A. College students who are very interested in the Internet or have a poor employment rate in their majors.

Facing the fierce competition, every college student is striving to stand out in the talent market. One more international passport is undoubtedly a magic weapon for them to stand out from their classmates in employment and other competitions.

B. Those who want to switch to Network industry.

If you want to switch toNetwork industry, Cisco Certification is a network skill certification with great reputation in the Internet industry. Obtaining Cisco Certification is undoubtedly a stepping stone to enter the Network industry.

C. Immigrants studying abroad.

Under the situation that it is difficult for Chinese to find jobs in Europe and America, Cisco Certification is a magic weapon to enter the high-paid IT industry abroad. In China, the training fee and examination fee are several times cheaper than those abroad, and the dual obstacles of computer technology and language training abroad are avoided (this advantage is only limited to Cisco CCIE)

D. Network professional technicians

In China, the average annual salary of engineers with CCIE Certificate is no less than USD 30,000. Obtaining Cisco Certification follow is properly known as “obtaining a high-tech, high paid first-class ticket”.

It is suitable for network engineer, not for school students.

Cisco Certification is launched by Cisco, a famous manufacturer in the network field. It is an international authoritative certification in the field of Internet. Cisco Certification includes CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, CCVP and CCIE (also for Routing and Switching, Voice, Storage network, Safety; Telecom Operators) and other different levels, different contents and different directions.

The company launched the Cisco Career Certification Program (CCCP) for the network planning and network support of its products, and required its agents in various countries to have such engineers, so as to improve the service quality to users and establish the Qualification Certification System of Cisco Product Network Engineers.

General Certification and Professional Certification

Cisco provides three general certification levels, and the professional level they represent rises step by step: Engineer, Senior Engineer and Expert (CCIE). In these levels, different development paths correspond to different career needs. Cisco also provides a variety of Cisco Qualified Expert Certifications to examine knowledge of specific technologies, solutions, or professional roles.

All on-the-job personnel with DOS, Windows and a certain level of English, students in colleges and universities and personnel requiring technical knowledge of key network equipment can sign up for Cisco training. Cisco International Certified Certificate can be obtained by passing the International Certification Examination.