where to evaluate international degree in usa

If you’re planning to study or work in the United States, you will need to get your international degree or diploma evaluated. However, this is not as simple as it seems. The United States doesn’t have one central authority for evaluating foreign credentials. Instead, it recognizes foreign degrees and other qualifications based on international agreements.


If you are pursuing a higher education in the USA, you may be wondering if your foreign degree will be recognized. To make sure that your credentials are accepted, you need to ensure that they are evaluated by an agency that is a member of NACES. These agencies have high standards and adhere to an enforceable code of conduct. You should also know that the process of evaluating your foreign degree can take as long as seven business days. In some cases, you can also opt for an expedited process, but this will cost you extra.

To obtain an evaluation from a NACES member, you must have a copy of your official degree or diploma. There are two basic types of evaluations that NACES members can provide: General Analysis and Course Analysis. The former will provide you with an overall equivalency of your degree, while the latter will give you a more detailed report about your courses and grades. It is crucial that you provide your documents in original language, and if possible, a certified translation into English.

If you have any concerns or complaints about the evaluations, it is recommended that you contact the individual member organization directly, as this is where the evaluation is performed. You can ask them to explain the judgments that were made. You can also file a complaint with NACES. They will forward the information to the appropriate member organization.

The IERF is the oldest credential evaluation service in the U.S., with over 580,000 evaluations processed to date. It is a highly regarded evaluation service and a founding member of NACES. Its website offers more information. It also has a list of its members.

Before you use an international degree in the USA, it is important to have it evaluated by a credential evaluator. There are many such service providers on the internet. However, you should make sure that you choose one that belongs to a professional association.

Bruscan Educational Information Services

Hundreds of local businesses and colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex trust Bruscan Educational Information Services to evaluate international academic degrees for their applicants. The company’s services are fast, affordable and offer a variety of options. Their credential evaluation services range from secondary school certificates to master’s, doctorate, and postgraduate degrees.

When considering an international degree, check if the institution has accreditation. Most countries require a higher level of education, and some have specific requirements for certification. Make sure to follow these requirements. Many schools and employers require an accredited evaluation report from a specialized agency.

International degree evaluators evaluate foreign academic documents and create Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports. The aim is to make sure that international degrees are equivalent to those recognized in the United States. While there are several agencies that perform such evaluations, the US Department of State recognizes two companies.

Credential evaluation is a process that ensures an international degree will be accepted by US employers and education institutions. It also ensures that foreign students will not be put at a disadvantage by being unable to prove their academic credentials. It provides equal opportunities for all students and reduces the likelihood of students having a difficult time on campus. Without an evaluation, an applicant may be forced to repeat a level of education, which is costly and time-consuming.


Bruscan is an internationally recognized educational services company based in Irving, Texas, USA. It provides various educational services, including degree evaluation, transcripts, and certifications. The company was founded in 1984 and offers educational services worldwide. Whether you’re a university graduate or a foreign national seeking a degree from an accredited institution, Bruscan can help.

BEIS was founded by Adeola Dixon, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. She has over a decade of experience in the field of international education. Previously, she worked for Citigroup and Racetrac Petroleum, Inc., where she gained operations management skills.

Bruscan Educational Information Services is a leading educational services company located in Irving, Texas, USA. They provide various types of foreign credential evaluation and academic degree evaluation services to both employers and job applicants. BEIS also offers a convenient online ordering process. The company’s professional staff works to ensure the validity of foreign academic credentials.

The company provides various types of credential evaluations, including general evaluation, course-by-course evaluation, comprehensive evaluation, and translation of transcripts. Each evaluation type has a different purpose. For example, a student may need a certificate of completion in order to further their education, while a professional might want to obtain a professional license or work. Immigration is another common use for the services of an international credential evaluation company.

Association of International Credentials Evaluators

The Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE) is a professional organization that supports and serves the field of international credential evaluation. It offers certification to its members, and is based in California. Applicants seeking credential evaluations of foreign-based academic credentials should carefully review its procedures and qualifications.

The AACRAO is comprised of institutions from every sector of higher education, from large public institutions to small private liberal arts colleges. It offers members access to a global network of resources and consulting expertise. It is an authoritative voice in enrollment management, admissions, records, registration, financial aid, technology, and more. AACRAO’s EDGE database is frequently used by institutions and other agencies for international credential evaluations.

In addition to a professional association, NAFSA promotes professional development for U.S. college and university administrators. The organization offers educational resources and professional development programs in enrollment management and marketing. It also maintains an evaluation database. The organization has more than 700 members. You can search their website to locate an evaluation service that suits your needs.

Credential evaluations are crucial to ensuring the legitimacy of educational credentials. They verify the authenticity of academic documents and compare them to archival documents to provide peace of mind. Sometimes, academic documents are issued in another language, but accompanied by English translations. A credential evaluator verifies the accuracy of those translations, as well as dates, course titles, grades, and names.

Moreover, the Association of International Credentials Evaluators provides members with access to experts in the field of comparative education. Members have access to a network of professional colleagues and a variety of resources, including educational journals and conference presentations. And they also participate in international credential evaluations.

The Association of International Credentials Evaluators is a professional membership organization that consists of evaluators from other countries. They evaluate educational credentials based on different educational systems. This means that evaluators assess academic documents and compare them to degrees earned in the United States.

Credential evaluation services are often offered by private organizations and endorsed by the Association of International Credentials Evaluators. These organizations strive to produce the most accurate and reliable credential translations. Members of the Association of International Credentials Evaluators are leaders in the field and strive to meet high standards. They work closely with organizations like the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

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