Everyone knows us for car insurance; we can help protect your home և you can even insure your collections. But when it comes to the fear of the supernatural, you will not get a quote on geico.com. Not yet, however.

From celebrities to the weirdest, here are some of the most unusual insurance policies in the world. We are still here for you for your most “typical” insurance needs.

Alien abduction insurance

Believe it or not, a London company has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction insurance policies across Europe. Of course, in order to make a claim, you need to provide proof of what happened. If you are a believer, a little green can save you from little green men.

Do not forget about werewolves, vampires and ghosts

driving a werewolfDo you like the TV series True Blood a bit? No problem. There is also an insurance policy for you. For example, the Royal Falcon Hotel in Lowestoft, England, has insured its staff, its customers, from death due to ghosts, poltergeists, and other abnormalities.

Redemption of ransom

Multinational corporations are known to pursue a retrieval policy only if their executives are extradited to another country on a business trip. But individuals can also get this insurance if they want to. How does it work? The insurance company will set up a negotiating team, reimburse the ransom, up to the limits of your policy.

Food Truck Insurance

food machineHere’s one that is relatively unknown but needed if you are in the growing mobile food vendor industry. With up to 10,000 food trucks in the Los Angeles County alone, you want to make sure your rolling vegetable burrito business is covered. Car accidents, fires and foodborne illness are just some of the dangers they face.

Celebrities և Other irreplaceable talents

From rock stars to athletes, the list of celebrity insurance policies is long, often with large payments. In fact, almost any part of the body you can think of is covered. Here are just a few.

Nose of a Dutch winemaker

Hearing about a man who lost his sense of smell in a car accident, winemaker Ilya Gort made a $ 8 million policy on his nose. Under the terms of the policy, he is not allowed, among other things, to ride a motorcycle or work as a knife-throwing assistant or sniper.

Gene Simmons

It is not always necessary to insure the whole body. Gene Simmons, the legendary bass guitarist of the 70’s Kiss rock band, allegedly insured his tongue for $ 1 million when the band was in its heyday.

Troy Polamalu’s Hair Adorsement:

Athlete policy does not necessarily apply to performance. For example, this Pittsburgh Steeler is a star on the field, but Proctor & Gamble means something more specific about their approval deal. As a shampoo advertising star, they insured her famous hair for $ 1 million.

Nathan Erb

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