Summertime provides you with some of the huge attire challenges for funerals. For people who are fortunate enough to seldom participate in funerals; it is not true what clothing is well-suited. It’s also a lot tough during the sun is hot, and all you need to get is a shadow and a heavy suit. If you are searching for assistance to approach a light, and cool costume for the summer funeral service, go on!

Modesty is quite crucial on a formal occasion, and also more so at the funeral. It’s seen as paying respect to putting on outfits that are clean and tidy up. This might not mean you can put on the most sitting church wear on the scorching hot day of the year.  

In brief, you will find the answer to this question “What to wear to a funeral in the summer”

You need to prepare polite attire before heading to funeral in the summer.
Figure 1. You need to prepare polite attire before heading to the funeral in the summer.

What to wear to a funeral in the summer?

1. Colors

It is quite great to put on colors other than the old black for funerals. The individuals have put on black. However, if the family is implementing a somber funeral, or if you are not certain; it is ideal to follow neutral colors such as blue, or grey for the occasion.

As for the conventional black, white, and neutrals are currently approved to be put on at funerals. Next, while is the color which is popularly combined with funerals and might be worn to show that you are in the mourning. Throughout the summer, white is a great option over shadow colors that absorb a lot of heat. 

Color is the first thing you need to care for at the funeral.
Figure 2. Color is the first thing you need to care for at the funeral.

2. Cut and Style

The shirts with short sleeves are approved for putting on to all funerals, but you should prevent tops that expose the high amount of your shoulders. The shorts and dresses should move no lower than the knees.

Clothing that is very huge for you can be a lot more constricting than clothing that is very tiny, and putting on clothing that is super huge for you might assist you in remaining convenient via the service. Other important funerals do not ask for full suits or dresses today. 

Prevent putting on any kind of athletic costume, such as flip-flops, or sweatpants. On the other hand, an unsuitable costume for the funeral, which is deep privacy, and emotional occasion, consists of putting on clothes that are very reminiscent of the operational setting.

Around the funeral, light summer outfits are approved attire, but you might not make the error of putting on a heavy wool costume during the temperature is quite high.

3. Fabrics and materials

If it is produced by the fabric which permits air to distribute and is not a little bit heavy; the funeral clothing which entirely covers the whole body might even be handy to put on. Linen and cotton are good examples of breathable and lightweight fabrics which you might use. Nylon and denim are perfect examples of artificial and heavy materials which can be stayed away since they include sweat and heat.

Fabrics and materials of your attire will show your respect to a lot of people at the funeral event
Figure 3. The fabrics and materials of your attire will show your respect to a lot of people at the funeral event

Main items to focus on

It is quite crucial to bear in mind that even though it can be hot outside, the degree of formality in your costume might be suitable for the big event and occasion. In the other words, we are not capable of making some statements regarding any and all conditions, but the following observations can be applicable to a wide range of cases:

– You are not heading to this big event so as to draw big attention to different individuals, or to look for an attractive partner. You are here to show our respects to the family of the deceased person and to appreciate the individual who has died.

– Your costume needs to show proper deference to the event. What will you believe the individual who died might suppose the costume you are putting on? How about the family member?

– Around the reunion, the focus might not be on you and what you are putting on rather than it can be on the individual you come with.

– If you are not capable of identifying whether or not the costume you have selected is suitable, you might pick the next choice. If you are not certain of something, you can trust your decision.

– If it is unbearably hot, and you might be spending the portion of the ceremony outdoor; you might ensure that whatever you put on is produced by a lightweight fabric and gets a loose fit. Be calm! After that, you might be standing for an expandable time under the sun, and it could be hot outside.

– The antiperspirants are a total necessity but remember that there can be physical contact through the platform of hugging, and a considerable number of individuals get more allergies to other perfumes.

– Around the funeral, is it suitable for putting on red, or white or pink? Do you seem convenient putting on super form-fitting pants? There is a great opportunity which nobody might require you to leave, but you are making a particular statement (probably the individual who has died cherished the color pink, and the family members were required to put on pink), we could not do it more.

– Lastly, you do not pile on the accessories and attempt to prevent putting on makeup with more volume.

Making it easy might not claim that you get to seem frumpy. In the other words, you might expose great style and pay respect at once.         

Recommendations for men’s summer funeral attire 

The funeral choices at this moment for men through the summer are comparable to those available during different seasons, with the exception that a lot of short-sleeved choices are supported when the temperature gets high. Bear in mind that, like other women, you might ensure that your chest can be covered up.

1. Short-sleeve button-up with slacks

The short-sleeve button-up with slacks is a great option for you at the moment. Ensure that your button-up shirt with sleeves brings you a fabulous fit and comes to be of leading quality since button-ups with short sleeves get quite normal.

