Since many of us are not concerned about the different shuffling methods used in a game of Blackjack, we decided to change things and help everyone understand the importance of the same. The different methods that come into the picture are a few important ones that eventually bear an impact on the game. 

So by ignoring the same, you won’t be able to address the issues that concern your strategies and all that you plan on bringing on to the Blackjack table. Hence, read the following and figure out how casinos shuffle your cards. 

  • Manual Shuffling / Hand Shuffling

Manual shuffling or hand shuffling is the obvious one that does not necessarily require an explanation. We all know how talented dealers are with shuffling and how swiftly they complete the process. But when do they shuffle? Well, dealers wait until the end of the game to shuffle the cards or at least when the pile starts to become small.

Since the rules of the casino imply that they shuffle the cards at these moments, you may as well see them doing so for other casino games involving cards. However, there are also different instances where they start shuffling cards. These instances are based on a few more rules and might differ from one casino to another. 

Dealers need not always get into the business of shuffling because they can also rely on automatic shuffling methods. These systems will usually operate with multiple decks of cards and you need to be aware of the same before playing a game of Blackjack. Since the first set of cards is being used to play, the other set will be placed in the automatic shuffler which will begin to do the obvious task of shuffling.

And once the round is completed, the dealer will exchange the used deck of cards with the one that was in the shuffler and begin the next round. Since this saves time by eliminating the task of manual shuffling, the casino will be making a lot more money because Blackjack will be constantly played. 

With this method in place, players need not be worried about their odds moving in a whole different direction. Due to that, playing Blackjack at offline or online casinos can be the sole decision made by you. With plenty of options also coming into the mix like the option to play online Blackjack games real money at Winissimo Casino, you are free to make a choice of your own.

  • Continuous Shuffling Machine 

Continuous Shuffling Machine or CSM is quite different from Automatic Shufflers because it is known as a combination automatic shuffler and most popularly, a dealing shoe. While multiple decks of cards are also brought into the mix, they often lead to five decks or more. And once the round is complete, dealers won’t be placing the used cards in a different pile for shuffling but will put them into the machine and shuffle them along with the remaining ones.

So a mix is what you will get to see with this method and it roughly shakes up the idea of what we commonly call shuffling. It brings about a difference or two and turns the entire scenario in a whole different direction. While that may not create a huge impact, it does leave its presence felt and you will begin to realise the same when you play games with different shuffling methods.

So be aware of CSM and if you get the chance to avoid it, do it.