Louis Partridge may be one of the youngest actors globally, but he’s achieved so much in his young career that it’s hardly surprising that people don’t know much about him. He made his acting debut on UK soap EastEnders before rising to global fame after starring alongside Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes. From his age and height to his previous roles, here’s everything you need to know about this rising star.

About Louis Partridge

You’ve probably heard of Louis Partridge. Since landing a role on one of Netflix’s hottest series, Enola Holmes, he’s become a household name. But who is he? What is his background? And what makes him tick? All valid questions if you’re interested in getting to know the talented actor and soon-to-be star. That’s why they put together a shortlist outlining everything you need to know about Partridge and some general facts that might interest even those not yet familiar with his work or rise to fame. So here are 12 things every person should know about Louis Partridge.

How old is Louis Partridge?

At just 19 years old, it’s fair to say that Louis is one of Hollywood’s rising stars. He’s been a prominent part of American pop culture for just over two years now, and he has no signs of slowing down. It seems that Partridge has all but cemented his status as an A-list actor—not bad for a guy who hasn’t even celebrated his 18th birthday yet! Based on all available evidence, it appears as though he could potentially be around for decades to come. Of course, the fact that he spends so much time working on movies and television shows certainly doesn’t hurt.

What’s up with his voice?

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One of Louis’ most distinctive features is his voice, which sounds much older than he is. This can be attributed to all those period dramas he’s been in, from Oliver Twist (2009) to Foyle’s War (2002). His voice began maturing when he was just five years old, and people started saying it sounded like Sean Connery or Richard Burton. As a result, other child actors kept telling him they were too scared to work with him as they thought he was a grown man.

However, despite all that hard work, his voice hasn’t changed much at all. You might have noticed that you don’t hear him talking much on social media – one reason for that could be his struggle with his vocal cords and how easily he gets laryngitis. Fun fact: if you want Louis to speak up, ask him Where are your trousers? It seems like an odd question, but apparently, it helps clear things up.

Where was he born?

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He was born in London but lived in Leeds for most of my childhood. Growing up, Louis always had a strong passion for arts and entertainment. My parents were both artists, so maybe that’s where it came from! At school. Mainly participated in dramatic arts, like musicals and plays, but also enjoyed sports like football, swimming, and running. Louis played on a lot of my school’s teams. The only thing is wasn’t very good at any of them, haha. It didn’t matter to me, though; they were just fun ways to exercise and socialize with my friends during high school. Honestly, it was never something that He thought would one day take me all over the world.

His co-stars says about him

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However, his co-stars have praised his dedication and talent, with Millie Bobby Brown tweeting: Louis is a true master of his craft. I love him so much. Brown isn’t alone in her praise for Louis, as many others from Ben Affleck to Josh Gad have shown their appreciation for him. Work on The Alienist, which stars Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.

According to IMDb, he has been credit as a producer on four projects in post-production or release. Thanks to these films, he was nominated by BAFTA Scotland as Best New Producer of 2016. Such is his success at louis partridge age which is so young. It will be exciting to see what he achieves in future roles.


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1.78 m or 5’10 (without shoes) makes him slightly taller than average. Despite appearing a regular young adult, lois partridge is 19 years old. He ever booked the first role in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – even though he wasn’t quite tall enough for a first-grader. Playing Ron Weasley’s son Albus Severus made sure everyone knew exactly who he was. But his name isn’t nearly as cool as Harry Potter’s second son – James Sirius Potter.

He is on social media?

He maintains his own Instagram as louis partridge Instagram and Twitter, both used to promote his latest projects. On Instagram, he has over 628k followers, while his Twitter account has just shy of 900k. Not too shabby for a teenager! On social media, fans can expect to see lots of behind-the-scenes photos from different sets as well as some sneak peeks at upcoming projects.

However, there is no doubt that any posts with Millie Bobby Brown will be flooding your feed. If you’re lucky enough to catch Louis without a phone in hand (rare), then you’ll get an intimate look into what it’s like on set during filming and what it’s like meeting celebrities such as Chris Pratt.

Louis Partridge using tiktok:

The Enola Holmes star has been using tiktok, an app where he posts short videos of himself dancing or singing that is later edited and post on his Instagram. But will louis partridge tiktok similar to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes change people’s perceptions of him? Has his fame gone to his head, Or does it just give fans more access to their idol? Whatever your opinion on Louis Partridge, there are two things you can’t deny. He’s earn his place as one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars.

Movies and TV shows

His first significant TV role was in 2017, as Jeremy Hunter in The Secret of Crickley Hall. His most recent role is as Edward Knightly on Enola Holmes. He stars alongside Millie Bobby Brown, who plays his sister, Enola. louis partridge movies and tv shows, release later in 2018: Dog Days, starring Eva Longoria and Nina Dobrev, and The Marbury Lens, starring Greg Wise. Now, he is a Senior at Weston-super-Mare High School.

He trained at Broughton Hall Performing Arts College; he has said that his parents knew nothing about acting until he won an award for one of his performances. His favorite actors are Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks, and Jim Carrey. In addition, he loves creating YouTube videos with his friend Jack Howard.

Net worth:

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$10 million – $20 million. In 2018, after starring in Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge moved to Los Angeles and bought a house worth over $2.5 million. In addition to his famous role as Sherlock Holmes’ younger brother. He’s also starr in The Emperor’s New Clothes opposite Kate Winslet. According to IMDB Pro, he’s also earn up to £50,000 per episode on Enola Holmes. Roundabout £1million ($1.4 million) – £2million ($2.8 million). After four years of roles that earn him praise from critics and fans alike. It looks like Louis is destined for a stellar future in Hollywood.

Louis Partridge’s zodiac sign

According to his Instagram, lewis partridge zodiac sign is Sagittarius. However, his Reddit AMA revealed that he thinks of himself as an Aries, which may be more accurate! He also told fans in an Instagram Q&A that his Chinese zodiac sign is a dragon. His star sign is Leo. Also, according to his Twitter page, he was born in 2003. So he’s 19 years old now! Remarkable fact: He’s currently 5’11 tall.

Louis Partridge has a girlfriend?

Louis Partridge girlfriend

No, he has been rumored to have many romances. He is currently dating The Crown actress Alexia Salingaros, who played Young Elizabeth in season 2 of Netflix’s The Crown. They had a dinner date in London in May 2018. They’re happy with each other, but they’re not exclusive. It’s a new relationship, so they take it slow and have fun, an insider told Daily Mail UK back then. Their parents met over drinks and decide that they would be good together.

You can say her louis partridge gf – these two got chemistry. A source also confirms their romance, telling Us Weekly that: ‘They’re really into each other. A source also confirms their romance, telling Us Weekly that. They’re really into each other. The source said that Alexia moved into Louis’ flat late last year when her family left London after her father died.

Louis Partridge will play Sid Vicious in the new series

Sid & Nancy tells the story of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, his chaotic relationship with American groupie Nancy Spungen and their fatal stab wounds. The series has already begin in London but will also be shot in Amsterdam and Paris. With Frank Ferruccio set to direct. It is said that Farrell will wear a prosthetic nose. And have prosthetics on his arms to look like Vicious.

During filming, he’ll also be wearing several wigs due to Partridge’s receding hairline, getting vocal coaching to perfect an East End accent, and using heavy eyeliner, fake piercings, and facial tattoos. The dramatic transformation comes after his success on Netflix drama Enola Holmes earlier in 2022.