If you have taken a lot of time to binge one TikToks, you have perhaps run into a common term like “Pick Me Boy” videos. Thus, what is the definition of this slang? Other TikToks offer you a wide range of examples, but not much background on the slang. In brief, this post will show you the breakdown of this slang and items he can claim so that you will be capable of spotting one in his daily life.

What is a “Pick Me Boy”?

1. A “Pick Me Boy” put down to stimulate a girl emotionally

First of all, it could be like the guy brings low self-esteem, but it’s particularly a tactic to obtain recognition or emotional assistance from a girl the boy loves.

In reality, he will claim something self-deprecating so as to make the girl he is mentioning about ensure and let him know how fabulous he is. He could also move as far as to hang out with her and hope that she can accept.

2. A “Pick Me Boy” attempts to stand out by delivering a speech on feminist views he might not hold

He might share some perspectives which feel progressive, or feminist since he supposes that will make him distinctive from different dudes. Next, “Pick Me Boys” are even known for making stereotypical ideas about gender roles.  

The meaning of "Pick me boy"
Figure 1. The meaning of “Pick me boy”

The origin of “Pick Me Boy”

1. “Pick Me Boy” stems from African American Vernacular English

This slang initially appeared in “Dominique and the Root Back” in 2017. The posts mentioned the “Pick Me Man” as a fluctuation of the simp – somebody who does way a lot for people they love.

Even though the term demonstrates something distinctive at this moment, it’s crucial to realize that it got its start in the Black internet style and culture. On top of it, you could use the slang “Pick Me Boy” in a similar way you might handle the simp – be humble, and clear about how you feel.

2. The slang appeared in the Urban Dictionary and social media last year

The term “Pick Me Boy” entries debuted in Urban Dictionary in February and the initiative rapidly made its way to social media like TikTok in which the slang was super common. The “Pick Me Girl” refers to being distinctive from other girls so that she can stand out to the men.

Pick me boy and pick me girl are becoming popular on social media
Figure 2. “Pick me boy and pick me girl” are becoming popular on social media

Several things the “Pick Me Boy” claims

1. “You are out of my league”

It is a “Pick Me Boy’s” method of providing a compliment, but he hopes something in reverse. In the other words, he asks you to make an argument and claim that he is excellent enough for you. Next, he could keep going with this initiative till he might invite you to go on dating. It’s the next way he makes it when sending a message like

Boy: “Hi”

You: “Hello”

Boy: “Oh, wow. Ladies do not text me back”

He will perhaps be quite cool spoken, or timid during claiming those items – it’s only after you refuse him that his mode particularly transforms.

2. “I’m used to rejection”

He claims it to right now get your pity. In addition to that, it’s his way of making you up for a competition – he is expecting that you can show him wrong, and offer you another opportunity. Suppose that feedback is rotated psychology. He could even claim:    

– “I’m quite ugly”

– “Nobody can speak to me”

The dude will perhaps stop and stare at you after claiming something like it – he is waiting for you to step forward and change him.


1. What is a pick-me-up boy?

This slang is discussed about the man who acts as if he is super unique so as to draw girls’ attention

2. Is he a pick-me boy?

 The pick me boy’s mean is that self-loathing. In the other words, he might claim stuff such as “Why do you love me”? before sticking with naked images

3. What is the opposite of a “pick me boy”?

By contrast, a “pick me girl” looks for male validation by putting down different girls. In general, the target is the same and attempting to make themselves stand out from various men. 

4. What is a pick me boy TikTok?

Based on the Tiktok, this slang might indicate and claim “Nice guys finish last” with the target of the read receipt.

5. Who is a “pick me boy”?

The person who shows behavior that tries to attract others (known as the women), while acting as if they do not know entirely that it is what they want to do. 

6. What to do with a “pick me boy”? 

In this situation, you might stop being a pick-me boy by concentrating less on what various dudes are wanting to do and appeasing you on your own so much. Finally, they want to know what you need.

You should prepare yourself to respond to "Pick me boy"
Figure 3. You should prepare yourself to respond to “Pick me boy”

Wrapping It Up

That’s all about the definition and examples of this slang “Pick Me Boy”. Lastly, we hope that you can keep updating with the trendy terms on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and even Facebook in the future.     

Chelsea Glover