When we backed in 2004, Samantha from “Sex in the city” published the mainstream world to a modern idea: the pearl necklace. What does a pearl necklace mean? It is a sexual activity that happens during a gentleman ejaculates on, or near his girlfriend’s neck. In the other words, the cum’s droplets are similar to pearls.  

Overview of a Pearl Necklace

Even though the name highly recommends that men have to ejaculate near their partner’s neck, a lot of individuals even consider the action of cumming on a lady’s chest. We predict there is a trend in what a pearl necklace is since targetting might be tough.

In fact, the pearl necklace has created a lot of sex act lists and can be even shown in standup habits. Like a wide range of sexual fields, it can propel the pearl necklace to the hovel. Before this public debut, the individuals who were not strange to this idea were specifically porn keeners. However, over the past decades have witnessed the idea was close to sexually active teenagers, and also some mature people, thanks to the cutting-edge tech.    

On top of it, confusion in this field has put other couples wonder “What is a pearl necklace?”

Give Your Partner A Romantic Pearl Necklace
Figure 1. Give your partner a romantic pearl necklace

Reasons why most individuals love pearl necklaces

There are some reasons why all lovers are fond of a pearl necklace. In the other words, you can love the situation of your partner masturbating in front of you before he reaches orgasms, and then ejaculating above his girlfriend’s chest.

In reality, the pearl necklace is a normal end to breast intercourse, well-known as its name “titty fucking”. Next, the pearl necklace combines effectively with another action like mutual masturbation. Both partners will stimulate themselves next to one another, and you might also give a hand all.

If you are super into a cum – somebody who loves when your husband/boyfriend gets closer to you, you will realize that taking a pearl necklace is specifically joyful. Other partners engage in pearl necklaces, bodies, and ejaculating on various body parts since they are wanting to engage in the pull-out technique as a type of birth management. 

While your husband/boyfriend completes above your body than inside you, it can reduce the potential risk of unexpected pregnancy, particularly if you do not use condoms. However, pulling out is not sufficient to be your sole form of birth management.

If you do not need your husband/boyfriend to ejaculate on your face, the pearl necklace can be a joyful compromise. Certainly, you could usually discover how to swallow cum. If the semen’s flavor is what is getting you to return, you will make his sperm taste greater.

As soon as you were good at this, we will help you approach those blowjob methods. Besides, while your love cums on your body, there are no worries that you engage in sex for comfort, which might add the taboo factor to offering and taking pearl necklaces.

Other individuals accuse men who engage in that action of objectifying girls which might particularly be right, but that might operate effectively if you and your love want to engage in the power play, and if you love being sexually “marked”.

Finally, if you need to reverse, and dominate your husband/boyfriend; then you could look for ways of dominating.

Ejaculation is a sexual act that all men love in front of their lovers
Figure 2. Ejaculation is a sexual act that all men love in front of their lovers

Pearl necklaces are not as good as couples think

However, not each of us likes taking a pearl necklace. You should seem closer to your boyfriend/husband during he cums inside you, or you should enjoy swallowing or spitting with his semen. It is up to everybody’s hobby. 

Other partners do not want to come in touch with semen, which occurs during the partner brings you a pearl necklace, due to a semen allergy. Around 2% of girls can be sensitive to enzymes in semen, and that might generate irritation, or itching when the semen contacts the girlfriend/wife’s skin. A lot of particular symptoms of allergies like hives ask for some medical alert.

In addition to that, those symptoms might exist within hours, or also days, making the pearl necklace a crazy initiative.

Unluckily, it is feasible to spread the allergy to semen many times. However, you might not suppose that the irritation is from semen, particularly for penetrative intercourse. In this case, you can attempt to apply the lube, or get gentler sex.

In other circumstances, irritation can be because by the STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) and can appear quickly to the latex allergy. The topical medicines might even be suspect if you get a reaction. If you are not certain, your healthcare provider might do a skin check to know more about semen sensitiveness.

Taking out the root causes of irritation can prove that you might be comfortable with semen without any stress. In addition to that, the pressure at which your boyfriend/husband ejaculates proves that targetting is regularly tough.

The pearl necklace’s attempt can lead to a facial, or the cum’s shot straight to your eye. Sure, it is quite messy and is not suitable if you might not get the time to clean it.

Some ladies are sensitive to semen.
Figure 3. Some ladies are sensitive to semen.

Tips for cleaning up a pearl necklace

If cleanup is your huge issue, you might stay away from the issue by being well-prepared. Next, keep the cleansing wipes on the nightstand if you might not have a shower. The towel could even do some magical things, but you can even see a sticky residue on the skin after it dries.

When it comes to folks, your love can also be interested in licking up the proof. However, it is up to individuals’ preferences. 

When not everybody enjoys taking a pearl necklace, other girls do it straightforwardly since their love is kicked in the action. If you are not one of these dynamic girls, there are some methods to help your boyfriend/husband.

It is ideally great if it’s not your thing, or if you want to save a period of activity for many days during which you might appropriately clean up. Pearl necklaces, like different sexual activities, are not people’s hobbies; but you will be surprised to realize that you enjoy them, and you might attract your partner’s preference by requiring him if he needs to attempt them. 


1. What does a “pearl necklace” mean?

The pearl necklace is a common slang related to sexual activity where the man ejaculates semen around his partner’s neck or breast.

2. What does “getting a pearl necklace” mean?

The outcome of the male ejaculating on the partner’s breast such as the semen is similar to the pearl necklace.

3. What does “giving someone a pearl necklace” symbolize?

If somebody gives you a pearl necklace, they will perhaps love you a lot and need to show their love in an endless and unique way.

4. Why do men love giving a “pearl necklace”?

Giving your partner a pearl necklace proves that a man orgasms on his partner’s neck, or chest with more drops of semen seeming like people’s pearls.

5. Who should avoid a “pearl necklace”?

Some ladies will keep away from coming into contact with their partners’ semen that occurs during they offer you a pearl necklace, due to their allergy to semen.

6. How to clean a “pearl necklace”?

In this case, the towel might even do the task, but you could even see a sticky residue above your skin as soon as it can dry. 

Final thoughts

That’s all about the meaning of a pearl necklace. We hope that you can know more about other sexual slang in the future. If you need to find it out more, please reply to us through the comment section below.

Chelsea Glover