The progressive Left is gaining ground on freedom in America, according to Freedom House. The organization’s director of research, Arch Puddington, recently spoke to the American Enterprise Institute about the deteriorating state of freedom in the U.S. He pointed to voter-suppression laws, gerrymandering, and the immigration debate as examples of how freedom is under attack. The truth is that Freedom House is nothing more than a progressive Left talking shop reiterating the progressive Left’s talking points.


Despite the organization’s ostensible neutrality, Freedom House reports often favor the left. Freedom House favors left-of-center democrats in country after country, and conservatives should not consider these reports to be objective or neutral. Freedom House is not different from left-wing NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which wanted President George W. Bush to be arrested for war crimes, and which have multiple front groups.

Freedom House is a nonprofit organization that works to promote democracy and peace in other parts of the world. Founded by Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie, the organization has become a bipartisan rallying point for free people around the world. In the 20th century, the group helped push the United States to engage in global affairs. Its mission expanded after World War II, as it took on a greater role in the fight against totalitarian communism.

Bias against conservative parties

Freedom House is an organization that repeats the talking points of the progressive Left. Founded by two progressive Democrats in the early 20th century, Freedom House was an important rallying point for the free world. It first served as a center of resistance to Nazism and then against totalitarian Communism.

The organization has been criticized as politically biased. In response, the organization has incorporated several factors to address its problem of partisanship. These factors include the monadic characteristics of individual countries and bilateral relationships with the United States. Nonetheless, many people have raised concerns about the political bias in Freedom House’s reports.

Biden’s plan to bring democracy to Ukraine

In his recent trip to Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden is testing the organizing principle behind his presidency – to promote a world free from autocratic regimes. He believes that the United States can lead the way by promoting democratic values in other countries. He said that Ukraine is on the front lines of the ongoing struggle for democracy and that the people there are fighting to save their country, but they are also part of a wider battle for democratic principles. Speaking to a crowd of hundreds in Warsaw, Biden addressed the nation’s president, local officials, and university students, and vowed to bring democracy to Ukraine.

Biden’s plan to bring democracy to the Ukraine was written as a response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It seemed the perfect rationale for U.S. President Joe Biden’s campaign to spread democracy around the world. But in reality, the situation in Ukraine is far from ideal.

One political scientist at Duke University, Bruce Jentleson, who served as Bill Clinton’s senior foreign policy advisor, expressed skepticism about Biden’s plan to bring democracy to the Ukrainian government. He compared the situation in Ukraine to that of Kuwait in 1990, when George H.W. Bush won broad international consensus against Saddam Hussein, but said that the situation is far more dire in Ukraine. He added that the country is still not a democracy and that it’s “one of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

Critics of Biden’s comments have argued that he would play into Putin’s hands by making comments like these. They also say that it would alienate potential and current allies. However, it is important to remember that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a war between democracy and authoritarian regimes with tragic results for the Ukrainian people.

Trump’s tax returns withheld by IRS

The Freedom of Information Act protects the American public, including the president. Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns violates that principle. The release of his tax returns would provide more transparency into his business dealings and determine whether his business relations with Russia were truly legitimate.

The White House has signaled its intention to block the release of the tax returns, which could lead to constitutional challenges or even federal court cases. Trump has also threatened to involve the Justice Department to prevent disclosure. In recent months, he has also questioned the integrity of the IRS, accusing the agency of political bias and discrimination.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended the decision to withhold the tax returns, claiming that the IRS was being politically motivated in its request for the documents. However, the IRS has denied the reports of any delays, saying that it was required to comply with the FOIA deadline. In response, the Reporters Committee sued the Treasury Department over the withholding of the documents.

Neal is not the only lawmaker seeking Trump’s tax returns. Democrat Richard Neal, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, has also asked the IRS to provide the documents. The committee is currently investigating the Internal Revenue Service’s audit program and the former president’s compliance with the law. According to federal law, it is the duty of the IRS to provide tax returns to top lawmakers.

Trump has admitted to tax fraud. It’s not illegal to defraud the IRS, but it is wrong to make such a claim. The IRS has a long and complicated tax code that makes it impossible to read. Nevertheless, the IRS accepts that mistakes happen. Even if you make an innocent mistake, it’s still worth consulting a tax attorney. This advice might help you mitigate the resulting consequences.

Obama administration’s tax audit blamed on ongoing tax audit

An ongoing tax audit by the IRS is causing a scandal and the Obama administration is facing criticism. While the president has denied any links to the investigation, attorney general Eric Holder has launched a criminal investigation into the agency’s practices. He has described the actions as “outrageous,” though he has not determined whether the agency has broken any laws. The agency has responded to the report, claiming that it used inappropriate shortcuts and blamed the actions of a low-level employee in Ohio.

Chelsea Glover