what to wear in 68 degree weather

In 68 degree weather, it is very important to dress appropriately. If you don’t want to overheat, consider layering your clothes and wearing lighter fabrics. You can also opt for lightweight cardigans and mesh leggings. These are all excellent choices for 68 degree weather.


Layering is a great way to keep yourself comfortable and warm. This is especially important in wintry weather, so choose a base layer that keeps you dry. Your middle layer should trap in your body heat, and your outer layer should be wind and rain resistant. A cotton t-shirt makes a great base layer.

You’ll want to keep the wind out of your layers, but you don’t want to go too light. The best combination of outer shell and insulation is two or three layers. Ideally, all your layers are waterproof and wind-resistant. However, don’t go overboard with this rule – a thicker outer shell doesn’t mean it’s better.


Wearing cardigans in 68-degree weather is an oxymoron. Wool is naturally insulating, wicking away body heat and keeping you warm. But this warmth can cause you to overheat and cause dry skin. Fortunately, a variety of sweaters are available in a variety of materials and styles.

To create a comfortable but chic look, pair a striped tee with ripped or cuffed black jeans. Then, tuck the cardigan around your waist for more versatility. Alternatively, pair a long cardigan with a cute mini dress for a semi-casual look. This Brigitte Bailey cardigan is the perfect solution for this look.

Mesh leggings

Mesh leggings are a great way to keep warm while working out outdoors. These tights are seamless and high-waisted, making them very slimming and comfortable. You can wear them under your workout attire or as a stand-alone item.

When the weather is warm, wear a lighter-weight cover-up with your leggings to stay warm and cozy. You can even pair them with a long cardigan or long coat to create a vertical line. For an elevated look, add a plaid blazer or cardigan.

Workout leggings

Workout leggings in 68 degree heat are not the most comfortable thing to wear during your workout, but the right pair can help you feel comfortable and keep cool. If you want to sweat a little less, you can choose a pair made of lightweight cotton or elastane that are more breathable. They have a comfortable waistband and are lightweight and do not require a lot of cinching.

When it comes to workout leggings, you need to find a pair that fit comfortably and offer a good range of motion. Most are made from synthetic materials, which are usually based on petrochemicals. Not all synthetic materials are safe for your body, so choose a pair that is made of natural materials. Look for leggings that are durable and comfortable, as well as those that have hidden pockets.

Another option is to layer up with a fleece-lined vest or sweater. The base layer of these garments traps sweat against your skin, while the upper layer keeps cold air out. It is important to find leggings that protect your ankles from the cold air, so make sure to look for long-line leggings that cover your bottom. Another option is a sweater with a longer length.

Denim dungarees

You can wear a denim dungaree if you want to look stylish yet warm in 68 degree weather. You can wear it with leggings, a grey hoodie, or a long sleeve underlayer. You can also wear sneakers or flats to keep your feet warm. Layers are important because they allow you to remove them easily when the temperature rises, and put them back on easily when the weather cools down.

If you’re looking for a versatile summer outfit, consider light-washed denim. This type of denim has been speed-aged for maximum wearability in 70-degree weather. It can be worn day or night, and in different seasons. It also looks great with shorts and cotton linen pants.

Chelsea Glover