SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that can provide a website with a higher web traffic level and improved online visibility. Recently, SEO has become an important factor for online marketing and website promotion. This is due to the fact that search engines are one of the most important sources of online traffic. In order to improve the visibility of a website, it is necessary to apply effective SEO techniques.

What is SEO

  1. SEO is the process of optimizing a website for Google search with the goal of earning higher web traffic levels and improving the visibility of the site. 
  2. SEO is a long-term investment that requires ongoing effort, so it’s important to find an agency that will be able to commit to your business for the long haul. 
  3. SEO involves creating high-quality content, optimizing website architecture, and building links from other websites. 

Finding agencies

The best way to find an SEO agency is to ask around for referrals or do some research online. Be sure to read reviews and compare pricing before making a decision.

SEO is a complex and ever-evolving field, so it’s important to work with an agency that has a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices.

Evaluating your choices

You can evaluate how qualified a marketing agency is to handle your SEO needs by checking some of their previous clients. If they have worked with reputable companies in your industry, then they are likely to be a good fit for you. Additionally, you can ask the agency for case studies or client testimonials that demonstrate their success in SEO. 

If they can provide clear examples of how they have helped other businesses achieve better search engine visibility, then this is a good indication that they know what they are doing. 

Good agencies will also be happy to share their own SEO methodology with you. This will give you a good idea of how they plan to approach your project and what kind of results you can expect. If an agency can’t provide any of this information, then it may be best to look elsewhere.

Questions you need to ask

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you rank higher in the search engines, here are six questions to ask first:

1. How many sites have they successfully improved?

Every business has different needs, so it’s important that this experience exists to show the level of expertise required to improve your site.

2. Do they have experience with your industry?

You want to ensure that the agency has experience ranking sites similar to yours. Ranking a site for homeopathic medicine is entirely different from ranking a site for high fashion and selecting an agency without this expertise will leave you frustrated and confused.

3. What type of reporting do they provide?

You should have access to weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that are easy to understand. These reports should be customizable within your online business platform. 

4. Do they provide multiple services?

Your agency should offer more than just search engine optimization; they should also provide email marketing, advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, website development (if needed), lead generation strategies like blogging and content marketing , and affiliate marketing strategies. A single source for all of these services is optimal.

5. What are their fees?

It is important to have a long-term vision for your site, not just short term wins. As such, it’s OK if they don’t offer the cheapest proposal — instead look for an agency that offers value with every service offered.

If you’re unsure about this, ask them how much traffic will be generated after 6 months and 12 months, along with what percentage of this traffic will be search engine driven. Remember, quality beats quantity when it comes to rankings.

6. Can they execute against your goals?

You want to ensure that whoever you hire can actually get results — otherwise why are you hiring them? One easy way to determine if they can execute on your plan is through a free or low-cost consultation. 

A good agency should be able to provide a plan that will meet your goals and expectations for a fixed price. If they won’t, then move on until you find one that does! At the end of the day, while SEO is important it isn’t everything. You need a full marketing strategy that encompasses all channels including paid advertising if needed — so do your research and choose wisely!


SEO can be a great way to improve your website’s visibility and bring in more leads, but it’s important to do your research before hiring an agency. There are many agencies out there that claim they know SEO, but not all of them are reputable or qualified. 

By taking the time to ask the right questions and evaluate their work, you can find an agency that will help your business grow. Want to see some great examples of marketing agencies? Visit Royal Wares for a look at some of the best in the industry.