what degree make the most money

Depending on your interests and talents, a degree in Computer science, Information technology (IT), or Marketing can help you earn a good income. While these professions may sound like they pay very well, they can be a bit competitive. However, there are ways to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Information technology (IT) services professionals

Whether you are an experienced professional or a aspiring student, information technology (IT) services is a growing field that offers exciting career opportunities, a variety of benefits and a strong potential for salary growth. Whether you are planning to make a career change or looking for a new position, it is important to know what kinds of positions are in demand, and what skills are necessary for a job.

In the last four years, the IT industry has experienced tremendous gains. These gains have been driven by the growth of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector. These industries have contributed to real economic growth and innovation, as well as driving employment in the U.S. However, there are several challenges that are limiting the industry’s future.

Among the biggest challenges, cybersecurity continues to be the top priority for organizations. Security breaches have put millions of consumers at risk. To protect their sensitive data from threat actors, organizations need professionals with the right skills.

The growth of the ICT sector will continue to drive employment and structural changes in the U.S. In addition, the industry is facing several challenges, including the emergence of data protectionist legislation in China and India. These regulations may affect the development of products and services, as well as the capacity to distribute and sell products.

IT professionals who work in the cloud computing industry need to have strong skills in networking and cloud software and hardware. They are responsible for the design, maintenance, and upkeep of network services.

In addition, a degree in computer science, business administration, or another related field can help position you for some of the highest-paying IT careers. Many of these careers require an executive demeanor, strong communication skills, and a technical background.

Computer science

Compared to other engineering jobs, a computer science degree makes the most money. Besides its high pay, the field offers multiple opportunities for advancement. However, the salary you receive depends on several factors.

Computer and information research professionals play a major role in the development of new technology and innovative uses for it. These experts study problems in the field, propose new solutions, and help improve existing technologies.

Computer scientists work with complex systems, create new software systems, and conduct experiments with machine learning and data science. They may also explain their findings in written and face-to-face presentations. They may also be called upon to create new computing languages.

The average salary for computer scientists is around $68,000 in entry-level positions and $103,518 in more senior roles. In the highest paying positions, computer scientists earn over $121,000.

Data scientists are also among the top paid IT professionals. They need exceptional problem-solving skills, and must be multidisciplinary. They must also be able to develop, test, and evaluate computer applications. The salary is expected to grow by 15% over the next five years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Site Reliability Engineers keep the technological world running smoothly. These professionals work with other technology teams to ensure that solutions meet non-functional requirements and respond to requirements functionally. They also collaborate with product developers and operations teams. They are responsible for troubleshooting cybersecurity issues. They must have a solid knowledge of networking and security.

The value of a college degree is not in the degree, but in the network of people you meet along the way. If you have a computer science degree, you may want to pursue a graduate degree in order to further your career.


Those interested in earning a good salary should consider pursuing an engineering degree. This is a career that offers a good salary, plenty of room for advancement, and a variety of job types. In addition, engineers are generally very happy in their work, and there are a number of reasons why.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average engineer earns $104,000 a year. That figure is higher than the average salary of many other professions. However, it’s important to note that the salary of an engineer depends on the type of engineering.

Electrical engineers are often considered to be the most lucrative engineering degree. Electrical engineers work on a wide variety of sub-disciplines, including electronics, signal processing, microelectronics, and instrumentation.

Environmental engineering is another high paying engineering degree. Environmental engineers help to protect the environment by creating new processes and products that can be used to clean up pollution. They also work in the construction industry.

Electrical engineers are the most lucrative engineering degree, but it’s not the only one. Petroleum engineers are also well paid, and they have to know a thing or two about math and geology. Petroleum engineers use standardized engineering methods to mine oil. They may also travel, so they can be very busy.

Chemical engineers are another high paying engineering major. They may work for a chemical company or research and development firm. Chemical engineers also have to know a thing or two about the mathematical concepts behind electricity and thermodynamics. They are also responsible for improving existing processes.

Engineers also use their STEM skills to improve existing products. Some examples of this include designing a heating and air conditioning system for an office or home, and creating a toaster for a kitchen counter.


Whether you are considering a new career or upgrading your current gig, here are the best marketing degree jobs to consider. This list is by no means an exhaustive list. However, the following is a selection of some of the more popular and lucrative options.

For starters, the aforementioned e-commerce position will rake in the big bucks. In addition to the aforementioned e-commerce duties, you’ll be expected to do the dirty work of assisting customers with any number of queries. You’ll also likely be tasked with building out a company’s social media presence. The best part is, you’ll be doing it while racking up some of the highest pay in the business.

In fact, the most lucrative e-commerce gigs will pay you more than the aforementioned entry-level gigs. Depending on your ambitions, you can conceivably make more than $100k in this business biz. It’s also not uncommon to find e-commerce positions with salaries of over $130k per year. Likewise, you can find high-paying entry-level positions in the marketing and advertising fields.

In short, you’ll be able to use your degree to achieve a wide variety of business and personal objectives, which is not only a good thing, but a necessary one. A marketing degree is a gateway drug to a myriad of job opportunities. From ad design to retail sales, you’ll be on the receiving end of some of the best marketing programs in the business. The best part is, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to work in a modern and progressive business environment. And while you’re at it, you’ll learn how to manage your finances, develop strategic plans, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Supply chain management

Having a supply chain management degree will not only open up more job opportunities for you, but will also increase your earning potential. Supply chains are being disrupted by technology, and the demand for supply chain managers is high.

Supply chain managers are responsible for organizing the supply chain for organizations in all industries. They are also required to be good communicators and critical thinkers. Their jobs include collaborating with the Finance and Operations teams to ensure that the supply chain operates as efficiently as possible.

Supply chain managers must be adept at using new technology. This includes digital systems and modern software. The demand for supply chain managers will continue to grow. They are often called on to make critical decisions and travel from site to site.

Supply chain managers may also specialize in a number of areas, such as logistics or global supply chain logistics. They may have to travel internationally. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for entry-level positions, but some companies may prefer a master’s degree.

Supply chain management degree programs are usually two to four years long. The best programs are those that are comprehensive and forward-thinking. They are designed to prepare students for leadership roles in supply chain management.

Supply chain management jobs can vary from entry-level to advanced. They can also align with your strengths and experience. Some supply chain management careers require years of experience to succeed.

Supply chain managers may have a wide range of job titles, including Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Vice President, or Consumer Sector Vice President. The salary for a supply chain manager varies. The average salary for a supply chain manager with less than five years of experience is $65,000. The average salary for a supply chain management manager with 10 to 20 years of experience is $92,000.

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