Lyrics “Unemployed” – Tierra Whack

I must be a criminal
Keep your talkin’ minimal
‘Cause most of it’s subliminal
And it’ll put you in a critical
Used to be invisible
They would refer to me as mythical
Sippin’ on Mastika, yeah, I sip it slow
Not on my level, not on your tippy-toes
Walk in the bank and I yell, Gimme thoseHot as a stove, yeah, I’m wearin’ Fendi clothes
I’m want my spot, yeah, look at Wendy nose
My n**gas eatin’, they gettin’ minerals
If you throw shots, then you know my men’ll roll
Up on your block, now you lookin’ pitiful
Tinted the windows, I need a minute, yo
I’ll leave your missus all mad and miserable
You picked the wrong time to pick a fight
Your b**ch a dyke, she think she Ike
You sippin’ on a drink that’s spiked
Enough for you to say goodnight
For the rest of your life
I know your sons won’t miss you
I did a favor for them n**gas
Took a loss to a winner
Rick Ross, you been dinner
You ain’t fly, I make your wings stop
I’m real as f**k and your ring’s not
Fresh as hell like a king’s socks
Your real car is a slingshot
Don’t need a gun, I use a slingshot
If I was a beverage
You would have to drink hot
Got a job I gotta do
I get down and dirty, too
What it is, what it do
Same s**t, nothin’ new..④
Havin’ flashbacks, where yo’ past at
Where the cash at Ayo, pass that
I will stab backs just for bags, racks
Front on me and I’ll punch yo’ ass flat
Are you okay Please don’t ask that
I don’t act black, got a fat cat
You a rat-rat, rat-a-tat-tat-tat-a-tat-tat
Tattoos, but you can’t see ’em
Ice cold, yeah, I’m goin’ skiin’
I get around at the coliseum
Used to roam around with no pot to pee in
I was pissed off
Get away with murder like Christophe
You get crisscrossed in the big loft
I’m a big boss
So much sauce, I drip brothThe wait is over, I’m takin’ over
You’re overweight, you ate a soda
I’m super sober, you doin’ coke
Ahead of you, like a closure
When Troy died, I had to find some closure
Don’t push me, b**ch, I am not a stroller
Pop off on a n**ga like bread in toaster
Double D-cup, you should use a coaster
I’m on the post, I need the deal like kosher
So I shop it over, blue faces
And I call ’em Grovers
Butter pecan Rover, I’m that odor
Wanna be like me when I get older
Talked to God, then he came over
Talked to God, then he came over
Got a job I gotta do
I get down and dirty, too
What it is, what it do
Same s**t, nothin’ new..④…
➤ Written by Kenete Simms & Tierra Whack
Produced by Kenete Simms
Tierra Whack 2019