what degree make the most money

Whether you are going back to school or considering one, there are many things to consider. You can take the traditional route and earn a degree in business, finance, or management, or you can opt for an online program. However, there is more to consider than just what your major will pay you.


Getting an engineering degree can help you earn a handsome salary. In fact, you can earn more than $100k per year, making it one of the top-paying careers in the country.

In addition to a high salary, an engineering degree can also help you develop valuable skills. You’ll learn how to analyze data and manage complex variables. You can also build circuits and test drug therapies.

Engineering is a very broad field. You can earn an income in several different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and more. However, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for most jobs.

You’ll also need a strong background in math and science. You’ll need to understand algebra, geometry, calculus, and other mathematical principles. You’ll need to be able to analyze and solve complex problems on a daily basis.

Engineers can choose to specialize in a particular area of engineering. For example, industrial engineers design ways to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes. You can also choose to build aircraft or spacecraft, assemble computer hardware, and test drug therapies. You’ll find many engineering jobs that pay well, but you’ll have to consider your personal goals before choosing a career.

The job growth outlook for engineers is promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry will experience 6% job growth from 2018 to 2028. The industry projects 146,000 new jobs over the next decade.


Those with an economics degree are able to land bankable jobs in a variety of industries. These jobs are in high demand and come with decent compensation. Some economics majors go on to earn a master’s degree in order to further their careers.

The pay of economics majors is comparable to that of accounting majors and finance majors. In addition, the full-time median lifetime earnings of economics majors are significantly higher than marketing majors.

In addition to these high paying positions, economics majors have a wide variety of other jobs available to them. These include financial analysts, economic consultants, and personal financial advisers. Other careers include research analyst, financial manager, and market research analyst.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data on the level of experience and education needed for certain jobs. Credit analysts will assess risks to prospective clients and look at the industry as a whole. Credit analysts also examine the regional impact of a particular business.

Economists can work for the federal government or state and local governments. They can also become professors at university campuses. Economists have the highest earning potential in insurance, scientific research, and finance.

Other careers for economics majors include insurance agents, health care professionals, and market research analysts. These professionals analyze business practices, supply chain, and customers. The economics major can also become an economic consultant. They can work for companies in the finance, healthcare, education, and other fields.

Law enforcement

Getting a law enforcement degree can open many doors to the highest paying career options. You can start by pursuing a bachelor’s degree, or you can go for an associate’s degree and test out of some of your classes. You may also want to consider getting an online degree. These programs can help you advance your career and keep you in your home or office.

Traditionally, aspiring law enforcement officers would enter the police academy after they graduated from high school. Nowadays, more and more students earn an associate’s degree in law enforcement before entering the workforce. In addition, police academies have begun requiring at least a bachelor’s degree.

Those with a law enforcement degree may work for state or federal law enforcement agencies. They may also work for local agencies or in the private sector. Those who work for federal agencies have the chance to earn more than those in the private sector.

The most common types of law enforcement careers include uniformed officers, investigative detectives, intelligence analysts, and transit police. Forensic science technicians are another high paying profession in the law enforcement industry. The median pay for forensic science technicians is $62,000 a year.

In the past, aspiring law enforcement officers would enter a state police academy. Today, there are many community colleges and four-year universities that offer programs in law enforcement. Those who are interested in earning a law enforcement degree may want to consider enrolling in an online program, which can be done in a matter of months.


Getting a degree in business can be a rewarding experience. If you’re willing to put in the time, the rewards can be well deserved. The job market is ripe for the pickings. And if you are lucky, you may even find yourself living the high life. With that said, it’s time to look at the long term. The best advice is to look forward rather than backwards. It’s a shame that many students fail to do so. Fortunately, the plethora of specialized business schools can provide the guidance you need to find the right fit. If you’re not keen on the grind, there are numerous online schools and colleges that provide the same degree of quality and rigor in a fraction of the time. Hopefully, you’ll find one that fits your lifestyle, aspirations, and expectations. If you’re lucky, you may even find yourself in a new position within a matter of weeks. After all, it’s not every day that you find yourself on the cusp of a promotion. Having said that, be careful not to burn the candle at the office! Having a degree in business is a big deal, and getting one can lead to an exciting career that may pay off in the long term.

STEM majors

Whether you are considering a new career, looking for a new job, or merely curious, the STEM field is one of the best places to start your search. It offers a number of benefits, from good pay to job security.

The American Engineering Association reports that STEM graduates earn 87% more than non-STEM graduates. This is because STEM majors tend to be more creative and tend to design innovative industrial equipment and manufacturing methods. Developing these concepts in engineering opens the door to a high-paying career.

In addition to a high salary, STEM majors also have an easier time getting a job after college. Many STEM majors report high levels of job satisfaction. This is largely due to the fact that they tend to have more flexibility in choosing their careers.

In addition to the STEM field, there are several other fields that offer lucrative jobs. These include computer, engineering, and biomedical occupations. These jobs require high levels of skill and expertise. These professionals will need to continue learning post college to keep their careers in shape.

The field of computer science holds a special place in the STEM world. In fact, computer and information research scientists are one of the fastest growing STEM jobs. They are responsible for researching technology solutions across different industries. They require a master’s degree in the field.

Although computer and information research scientists aren’t the only scientists who can make big money in STEM, their hefty paychecks make them one of the best-paid STEM majors.

Online bachelor’s degrees

Obtaining an online bachelor’s degree can lead to a high paying career. You can get an education that is affordable and flexible, which means that you can have a full-time job and continue your family commitments.

For-profit online schools outperform for-profit on-campus schools, and their average Salary Scores are higher. The Salary Score rankings compare graduates’ salaries to other students who have the same degree. If you’re thinking of earning an online bachelor’s degree, make sure you’re selecting a school with the right Salary Score.

There are a number of different online degrees that lead to high paying careers. For example, you can earn a degree in Finance. This online program can teach you financial analysis, accounting, economics, and organizational leadership. You can also study healthcare systems and policy, healthcare quality management, business law, and communication skills.

You can also earn a degree in Natural Sciences. This online degree program teaches you critical thinking and knowledge of the scientific method. It’s also a great foundation for other advanced degrees. It also includes classes in biology, chemistry, and calculus.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a flight engineer, you can earn an online bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics. This degree teaches students about aircraft design, security, and other topics related to the airline industry. It is important to note that this career requires certifications and licensing.

Earning an online bachelor’s degree is also a great way to save money. You don’t have to pay campus fees, and you can save on transportation costs. You can also save time by taking a shorter program, which can shorten your time to graduation.

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