Whenever you make any house or other constructions, you must need ceramic products for the outfitting portions. Tiles are one of those outfitting tools you certainly need to use in the walls, roofs and floors of your construction. Now comes the question of where to buy quality ceramic tiles when you need them.

This article offers you a detailed discussion on the top 10 ceramic tiles companies in Bangladesh. So, let’s check out the entire article.

List of Top 10 Ceramic Tiles Company in Bangladesh

There are a number of ceramic tiles companies in Bangladesh that are producing high-quality products. 

Here we suggest a list of the top 10 best ceramic tiles manufacturers in Bangladesh. Hope you will be benefited.

DBL Ceramics Limited

DBL is one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company has started its journey at the end of 2016 and, with its unique design and creativity, has achieved huge popularity in a very short period.

The main products of this company include porcelain, technical porcelain, polish, wall tiles, décor tiles etc. They ensure all these products are in various shades and designs according to the customer’s demand.

BRAVAT Bangladesh

BRAVAT Bangladesh is another ceramic tile multinational company that is mainly German-based. The main motto of this company is to serve their customers with elegant style and premium quality products.

This company is most famous for its high-quality sanitary ware products, such as magic cube, countertop basin, electronic faucet, under the countered basin, square round, semi-recessed basin, bath furniture, intelligent toilet, bathtub, shower enclosure etc. They always try to furnish and manufacture their products as per customers’ tastes. 

PORCELANOSA Tiles Bangladesh 

This is a Spanish ceramic brand. PORCELANOSA tiles started its journey in Bangladesh in collaboration with Nupami Bangladesh Limited. This multinational brand offers unique and world-class products to its customers.

It deals with a large number of ceramic products. Signature products of this company involve floor tiles (porcelain tiles, ceramic parquet, anti-slip flooring, ceramic stone), bathroom equipage solutions (bathroom taps, shower rings, bathroom accessories, rain shower), kitchens (kitchen taps, kitchen furniture), wall tiles etc.

Great Wall Ceramic Industries Ltd

Great Wall Ceramic Industries Limited is the biggest ceramic manufacturer company in Bangladesh. It is a Thailand-based company. That means COTTO, a Thai brand in collaboration with a Bangladeshi brand CHARU has launched this company. 

A good working environment, the best customer service and reasonable profits are the primary visions of this ceramic company. This company usually deals with rustic wall tiles, homogeneous and porcellanato print, ceramic wall tiles, décor, border etc.

MIR Ceramic Ltd

MIR ceramics Limited is purely a Bangladeshi ceramic manufacturer company. The company started its a journey in 2001. In the beginning, ceramics and porcelain products were their main attractions. By 2002, they began to produce commercial products. 

MIR Ceramics imported all their machinery from an Italian brand named SCAMPI. Nowadays, this company deals with many products such as MIR polished tiles, ceramic wall tiles, homogeneous stair tiles, porcelain tiles, granite floor tiles, industry tiles etc.

Akij Ceramics Limited

Another pure Bangladeshi ceramic manufacturer company is Akij Ceramics Limited. This company was founded in 2012. Although it is a very recent company, with its dedication and innovative ideas, it has created a stronger place in ceramics.

To ensure the best quality products, this company imported all machinery products from the outside countries of the world. The main attraction of this company is VANITA, a premium kitchen and bathroom tiles. Another products include homogeneous floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, porcelain printed tiles etc.

China-Bangla Ceramic Industries Ltd

China-Bangla Ceramic Industries Ltd is a joint venture between Bangladesh and China. It is also known as CBC Industries Ltd. The company was established in 2001.

Having sophisticated technological support, this company is running successfully with the production of floor tiles, décor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, homogeneous tiles and border tiles.

Star Ceramics Bangladesh Limited

Star Ceramics Bangladesh Limited, established in 2012, is a joint venture between Bangladesh and Lebanese sanitary ware and ceramic tiles manufacturing companies. 

A large number of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware products of different sizes and styles are their main attractions. They always try to satisfy their customers by providing the best quality products as per customers’ demands.

X Ceramics Limited

X Ceramics Limited, also known as X Monica, is an Italian brand of ceramic tiles. In 2008, this brand launched its products in Bangladesh for the first time. 

With various researches on market analysis, customer satisfaction and interaction and best equipment use for producing quality products, this company has recently made a strict competitive place in the ceramic tiles manufacturing market of Bangladesh.

Basically, floor tiles and wall tiles are their signature products.

RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd

RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited is one of Bangladesh’s most popular multinational manufacturing companies. The main company is situated in UAE. In 1998, according to the private act of 1994, this company started its journey in Bangladesh as a joint venture between UAE and Bangladesh.

They deal with a wide variety of products such as junior tiles collection, ceramic wall tiles, floor tiles, grease porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, industrial tiles, different accessories (paper holder, soap case, urinal bowl, shelf) etc.


So, these are the top 10 ceramic tiles company in Bangladesh. These companies produce and manufacture high-quality ceramic products and continuously satisfy their customers with their services. There are so many other ceramic tiles companies apart from these, which are doing very well nowadays. If you need ceramic products, you can check out our suggestions. Good luck!