what is a sports management degree

A sports management degree is a popular degree for those with an interest in the sports industry. It can be very rewarding if you have a knack for organizing and leading teams. The job will also provide you with a good salary and the ability to work with a variety of people and organizations. There are several specialties that a person can pursue with a sports management degree, including sport marketing, athletic management, and sports law.

Bachelor’s degree

If you have a passion for sports, a bachelor’s degree in sports management can help you develop your skills to pursue a career in the sports industry. You can find jobs in leagues, teams, sports-related businesses, and athletic facilities.

Students learn about the business side of the sports industry, including marketing and finance. They also learn about ethical issues and legal considerations in the field. A bachelor’s in sports management may include classes in sports leadership, event planning, and coaching. Some programs will also include internships and networking opportunities.

Sports management graduates are employed in a wide variety of positions, from working in the front office of a sports team or league to conducting research at an athletic facility or university. This career path is one that is flexible and can be pursued by anyone with a keen interest in the world of athletics.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in sports management have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields, from accounting and finance to sales and operations. Graduates can find employment with professional athletes, local community leagues, and even collegiate and national sports organizations.

Students with a sports management bachelor’s degree will often aim for a career in the professional sports industry. These positions offer high earning potential and the flexibility to work from home. However, there are many other careers to consider as well.

Several schools offer sports management programs that are part of a larger business degree. Students can also take electives to specialize in a particular area of the sport. As a result, students may also be able to earn certifications that can set them apart from the competition.

Many schools offer sports management degrees online, which can make it easier for students to balance school and other commitments. Online programs are often not as expensive as on-campus programs, although the total cost of the program will depend on the school. Typically, online programs will require four years of full-time study.

The sports management industry is expected to grow by 8% between now and 2025. This can make it a good career option for those interested in a fast-paced and growing field. It is important to note that some professionals need certifications before they can find work.

There are also many off-campus professional development opportunities for students, including those offered by the Southern Ohio Copperheads Baseball Team and the Darren Butler Sports Business Forum. Professional sports teams and schools can offer internships and volunteer opportunities, which can boost your resume.

Depending on the college, a sports management degree may be offered online, with courses available at a wide range of academic levels. International students can benefit from scholarships and financing aid programs.


Sports management degrees provide students with the knowledge to lead teams and organizations. They will learn business practices, finance principles, and other skills. Students can choose from specializations including marketing, sports analytics, and event planning.

The sports industry is a growing field. According to the 2021 Sports Global Market Report, the industry will grow 8% by 2025. Professional and amateur athletic organizations are among the largest employers. Many learners aspire to work in the professional sports industry. In addition, graduates can pursue jobs in other fields. There are opportunities for positions in collegiate sports, public relations, sales, and marketing.

For many people, the best way to begin a career in the sports industry is to earn a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in sports management can open many different doors in the industry. This is because the skills and knowledge graduates obtain in the program are transferable to many different industries.

Sport management programs are offered in many locations, both on campus and online. Some schools offer a full-time program and others are part-time. It is also important to find a program that focuses on your interests. Most sports management majors are interested in working in the sports industry. These careers include sports agents, facility managers, and even athletic administrators. Graduates can expect to enjoy professional flexibility and competitive pay.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sports management, it is important to seek out internships and other professional experiences. Internships can help boost your resume and build your professional network. You can also take advantage of study abroad experiences to gain a global perspective on the sports industry.

Students can also pursue a master’s degree in sports management. The Master of Science in sports management is a two-year program that prepares graduates to oversee coaching and sports team management. Alternatively, graduates can opt for the Master of Business Administration in sports management track. Depending on the program, the MBA program will cover core business topics as well as sports management topics.

Whether you want to be a sports manager, a public relations specialist, or a sales executive, a sports management degree can prepare you to succeed. Through classes in analytics, finance, and marketing, students will learn the skills needed to succeed in a wide range of business roles.

Many graduate careers in sports involve a mix of marketing, finance, and analytics. These jobs require math and communication skills, which can help graduates communicate with teams and athletes. Graduates with a background in these areas can work in any type of business, including advertising, media relations, and sales promotion.

Graduates of sports management degree programs can expect to work in a variety of settings, from professional and amateur leagues to sports franchises. With experience, graduates can expect higher pay and longevity. Moreover, postgraduate certifications can position graduates for some niche positions.


Getting a degree in sports management can be a great way to launch a new career. You’ll be able to gain a solid foundation in business operations, including public relations, law, statistics, and marketing. This can help you land a high-paying job. In fact, the pay for a sports management degree can be as high as six-figures.

While the average pay for a sports management degree is quite high, you’ll need to do more than earn a BS. A master’s or doctoral degree can also boost your paycheck. The highest paid sports management graduates make between $59,000 and $63,000 per year.

For starters, it’s important to remember that salary can be a function of location, education, and experience. Location is particularly important when it comes to entry-level sports management jobs. Sports facilities located in high-demand areas can expect to pay more than those in less desirable locations. Also, sports managers are likely to find more hours and a higher level of stress in their day-to-day duties.

Obtaining a sports management degree can give you the opportunity to work at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. These include private gyms, prestigious sports facilities, and some colleges and universities.

It’s also possible to earn a degree while interning. While you’re working on your degree, you might want to consider adding a certification or two. There are several types of sports management associations, including the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, the North American Society for Sport Management, and the Society for Sports Management.

Another thing to consider is the cost of getting a sports management degree. While a BS might not be necessary, the higher you go, the more you will spend. However, a BA may be the best option if you don’t have specific goals in mind. Whether or not you want to pursue a degree, you can still enjoy a rewarding career in the sports industry.

If you’re in the market for a degree that will pay off in a big way, you should take a look at the BS sports management programs offered by PennWest California. Graduates from these programs are currently performing at a high level in key positions in the sports industry.

In addition to a BS, many employers will even consider a master’s degree in sports management. Those with a Master of Science in Sports Management are rewarded with a high-paying salary and a competitive job market.

One of the most difficult positions to break into in the sport management field is the academic sports facility director. This position pays well, though it’s the most difficult to qualify for. On the other hand, it’s not hard to imagine that the lowest paid jobs in the sports management field are those involving recreational workers.

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