2. Button-up with rolled sleeves

You might stick with the traditional button-up shirt and even slacks look if you are the kind of gentleman who values tradition. Next, rolling the sleeves up to below your elbows is a simple solution to keep cool. Next, you can try the funeral costume by tucking it inside your shirt if you enjoy a formal look.  

3. Dress in shorts with a shirt

The tip for men who expect to put on shorts to the funeral is to make certain that the shorts are long length, which they can be loose without being baggy, and that they are created from a fabric that brings a pretty look.

On top of it, this look might be created to come with a lot of business casual by putting on the shorts with the button-up shirt and even the tie. Finally, select a pair of dressier shoes which you want to put on without any socks.

Recommendations for Women’s summer funeral attire

The woman might put on to the funeral in summer something black, or charcoal grey which might make her pretty without baring as well.

1. Sleeveless pant jumpsuit

It is feasible that you will not put on the pants through the summer, but if you select ones that are flowy; you might even keep cool. To get a contemporary appearance suitable for a formal funeral; you need to take a black sleeveless pant jumpsuit and combine it with cute sandals.

2. Sleeveless blouse with the skirt

You might maintain the convenience during even searching for a suitable funeral by putting on a dressy skirt. To make sure that the attire keeps current, put on the cute black shorts with a shadow tank top which is fancy, and brings a leading neckline, like the boat neck. Sandals with a smart strapped design and a business casual vibe finish the look.

3. Sleeveless maxi dress

On a scorching hot day, you should realize that the black maxi dress of leading quality is the handiest choice. In the other words, select a piece of clothing with a perfect neckline, like a halter neck so that your cleavage can not be exposed.

The attire can be lifted from the symbol costume for a summer day, thanks to the assistance of ballet flats and a dressy necklace. 

4. Short-sleeve short dress

The summertime funeral gets with a short, and black dress which drops onto the knee and either brings without sleeves or short sleeves. A great tip is to select the dress which brings a better look than something you can particularly put on for the whole day.

On top of it, you might choose the thing with a leading neckline since it could not cover the shoulders, or arms a lot. Last but not least, you are confident in putting on heels, or flats.


1. What to wear to a funeral in the summer?

To make it great, you need to go with light pure clothes such as linen. In addition to that, a skirt and even a blouse are the perfect options in this case. Besides, you bear in mind that carries a warm shawl or even scarf to maintain the warmth when the temperature changes.

2. What shoes to wear to a funeral in the summer?

As usual, men might even stay away from open-toed shoes, or also sandals. On contrary, it can be suitable for women to put on open-toed shoes because they are dressy and want to be in a great circumstance. 

3. What to wear to a funeral in the summer male

Dress pants and even slacks are ideal for men. In the other words, put on the shirt with the collar such as the shirt. On top of it, you need to prevent wearing fancy shirts. Last but not least, put on the black color, so you might not sweat and it seems quite polite.

4. What to wear to a funeral in July?

In July, you should put on muted colors like brown, or plum since it is particularly suitable for this case. The fabric choice might be as vital as your color option during attempting to look for the attire which might make you great throughout July.

5. What to wear to a summer funeral in 2020?

First of all, you need to opt for airy pure fabrics such as linen. Next, you can put on the paler colors above since they could respond to the heat. In addition to that, stick with black for light colors such as grey because they are not difficult to use.

6. What to wear to a funeral in summer Australia?

When it comes to a funeral in summer in Australia, it is appropriate to put on clothes with light fabrics. How about the women? The answer is the plain sleeveless dress which shows the shoulders can be better if that is a polite cut.

7. What to wear to a funeral in the summer UK?

Firstly, we will talk about the men’s attire. The formal suit is even particularly used, but you can be permitted to take off the coat if you are not comfortable. On the other hand, women might expect to put on a suitable skirt or appear if that is unbearably hot. In short, dark colors are even ideal for that case.

8. How to dress for a funeral in summer?

A short sleeve short black dress which can make over the knee is proper for the summer. The tip is to stick with the dress which seems more polite than the stuff you want to put on for the whole day. Next, you might select something with a leading neckline as it might not cover the arms a lot.

9. What to wear to a funeral in the summer female?

When we discuss a funeral in the summer female, the business suit or dress pants are perfect for visiting the funeral in the hot and humid weather. Moreover, women are likely to choose colors such as navy, and even black.

10. What to wear to a funeral in summer 2022?

This year, we highly recommend that you should put on the long-sleeved shirt for the funeral summer; but the plain shirt of the muted color is absolutely great. Finally, you need to secure the suit coat for the funeral service.              

Closing Ideas

The target of those recommendations for what to wear to a funeral in the summer is to assist you in connecting with everybody nearby, and more at ease so that you could focus on what occurs – saying your last goodbyes to an individual who was crucial for you.

Chelsea Glover