what to wear to the beach in 60 degree weather

Regardless of whether you’re heading to the beach in the summer or winter, it’s important to know what to wear to stay warm. Layers are key to staying warm, and the best way to stay warm is by wearing a variety of clothes. Depending on the weather, you’ll want to consider what to wear to the beach in 60 degree weather, including white tees, leggings or track pants. Using a hat or a poncho is also a great way to stay warm.

Layers are the best way to stay warm

Regardless of the weather, you’ll find that layers are the best way to stay warm at the beach. If the weather is mild, you may only need to wear a jacket or coat, but if it’s colder, you will need more layers. In addition to your outer layer, you will want to wear a mid layer to insulate your body from the cold.

Your base layer should be a long-sleeved t-shirt, a wicking undershirt, or a windbreaker. This layer will draw perspiration away from your skin and help prevent hypothermia.

Your mid layer can be anything from a lightweight insulating jacket to a cozy down vest. This layer should be close-fitting and made from a material that’s both efficient and warm.

Your outer layer should be windproof and waterproof. Choosing materials that are specially engineered to keep you dry will be better than using regular outer shells.

You can also wear a hat to protect your head from the wind. You may also want to invest in hand warmers to add an extra layer of warmth.

For the first layer, choose a tight-fitting undershirt or sweatshirt. You can also choose a long-sleeved shirt or a fleece sweater.

Your mid layer should be made from a material that’s breathable, and it’s best if it’s made from a material that wicks away perspiration. You can also choose fleece, which is popular because it’s a material that keeps you warm.

Your outer layer should be a waterproof coat or jacket. You can also invest in waterproof mittens. Snow pants are also an option, though they are typically bulky.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’ll want a light sweater. You can also use a winter hat.

Ponchos and hoodies are unisex

Despite the popularity of the beach, a night out in the sun can be a bit chilly. A poncho or two and some sand between your toes should be enough to keep you afloat, even if it is only a few hours at a time. If you are lucky enough to live in the U.S., you may even be treated to some summer weather in the form of a tropical storm.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to slum it in a dressy affair, so a hoodie and board shorts are a no-fuss choice. A poncho on the other hand, is a surefire way to keep the beach sand off of your clothing and you from stumbling on a sunburned face. The best part is, all you have to do is walk around in them! They are also great for spotting your pals and catching up on your days work. This is the perfect beach wear for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a full time job.

The best part is that they are reasonably priced. It is also not too hard to find a poncho or two that fits the bill. It is also a great time saver, especially in the warm weather months when a good beach day slog can set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

Leggings or track pants

Whether you’re planning to spend a day at the beach, a day at the mall, or a night on the town, there are a few things you should consider before dressing for 60 degree weather. The first thing to consider is whether the weather is going to be windy or cloudy. If you’re planning on going to the beach, it’s a good idea to wear leggings, sweats, or track pants to keep you comfortable.

If you’re going to be at the beach for a long time, you might want to wear a long-sleeved top. You can wear a long-sleeved t-shirt or a sweater, or you can drape a sweater over your shoulders. It’s also a good idea to invest in a waterproof jacket to keep you dry. If you’re planning to be outside for a long period of time, you might want to consider wearing a lightweight fleece to keep you warm.

If you’re planning on spending a day at the beach, a pair of shoes with a low heel is a good idea. If you’re not sure about how you’ll feel in heels, try wearing closed toe shoes or sandals instead.

Another great option for 60 degree weather is a dress. You can wear a dress with a jacket or leggings to keep you warm. A t-shirt and a pair of shorts are also a good choice, especially if you’re planning on a day of outdoor activities.

If you’re going to be out at the beach, you might want to consider getting a pair of waterproof boots. These are ideal for rainy weather, and they can also be worn with leggings.

White tees

Taking the best of both worlds, 60 degree weather is not too cold but isn’t too hot. It’s perfect for a day at the beach or a day out on a daytime date. But dressing for the weather can be tricky.

The best way to dress for the 60 degree weather is to layer your outfit. This means wearing a base layer like a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. You may also want to drape a sweater over your shoulders to keep your body warm. Besides layering, you can also try a fun dress or skirt to complement your t-shirt.

You may also want to wear a pair of ankle boots with your white t-shirt. These shoes are perfect for 60 degree weather. And while they aren’t quite as stylish as a pair of ballet flats, they are good for keeping your feet dry.

You may also want to check out a leather jacket. They’re on trend for fall and they’re a stylish way to add some flair to your date night look.

Another option for dressing for the 60 degree weather is a v neck v neck. You can try a loose solid wine colored blouse that pairs well with ripped skinny jeans. Or try a striped light weight sweater over cropped black jeans.

The most important part of dressing for the 60 degree weather is making sure you are comfortable. Try a pair of oxfords or ballet flats for a more casual look. You also may want to check out sandals and closed toe shoes if you’re feeling too cold to wear boots.

The white tee is a great base layer to wear during 60 degree weather. It’s clean, stylish and durable.


Whether you’re heading out to the beach for a relaxing day or a more active one, the right hat can keep you cool and comfortable. Hats also shield you from harmful UV rays, keeping your ears and face from sunburn.

For warm days, consider a classic straw hat, which has a wide brim to keep you covered. It’s neutral color keeps it versatile and can be worn with a variety of summer outfits. It’s also a great cover-up, as it protects your eyes from the sun. You can pair this hat with a swimsuit or a short-sleeved dress for a more casual look.

When choosing a hat, be sure it breathes well and has plenty of ventilation. This is especially important when the weather is hot and humid. Hats that breathe well will keep your neck cool and prevent you from feeling hot.

Another good choice is a cotton baseball cap. These have a sweat band to wick away moisture, and are ideal for super active days. They’re available in a range of colors and can be custom-shaped to fit your head.

If you’re going to be playing tennis, golf, or playing volleyball, a visor is a good choice. It protects your head from the sun and keeps your hairstyle intact. You can also wear a visor with a one-piece swimsuit.

The hottest summer days are those when you’re out exploring the sun, surf, and sand. You can also wear a floppy hat for extra sun protection. These come in a variety of colors and offer more sun coverage than a traditional hat.

Another hat you should consider for your next trip to the beach is a bucket hat. These are made from recycled stretch fabric, which gives them a wrinkle-free fit. They’re also super soft and comfortable. They’re available in black, as well as a variety of colors.

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