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Versuri (lyrics ) Fired Up:

Did they always ask you why you had to act so different
So very different from all the other children
What could you tell them
When they went off to try to
Criticize you and chastise you
Baptize you and then lobotomize you
Isn’t it true, ooh ooh that special schoolTurned you into a reverent fool
Tell papa and the reverend too
That they are ignorant and you disapprove
They would like to
Turn a subject into a citizen
They will make you
A patient if you take their medicine
They sell you shit to make you sick
That shit I sell will make you well
Take two of these and break the great Satan’s spell
You know it’s an emergency
They call it a perverted dream
I call it an emerging scene
I say, say, can’t you see
They came with their catechism
Calling it your condition
I call that crass conditioning
Oh, why ain’t you listening
Reveal your hidden heritage
Collect your true inheritance
A veritable treasure chest openingThey would like to
Turn a child into a Christian
I’ve been living without a God
And these Christians don’t know what they’re missing
Visionary dreams
Ripping through the seams
When we gathered around the fire
The devious and weak
Make insidious schemes
They want to water down the fire
Which is always burning
Which is always burning
There’s witches always burning
Oh! The fire!
You know the type of guy
Who doesn’t like the light
Don’t want to stand beside the fire
He shackles up your feet
Pushes you to your knees
Forbids you to receive the fire
But it is always burning
We keep it always burning
Keep it always burning
Believe me
You gotta believe in a drum dream
Even if seeing the death of a dumb dream
Makes a man mean
Mean, mean, real mean
That what you’re gotta be