what would i be without my degree

Despite the fact that most people feel that they have to complete a college degree in order to be successful in life, there are many ways to find a career that you love without a degree. These include side projects, volunteer work, apprenticeships, and internships. By completing some of these experiences, you can gain hands-on experience and find the right path for you.

Job opportunities

If you have knowledge of computer languages, there are many job opportunities without a degree. For example, you could become an independent or staff adjuster, a position where you’ll work for an insurance company or a natural disaster. You’ll work with computers and manipulate data in databases, so you can earn a lot. You can also become a game tester. You can make up to $100,000 a year as a computer programmer.

Computer jobs without a degree can be in systems programming, data analysis, and business support. Other jobs in the computer industry require specialized skills. For example, you could be a cybersecurity analyst or a game tester. You could also be an information security analyst, which pays a median salary of $85,960 per year. These jobs require a lot of technical and soft skills.

Many people are concerned that non-college graduates will find it hard to get a decent job, but this isn’t the case. In some industries, such as the tech industry, non-college graduates earn 58% more than people with degrees. In 2019, a computer security analyst with no degree can earn $93,750. In addition, a database administrator with no degree can make $86,550, a median salary.

If you’re looking for a tech job, there’s a huge demand for high-end computer programmers. This sector is predicted to grow 28% by 2026, with three million cybersecurity jobs left unfilled. If you have the necessary experience, you can work in this field as a freelancer or a member of the tech industry. A computer software engineer can earn 50k per year. Similarly, if you’d like to work in the oil and gas sector, you can work as an IT manager or as a computer technician. You can also take up online courses to gain more knowledge and experience.

The most popular job without a degree is a commercial pilot. But to become a commercial pilot, you’ll need a high school diploma and a commercial pilot’s license. Here are 19 other jobs without a degree, including the highest paying one. You might find your dream job if you’re passionate about coding.

You can also pursue a career in cybersecurity without a degree. The median salary for these professionals will be $52,690 by 2020. If you have a passion for computers and technology, you can even become an IT manager or an IBM or Google engineer without a degree. You can also work as a sales engineer, representing a company that sells technology.

A college degree in computer science is not required for these careers, and you can work as a software engineer, system analyst, graphic designer, network engineer, and cyber security specialist. You can also work as a flight attendant. If you have an interest in the field, you can get an internship in major companies.


Regardless of your age or educational background, there are career opportunities available for people without a degree. You can still develop the skills required for a specific job. These skills are often more valuable than academic qualifications. If you find a job that you love, you can consider earning a degree later on in your career. This will give you the opportunity to advance your career and earn a higher salary. There are many online degree programs that you can complete on your schedule.

One of the highest paying careers without a degree involves event management. If you have excellent organizational skills, you can manage events for individuals or corporations. You can earn handsome amounts of money if you have the necessary experience. The event management industry is one of the fastest growing in the country, so if you have an eye for detail, this might be the right career for you.

If you have a knack for marketing, you could pursue an online marketing business. For instance, Brandon Seymour, the CEO of online marketing firm Beymour Consulting, started by pursuing contract work in order to build up his portfolio. Currently, he helps dozens of businesses with their online identity, social media outreach, and reputation management. By using his existing network of contacts, Brandon has a great opportunity to grow his business and develop his skills.

Another rewarding career without a degree is in the creative fields. Graphic designers, game designers, social media managers, and freelance photographers are just a few examples of creative professions that you could pursue. Technology-based jobs also have plenty of opportunities for those without a degree. You can find coding bootcamps and other online training options for these fields.

Life without a degree

Life without a degree can be a very challenging situation. It can be hard to find high-paying jobs or obtain business loans and investors. You may also be wondering if you should go back to school. After all, it seems like more work! But there are ways to make your life more enjoyable without a degree.

It is important to remember that many successful people in the past did not earn a degree. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are just a few examples. Although they received honorary degrees from Harvard University, they dropped out of college to pursue their lucrative ventures. Similarly, Larry Smith dropped out of Harvard University in order to achieve great success. Despite this, these men are living proof that there are ways to succeed without a degree.

Chelsea Glover