend snippets. Whether or not he really deserved the accolades he received, is another question.

Not only was he a smart man, he was also an avid outdoorsman. In addition to his aforementioned tame, he compiled a number of scientific and mathematical works, as well as some of the best whacky scientific theories of his day. He was also the first to coin the term logical mind. Eventually, he succumbed to his own hubris and turned his back on his mentees, eventually succumbing to a bout of the flu.

O’Neal received a degree in business administration

The Miami Heat star, Shaquille O’Neal, received his doctorate degree in business administration from Barry University on May 5. A private Catholic university in Florida, Barry offers a doctorate in organizational learning and leadership.

This is not the first time that Shaquille O’Neal has earned a degree. He also received an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2005.

While he was attending school, O’Neal also worked as an analyst for the NBA. That is a very difficult job that requires a lot of dedication. Fortunately, he is able to study after his games. During this time, he took several online courses and finished his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In his final project, he focused on humor in the workplace.

After completing his studies, O’Neal decided to enroll in the Adrian Dominican School of Education at Barry University. He studied the business of the NBA, interviewing a number of CEOs about the impact of humor in the workplace.

During his time at Barry, Shaquille O’Neal earned a total of 54 credit hours. Some of the coursework he took included video conferencing, human resource development and organizational learning.

When he was a student at LSU, Shaquille O’Neal knew he wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree. He promised his mother that he would finish his education if he was drafted. As he left school to attend the NBA Draft in 1992, he knew he wanted to go back to school.

Shaquille O’Neal had to take numerous distance education classes, but he was able to complete his degree. Upon graduation, he posed for pictures with other graduates.

Shaquille O’Neal graduated with a 3.81 grade-point average. The 15-time All-Star said he wants to instill a love of education in his children.

O’Neal wants his kids to learn the value of hard work and education

Aside from his basketball career, Shaquille O’Neal has been a successful businessman and community volunteer. His fortune is estimated at around $400 million. He has worked hard to build his family and his businesses. As a father, he believes in teaching his kids the value of education and hard work.

Before his professional basketball career, Shaquille O’Neal was a kid from Newark, New Jersey, raised in a poor family. He had a tough childhood. But, he managed to turn it all around. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $400 million and he owns a number of companies and businesses.

He was a star in his high school days, averaging 31 points and 22 rebounds as a senior. He was considered one of the top rising senior centers in the country. At his height, he weighed 230 pounds. That combined with his mobility and strength made him a force to be reckoned with.

During his high school years, Shaquille was recruited heavily by the University of Texas at San Antonio. The Roadrunners’ coaching staff and assistant coach Mike Wacker were aware of his potential as a prospect. They encouraged him to come to campus. In addition, the team’s athletic trainer, Jim Collins, went out of his way to ensure that he had the proper workouts.

One of his biggest highlights during his high school years came in the 1989 state title game. In that game, he scored 38 points and had 20 rebounds. Then, he was honored with a trip to the All-State team.

Throughout his college career, Shaquille O’Neal excelled in his studies. He earned an Ed.D degree in human resource development at Barry University.

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