what jobs can i get with associates of arts degree

If you’ve earned your associate’s degree, you might be wondering what kind of jobs you can get with it. You could become an MRI technician, a dental hygienist, or a museum docent. These jobs all pay well, and you could make enough money to support yourself and your family.

MRI technologists, nuclear technicians, and dental hygienists earn over $70,000 a year

These professionals perform tests using specialized medical equipment to obtain information about patients. They also perform patient education. They operate x-ray machines, document results, and follow orders from doctors and other healthcare professionals. To pursue this career, an associate or bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology is required, and they must pass a licensing exam.

Other jobs that pay well but require a two-year college degree include radiation therapists and diagnostic medical sonographers. Radiation therapists earn a median salary of $82,790 per year. Other careers that pay well for associates include respiratory therapists, nuclear technicians, dental hygienists, and MRI technologists.

Nuclear medicine technologists and MRI technologists earn over $70,000 a year. These individuals are responsible for operating X-ray, MRI, and nuclear imaging equipment, as well as preparing and administering radioactive drugs to patients. These workers are also required to have a license in about half of states.

Dental hygienists are another occupation with a relatively high salary and job security. Although the number of qualified people in this field is relatively small, the number of available positions is high and the demand for these professionals is projected to grow by more than 20% over the next decade. Although a bachelor’s degree is often the preferred choice, an Associate’s degree in nursing can help you get the experience you need to start a career in this field.

In terms of salaries, dental hygienists, MRI technologists, nuclear technologists, and funeral service managers all earn over $70,000 a year. As of January 2018, the median salary for these professionals is expected to rise by 8% over the next decade to $78,600.

Despite these high-paying careers, they are stressful and demanding. However, these careers tend to pay well compared to most other occupations. A veterinary assistant’s salary is also higher than average.

The average salary of these medical professionals is around $79,000 per year. However, it can be even higher if you have a bachelor’s degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree will help you advance in your career, and it is recommended for those with a bachelor’s degree to pursue further studies.

Become a museum docent

When you’re looking for a career, a museum docent is an excellent choice. Docents are responsible for interacting with museum guests, answering their questions and offering information. They also help run the museum and oversee the various activities. To become a museum docent, you’ll need to learn the policies and procedures of the museum, as well as how to communicate with the public and staff. A docent’s training will start with insight into the mission of the museum and include gallery sessions where you’ll get to know the specific exhibits. You’ll also learn how to answer questions about exhibits beyond what is displayed in the gallery. You may also be required to give oral presentations, and learn about the different types of tour techniques.

Besides leading tours, a docent can also help prepare exhibits or visit classrooms. Depending on the museum, they may also be required to conduct research. For example, an art museum may have a new piece of art and need to learn more about it. Regardless of the position, docents need strong interpersonal skills because they’ll be interacting with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of visitors a day.

A museum docent is basically a tour guide, providing background information about art pieces and answering questions as they arise. They also frequently help with special public programs, and they are an important link between art and the general public. A museum docent’s job is challenging, but rewarding.

Museum docents and curators work together to enhance the museum’s visitor experience and maintain the educational and informative spirit of the museum. They work closely to ensure the visitors have a memorable experience. According to the Institute of Museum and Library Services, there are approximately 35,000 museums in the U.S., and hundreds of thousands of paid workers work in these organizations to maintain and preserve valuable cultural knowledge. Their efforts benefit millions of people.

A museum curator can also help museums in a variety of ways, from creating exhibitions to organizing exhibitions and programs. This role requires exceptional communication skills, strong leadership skills, and a strong sense of professionalism. They must be able to collaborate with different departments and be comfortable in public speaking and leading meetings. Moreover, a museum curator must have at least two years of experience, have an excellent grasp of museum practices, and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Another role in a museum is that of the Senior Curator, who is responsible for curating and overseeing the institution’s programs and initiatives. This role requires an innovative thinker and a strong understanding of the needs of the audience. He reports to the Chief of Public Engagement and works collaboratively with the Curatorial department, Education department, and Communications department.

Another role in a museum is that of an Exhibition Production Manager. This position involves overseeing the preparation of exhibitions and providing guidance to the teams. The job description also requires an ability to relate to a wide range of people, including museum staff, and to solve complex problems. This position also requires the ability to work closely with the Director of Curatorial Affairs and the Director of Education and Visitor Engagement.

Earn enough to support yourself and loved ones with an associate’s degree

An associate’s of arts degree can prepare you for the challenges of a career in the liberal arts. This general education degree focuses on the study of philosophy, psychology, history, and writing. It also offers the flexibility to transition into a specific major, depending on the student’s interests and strengths.

Many people wonder if an associate’s degree is enough to earn a decent living. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree will reduce your risk of unemployment, but an associate’s degree will allow you to earn a decent salary, even in lower-paying jobs. It can also lead to a management position, which can increase your initial earnings.

An associate’s of arts degree will increase your earning potential. Individuals who earn an associate’s degree are more likely to earn an average salary of $61,108 per year. By contrast, individuals with high school diplomas earn an average of $899 per week.

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