what masters degree can i get with a bachelors in psychology


If you’re seeking a master’s degree in psychology, then the School of Psychology and Counseling at Southern New Hampshire University is a good place to look. SNHU offers several psychology degrees and also provides distance learning options. For example, SNHU’s master’s in clinical mental health counseling program is fully online, making it a great option for working adults.

A psychology degree will equip you with skills that will allow you to apply your knowledge in a variety of careers. You can work in a wide range of industries including human resources, nonprofits, and corporate settings. Your degree will allow you to assess situations and understand people’s behaviors. It will teach you how to use research methods and ethical approaches to promote well-being in your community.

SNHU offers three concentrations in its master’s in psychology program. Students can choose to study child psychology, generalist psychology, or forensic psychology. They can also earn a specialization in sexuality and internship.

SNHU is a private, nonprofit institution in New Hampshire. The school’s mission is to provide innovative access to higher education. In addition to offering an affordable, flexible, and high-quality online graduate program, SNHU has a dedicated staff to support students throughout the entire experience. Whether you need help writing an essay or you have questions about a course, SNHU’s admissions representatives are here to assist you.

To begin your master’s in psychology, you’ll need to apply for admission. SNHU’s admissions representatives will evaluate your interests and determine if you’re a good fit for the online environment. Before applying, you’ll need to fill out a short online application. After submitting your application, SNHU will contact you with additional information.

SNHU offers various programs for international students. If you want to take advantage of the university’s affordable tuition, you can start the online degree program any time of the year. However, you’ll need to meet the requirements of your state. Many states require additional hours for licensure. There are also a few online schools that operate on a term-based schedule.

As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a dedicated advisor and access SNHU’s library services. Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of 24/7 classroom access. Also, you’ll have access to online multimedia tools that enable you to collaborate on projects.

The SNHU master’s in clinical mental health counseling program requires 60 credits and two years of study. During this time, you’ll take classes that will prepare you to become a certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. This will include a capstone project that integrates the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired from the program. Some of the courses in the program may include assignments, readings, labs, or videos.

SNHU is a private, non-profit institution that offers affordable online and distance learning options. Students can also participate in the school’s work-study and scholarships programs. SNHU has a vested interest in helping its students succeed, which is why it’s a top choice for psychology students.

SNHU’s MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) through 2028. Although the program is mostly online, SNHU also hosts in-person residencies that are a critical component of the program. These residencies offer students the chance to get hands-on experience and practice theory.


A master’s degree in psychology can provide you with a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in helping people who are suffering from mental health issues or you want to pursue research, there are a number of master’s programs in this field to choose from.

The Pepperdine University online master’s in general psychology is a program that provides a broad introduction to the field of psychology. In addition to covering traditional academic topics, students also learn about the latest psychological theories and practice. As part of the course, students conduct research and explore mental disorders. They gain hands-on experience evaluating human behavior and personality. During the online program, students also learn about neuroscience, social psychology, and other psychological subjects.

For those who are interested in working in a clinical setting, the Pepperdine university offers a graduate degree in clinical psychology. This program includes a minimum of 36 credits and a practicum in a mental health setting. Students can take up to two years to complete the degree. However, if they decide to continue their studies, they can select additional electives.

If you’re interested in applying to an ABA graduate program, you should know that Pepperdine is an ABAI-certified school. It is also one of the most popular schools for psychology master’s degrees in the country. Many of the GSEP faculty are active clinicians who are dedicated to providing students with the support they need to succeed.

The Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology is a comprehensive graduate program that prepares students for careers in human services, education, and health care. Students can choose from three concentrations: military psychology, mental health, and youth psychology. Each concentration focuses on different aspects of human behavior, including grief management, leadership strategies, and stress management.

The OnlinePsychology@Pepperdine program is designed to prepare students for careers in health care and public mental health. By combining academic study with real world experience, the Pepperdine GSEP program allows students to explore their own interests and develop career goals. Whether you are interested in healthcare, public mental health, or teaching, the program will help you develop the skills you need to excel.

To receive a master’s in psychology, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Most programs require between 30 and 40 credit hours. You can also choose to do your studies part-time or online. Depending on the program, you may be required to take a comprehensive exam and do a research project. Some programs even require a thesis.

Choosing a master’s in psychology can be a challenging endeavor for some people. It’s important to consider your personal and career goals, as well as your ability to pay for the degree. Since psychology programs often don’t offer as many financial aid options as other majors, you may need to rely on loans or scholarships. Be sure to discuss your plans with a financial aid counselor and your guidance counselor before you decide to enroll in a program.

While the Pepperdine graduate degree in general psychology does not require clinical experience, many students continue their education with a clinical degree. Those who wish to specialize in psychology may also opt for an ABA, counseling, or industrial-organizational psychology master’s.

Chelsea Glover