Spring and fall bring it time for transitional dressing – a fabulous solution for you to get the most out of your clothes press. These 60-degree days might look stable after an unbearably hot summer, or cold winter, but they even call for both layering and mixing. Scan to choose all types of fun and trendy initiatives which can make you browse around the transitional seasons in comfort.  

Typical costumes that you need to wear in a 60-degree climate

Here are the main examples that you should know about what to wear in 60-degree weather. 

1. Trench coat and freestyle outfit

Trenches are particularly beneficial if rain is in the prediction. The well-fitted trench coat might stably boost the outfit you put on – it also makes a fundamental tee, and jeans seem quite intentional. 

In addition to that, it even might not add more weight, such as the puffy winter coat so that you will not be sweating under the severe weather on a mild day. 

– Fundamental: the trench over the jeans and tee, or trousers with loafers.

– Standard: the trend over the button-down, and jeans with sneakers.

– Dressy: The trend through the traditional little black dress with heels. 

A trend coat with freestyle outfit is an ideal choice for a 60-degree climate
Figure 1. A trend coat with a freestyle outfit is an ideal choice for a 60-degree climate

2. Blazer and jeans

The suitable blazer alters the costume’s tone. With the availability of the tee and jeans, the blazer changes you to seem quite serious, and ultimate. Next, throw it on above the nice dress, and you switch it instantly. There is nothing a great blazer might not do – and its lightweight makes it ideal for these 60-degree transitional days. 

– Fundamental: Navy blazer with jeans and the tee through ballet flats.

– Standard: bright blazer with jeans and the tee over sneakers

– Dressy: Black blazer with shadow jeans, and the silk shell with heels.

3. Sundress and cardigan

Using the sweater to ward off the chill you might appear in a bright dress. If you are not confident in experiencing summer, keep your beautiful sundress out a longer by combining it with a chunky oversized sweater, or a great cardigan. You will keep warm, and particularly save the transitional season’s spirit. 

– Fundamental: Sundress and chunky sweater with ballet flats.

– Standard: Sundress and chunkey sweater over sneakers

– Dressy: sundress and cardigan with heels.

4. Sweater dress and shawl

The shawl offers you a perfect stylish urgency layer in case it is a little bit chilly. In the other words, sweater dresses bring you all-over warmth in an easy, and one-and-done costume which will keep you out the door with pattern in the snap. 

When it comes to 60-degree days, the shawl or blanket scarf makes you cozier and might add a nice structure, or contrast to the dress. 

– Fundamental: sweater dress and shawl with riding flats.

– Standard: sweater dress and shawl over sneakers

– Dressy: sweater dress and shawl with impressive jewelry.

5. Peasant skirt and boots

Tall boots can keep your legs warm over beautiful style. When combined with a flowy peasant skirt, you are not specifically showing the skin, thus you might not get to care about the tights underneath. The skirt’s lightweight will not occur since your boots can make your legs warm. 

– Fundamental: peasant skirt and tee over riding boots.

– Standard: peasant skirt and tee over rain boots

– Dressy: silk shell with boots and peasant skirt. 

6. Mock turtleneck (skirt or pants)

Mock turtlenecks might make you warm. In the other words, those shirts were particularly created in a 60-degree climate. A frequent turtleneck can help you destroy sweat, but the mock turtleneck could cover the suitable skin to make you feel comfortable. 

– Fundamental: lightweight mock turtle sweater over jeans.

– Standard: mock turtleneck shirt, or sweater with sneakers.

– Dressy: mock turtleneck sweater with heels. 

7. Button-down with jeans

The look in this case is great in a mild climate and does not move out with style. If you had to look for the ideal transitional appearance, this can be. You might dress it up, or down simply. If you are cold, you could simply add the jacket over top without transforming the overall appearance. 

– Fundamental: Jeans and the button-down with flats.

– Standard: Jeans and button-downs over sneakers.

– Dressy: tailored button-down with cuffs over jeans with jewelry.

8. Normal pants with layered tops

The slimy layers offer you warmth without putting in bulk. 60 degrees is not quite cold, but it’s not precisely warm as well. Next, dress in some slimy layers, beginning with the tank which you could steadily take out without getting a lot of coverage. 

