Employment agency North York and staffing agencies are seen to have a similar meaning, but they are different. However, both of them connect job seekers with employers. 

Employment agencies place qualified job seekers in long-term positions. On the contrary, staffing agencies mainly deal with temporary jobs in North York. This is common to companies with high and low seasons and requires employees during peak seasons.

  • What Is Employment Agency North York

When the employment agency advertises positions, they get many applications. The staff goes through the resumes and creates a pool of talent. A company with a vacant position contact the employment agency to connect them with the most suitable employee. These agencies prepare the candidates for interviews with the employment company that decides who to hire. 

Staffing agencies have the same work of connecting job seekers with employers, but they mainly deal with temporary work. The temporary position could result from a sick employee’s family leave or vacation. 

Temporary positions are also available to companies that have seasons. For example, these companies get a lot of work during the peak season, and that’s where the staffing agencies come in. Before sending the candidates to the hiring company, the agency first pre-screens them and interviews them. The employees are paid through the staffing agency and not directly by the employment company. 

  • What are the similarities between the two?
  1. They are both middlemen who connect job seekers with employers, making it easier for job seekers and companies. They also help with screening and interviewing job seekers to ensure the company gets the best. 
  2. Both agencies have the potential to offer long-term or temporary employment. However, the employment agencies are better to work with if you seek permanent employment. 

There are more differences between staffing agencies and employment agencies than similarities. 

  1. Staffing agencies are private agencies belonging to individuals. On the contrary, employment agencies can either be privately owned or government institutions. 
  2. With staffing agencies, job seekers can get jobs at different employment levels. For example, you can work at entry levels, intermediate, up to the top posts like management. This is different with employment agencies because they primarily seek workers in high positions like management. 
  3. Staffing agencies primarily specialize in various career fields, meaning they work with a few industries. The employment agencies deal with a wide range of talents. You could find work in accounting, healthcare, and IT under one agency. This happens because they mainly deal with the top-position job seekers who are limited. 
  4. Staffing agencies deal mainly with job seekers who want placement in temporary positions. It could be a temporary position of three or six months. Employment agencies connect job seekers seeking long-term places that could belong to five-year contracts or permanent positions. 
  5. Employment agencies screen the candidates and prepare them to be interviewed by the hiring company. The candidates receive their salaries from the employment company and not the agency. This is different with the staffing agencies because they advertise the job, interview the candidates and employ them. The candidates are also paid through the staffing agency and not directly by the company. 
  • Who Can Choose Staffing Agency

Deciding whether to work with the staffing or employment agency North York depends on the nature of work you are seeking to find. The most suitable people to use staffing agencies are those looking to fill a temporary position. These employees do so because they want a flexible job, to be able to take care of their young families or if they have other opportunities awaiting. 

Also, if you are a business and don’t want to go through the exhausting hiring process like the testing and training process, you can opt for staffing agencies. Companies that also wish to try out the employee before hiring them can use the staffing agency. 

  • Who Can Use Employment Job Agencies North York?

If you want permanent or long-term employees, seek help from temporary positions. This is also suitable for firms with vacancies in higher ranks like management and CEOs. Also, if you want to control the interviewing and all the processes employees go through when being hired, you can go for employment agencies.