Putting on a dress shirt, often a white one, to the public zone is a popular solution to seem cool, and gorgeous. Whether you are using it quite formally with the pencil skirt, or mildly quite casually with jeans; it is not that tough to seem clean and smart making that. 

At the moment, we will refer to you as a mild fluctuation which can get you to seem perfect in a new style. This fancy thing is the no-collar dress shirt. You might fundamentally deal with it like the standard shirt with a collar and the outcome is going to be quite cool. 

To greater display to you how to combine with it, we have gathered a list of pretty no-collar dress shirt outfit initiatives. Let’s get started with interesting details now.   

Key attire ideas for no collar dress shirt

In this part, you will find out more about the women’s outfit initiatives with no-collar dress shirts. 

1. White long tie waist with blue leg jeans

To reach the perfect, and leading street appearance; you might put on the white long no collar tie waist, and combine it with the leg jeans. In the other words, you have to mix the jeans with black ankle strap open-toe heels to seem delicate. 

2. V-neck shirt and skinny jeans

That is a super elegant intelligent normal attire on the current market. To approach that appearance, you might straightforwardly put on the v-neck without collar shirt with the shadow blue jeans. When it comes to the shoes, you might easily put on the black ballet flats to make the attire clean and great. 

3. Oversized sky blue without collar shirt and jeans

To help you seem modern and cool; you need to grab that sky blue without collar shirt and particularly mix it in a pair of jeans rather than putting on the white shirt. And how about the shoes? You might put on a pair of pink heels to seem elegant and classy. 

4. Pleated mock neck button-up blouse with shorts

When it comes to perfect and modern attire, what do you think about the combination of a leather element with the mix? For instance, you need to dress in a white without collar pleated dress shirt with leather shorts. Next, you should put on the socks with dark shoes to increase the unique touch. 

5. White partial-sleeve oversized no collar shirt with jeans

For the young ladies who are enjoying putting on jeans for business, we will introduce a pretty intelligent casual attire initiative for you. Next, you might dress in a white without collar oversized shirt. On top of it, combine it with bright blue jeans and white sneakers to seem fashionable and classy. 

6. White thick shirt with dark jeans

When it comes to the white shirt, its depth might make a big distinction in the look and feel. For instance, a deep no shirt such as this seems like you are dressing up with a bright coat. To make it happen, you need to put on dark jeans and pink heels to seem better and quite gorgeous. 

7. Bright mock neck no collar dress shirt with a dark skirt

The white button-up collar shirt with a pencil skirt is a super traditional mixture that seems better, but quite upset. To boost things to the peak, you might substitute your casual collar shirt with that bright mock neck without collar V-neck shirt. When it comes to a pair of shoes, dark heels might be a great choice at this moment. 

8. Yellow collarless shirt with bright jeans

On top white shirts seem great, and the yellow shirt might particularly seem fashionable, and elegant. That is a pretty one that appears in the type of collarless shirt. Combine it with bright grey jeans and dark ballet flats to increase the roughness of the dynamic girl look. 

9. Black and white Polka Dot collarless dress shirt 

To seem quite modern, the polka dot shirt can be a pretty choice. In that circumstance, the black and white polka dot without collar shirt can be opted for. In the other words, you can match the shirt with black chinos if needed. When it comes to a pair of shoes, the dark loafers can be a great selection in this case. 

10. White collarless shirt with shadow jeans

You will get a pretty white collarless shirt that brings the delicate ruched lines. You could straightforwardly combine it with shadow jeans to seem elegant and lean. Next, the shoes you might need to put on a pair of dark ballet flats to maintain the attire minimally. 

11. Bright linen collarless shirt with bright jeans

If you need to seem gorgeous, a super leading solution to do it is to put on the chambray collarless shirt rather than the bright dress shirt. To seem intelligent, and thin; you might mix the shirt with bright jeans. Besides, you also dress in shadow loafers for additional style. 

12. Semi-sheer chiffon collarless shirt with leggings

To make you more active, manufacturers highly recommend that you need to stick with the semi-sheer chiffon collarless shirt which is produced by chiffon. Next, to seem quite delicate, you could straightforwardly put on the shirt untucked. 

Next, combine it with leggings to seem thin, and lean. Last but not least, you should add dark ballet heels to seem fashionable. 


1. What is a “no collar dress shirt”?

The collarless shirt is even involved in the grandad collar shirt, and it appears with some various fluctuations, the most well-known of which are mandarin and band. 

2. What are the types of dress shirt collars?

We will show you the main types of dress shirt collars such as spread collar, club collar, wingtip collar, and cutaway collar. 

An example of club collar
Figure 1. An example of club collar

3. What does “no collar dress shirt with a suit” mean?

It is called the stand collar shirt, or the no collar shirt puts the finesse and offers you a better look without the necktie’s choke. In the other words, a great white shirt can be perfect for keeping your suit demands. 

Blazer without collar shirt
Figure 2. Blazer without collar shirt

4. How many dress shirts do I need?

In brief, it is highly recommended that guys up to 13 dress shirts if you put on them every day for play or work. In addition to that, you will need three shirts in case you take them for leading events. This consists of button-down shirts which might be put on with a coat and some various colors. 

5. What is the dress shirt collar size?

As usual, the dress shirt collar might suit particularly without being very loose. It can be as snug as possible without being inconvenient. You might be capable of suiting up to double fingers from the collar to your neck during it’s buttoned. Last but not least, you might not get any huge gap displayed from the collar to the neck. 

Size is always the first priority to focus on.
Figure 3. Size is always the first priority to focus on.

6. Do you know the meaning of “the best dress shirt collar for no tie”?

You might particularly button your shirt up and forgo the tie. That look might be boosting quite a popularity and is regularly suitable for the winter when you could realize that it is quite hot to put on the shirt entirely buttoned on the scorching hot day. 

7. Do all shirts have collars?

When it comes to clothing, the collar is an element of the shirt, jacket, or dress that can fasten near or frames your neck. 

8. What does “no collar dress shirt men” called?

The no-collar shirt is even involved in the grandad shirt. In the other words, the band collar easily shows that the collar which might stand up and could not get some points, or the fabric could fold down.  

Closing ideas

We expect that you loved those collarless dress shirt attire initiatives which we have discussed above. If you are dressing in button-up shirts so much, we will highly suggest that you need to attempt those costumes to increase the uniqueness of your daily look. 

Finally, you can widen your horizon related to a no-collar dress shirt in the digital age. You also leave your feedback in the comment section to let us know how you think.          

Chelsea Glover