– Fundamental: the tank top, and a lightweight sweater with jeans, or sneakers.

– Standard: The tank top, and the hoodie with sneakers

– Dressy: the tank top, and a lightweight sweater with boots, or heels. 

9. Shorts with shacket

The Shacket(shirt-jacket) offers you a wide range of choices in a mild climate. While the shirt-jacket is a fashionable piece, it is flexible enough to seem like it’s there to claim so that you might be capable of keeping it with a lot of seasons. 

Next, it brings you an additional layer of warmth so that you might move towards and break out these shorts, especially for the initial spring. 

– Fundamental: Plaid shirt-jacket over the tee with jeans shorts, or ballet flats.

– Standard: entire shirt-jacket with the tee and sneakers

– Dressy: entire shirt-jacket with a shell and heels. 

10. Miniskirt with tall boots

Get additional mileage out of your interesting short skirt. The miniskirt and even boots are ideally the main costumes of transition dressing, particularly for the fall season. If it is quite chilly, add other tights – you could shuck them if it is warmer. 

– Fundamental: sweater and miniskirt with boots.

– Standard: hoodie and miniskirt over rain boots.

– Dressy: Minidress with black tights and boots.


1. How to dress in 60-degree weather?

You need to stick with a suitable dress and other boots in a heavy material in 60-degree weather. As for climate over 65 degrees, you should escape from the open-toed mules or the sandals. To make it happen, we highly suggest that you take cloth and even higher heels.

2. Can you wear shorts in 60-degree weather?

If you are interested in and your body endured with high temperature; we will recommend that you might stick with shorts to put on in the 60-degree climate. In addition to that, you could dress in tights in case your legs are a little bit cold.

Short is not a bad idea at this moment.
Figure 2. A short outfit is not a bad idea at this moment.

3. What to wear in 61-degree weather?

In this case, you put on light or medium fabrics like silk, and cotton. In other words, begin with a basic layer like the tee. Then, you wear a lightweight sweater and blazer. When it comes to bottoms, you can go with leggings and long pants.

4. What to wear in 60-degree weather in California?

When the temperature reaches 60 degrees, the golden rule is to wear the layers or remember the whole day’s high temperatures. Next, suppose sultry slip dresses with a huge blazer in case you take trouser shorts and even a long-sleeve bodysuit.

5. What to wear golfing in 60-degree weather?            

We make sure that you enjoy putting on the long sleeve thermal T-shirt such as the poly-pro layer. According to how cold the climate is, you should attempt to take the long/short sleeve golf shirt and even the sweater. Besides, if it’s quite windy, we will take you to approach the type of lightweight windbreaker.

6. What to wear on a boat in 60-degree weather?

As for clothes used to wear on a boat in 60-degree weather, you should focus on them from your head to foot. Firstly, you put on a lightweight hat to cover your head. Next, you dress in water-resistant external layers. The gloves are used for protecting your hand. Lastly, you grab the insulated socks and even suitable boots.

7. What to wear in 60-degree weather fall?

In the circumstance of 60-degree weather fall, you need to dress in a lightweight sweater, jacket, and even sweatshirt. Next, you stick with long pants or leggings for the bottoms.

8. What to wear in 60-degree weather women?

Women tend to put on the long-sleeve thermal, or the goose parka with their legs. As usual, they stick with leggings below the pants and other boots. Besides, scarves are ideal for 60-degree days since you can take off them if you feel warm.

9. What to wear in 60-degree weather men?

Layering is the ultimate buddy for you in a 60-degree climate. In this situation, you take the lighter layers such as the cotton T-shirt. Moreover, put on the sweater, and even water-resistant fabric if it rains.

10. What to wear in 60-degree weather running?

The temperature of 60-degree climate is ideal for all runners. They can go with the short sleeve shirt plus for shorts currently. The gloves are not vital if your fingers are not sensitive to the cold weather. 

A girl is running in casual attire in 60-degree weather.
Figure 3. A girl is running in casual attire in 60-degree weather.

Closing Ideas

We make sure that you will understand how to wear it in 60-degree weather. Lastly, if you want to look for further information related to what to wear in 60-degree weather; we will be ready to support you right away.

Chelsea Glover