The party is over, and now you have more stuff than you know what to do with. You’ve given away things that you no longer needed or wanted, but now there’s still more than what you have room for. If you need extra space to store some of your belongings, then self storage could be the answer for you. However, before you rent a self storage unit, there are several things that you will want to know and do beforehand. First, you will want to determine how long will need the unit. Most facilities have both long- and short-term rental options. You will also want to research the security of the self storage facility itself. After all, these are your belongings, and you want to make sure they are safe and sound while in storage. Some facilities have cameras, while others may utilize a digital entrance code so that only renters have access to the entire facility. You also need to find out if the facility provides their own locking mechanisms for the storage unit, or if you need to bring your own lock. You’ll also want to determine what size unit you need. Most facilities offer a wide variety of storage units to choose from, so you will easily find one that fits your needs. After you have made these decisions, you will need to consider what your monthly price range will be so you can narrow down the list of spaces to choose from. Finally, after you have made all of these decisions and found a place to store your belongings, you will sign the rental contract with the storage facility. Once that is completed, you can move your stuff in to their new home, and finally enjoy a little extra space at home.

There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when finding a self storage facility, but there is one website that makes this process a lot simpler for you. You can go to Self Storage Finders and type in your city and state and they will bring up the self storage facilities in your area. The website lets you look at the facilities in your area and lists features (such as security on-site, climate-controlled options, and indoor/outdoor units) of the facility. It also shows you the current prices and sizes available for each facility. One other great option is that you can see customer reviews for the storage facilities, so you can make a better informed decision about the place you want to store your belongings. Conveniently, the website also allows you to reserve your storage unit online as well. Currently, Price Self Storage, SecureSpace, and CubeSmart are among the top rated storage facilities. Price Self Storage currently have units available ranging in size from 5×5 to 10×20. Their prices currently range from $106 to $515 per month. SecureSpace currently offers units in 5×5 ($86 per month) and 10×5 sizes ($189 per month). CubeSmart currently offers several sizes of storage units ranging from 10×12 units for around $200 per month to 10×25 units for around $370 per month. If you’re unable to find something that fits your needs, check back often as the prices and sizes available do fluctuate as units become more available.