Lyrics Satish – Tee Grizzley

Loved each other way more than we loved life
Was so close people thought we had a love life
We loved each other way more than we loved life
Still do, ayy, JB
I used to be like I don’t need security
I don’t want these n**gas thinking’ that it’s fearin’ me
Told my driver Be on point, he wasn’t hearing’ me
Those shots went off, I’m steady callin’, you ain’t answerin’
You scarin’ meIn my city if you winnin’, you can’t stay
They call bein’ broke real, they call gettin’ money fake
I gave you a b**ch, why you still lookin’ at my date
I gave you some food, why you still lookin’ at my plate, n**ga
They say they love us, but that love might be hate
I can’t really tell the difference, salt and sugar look the same
Look how they did Dex, look how they did Blake
Look how they tried to do me but got JB
Man that jealousy so real, man that hate so deep
Man that envy s**t so real, you make it out the streets
You saw it wasn’t me and still shot, what she do to you
We was just winnin’, now I’m cryin’ at your funeral
But every tear I shed’s another thousand on your head, n**ga
Now show your face and think I’m playin’
Every tear I shed’s another thousand on your head, boy
Now show your face and think I’m playin’
Ayy JB, I wish I was sittin’ outside with you
And I was in that bank with you
You know your favorite rapper
Wouldn’t have never let them guys get you
I would’ve shot ’em, left ’em dyin’, leakin’ the street
Wouldn’t have ran, would smoke the rest
And watch that man go to sleep
And you think they came for her
Man you know they came for me
They took my heart and brains
N**gas know that I can’t think
How I’m playin’ with these drugs,
N**gas know I’m like Tay Keith
Eye’s bloodshot red, n**gas know I ain’t been sleepin’
But all these dead loved ones make it hard to sleep
All this anger inside make it hard to grieve
Ayy, all this nicotine make it hard to breathe
All these tears in my eyes make it hard to sleep
They found a murder weapon, bro, it’s got’ be hard to beat
First offer 50 years so it’s hard to plea, ayy
And if they do somethin’ to us then they known for it
But if we do somethin’ to them, then we run for itF**k that, if you take mines, I take yours homie
Then gon’ pray to the Lord Don’t be too hard on me
Yeah, you drop one, I drop four, homie
And be like God, please don’t be too hard on me
If we tear this b**ch up, they gon’ say I’m dead wrong
F**k that, these n**gas got my aunty with a headstone
N**gas tell me what they do like they smart as me
But they ain’t take your heart from you
They took my heart from me
I got one last person that wantin’ more from me
Ready to kill whoever play with me or shorted me
I got your kids, I got Nanni, I got Nell too
I got your baby, Kee and Zi and Gabrielle too
I got your sister and your mommy and your fam’ too
How the f**k you gon’ die on me I can’t stand you
I pray they don’t go to jail, I want ’em dead
I’m just listenin’ to the streets, hearin’ everything they sayin’
I’m just waitin’ on a name, I’m just prayin’ that they say it
Give a f**k if it’s the Mayor, n**ga, million on his head
Ayy, ayy, wish I can wake up and beat your ass
‘Cause I was just tellin’ you about the dreams I had
Ayy, n**gas clutch my heart on my chest, can’t nobody replace it
Wouldn’t have ever believed you was f**kin’ with your baby
Make sure Tee good is all I ever heard you sayin’
Tryna hold my head, I don’t know if I’ma make it
This s**t been eatin’ me
I don’t know what you seen in me, but you believed in me
Tell them Keep that fake love, let me grieve in peace
You drop mines, I drop yours, homie
You drop one, I drop four, homie
Then be like God, please don’t be too hard on me
God please don’t close the door on me…
➤ Written by Tee Grizzley
Produced by Helluva Beats
Tee Grizzley | 2019