Lyrics Hustler Freestyle – Russ

Pullin’ people’s cards is so cathartic
Finished every beef a rapper started
I swear I’m bout to eat Eid Mubarak
I see my target
I want the throne and then I’m ghost
Like I’m Omari Hardwick
Y’all Barney clark y’all got no heart
The moneys Robert Jarvik
Do a card trick
Make your queen just disappear
Cuz I see in a week what you see in a year
It’s brutal, the hate was futile
You google me and see how fruitful all this is
Cuz what I do for all these kids is give them confidence
Y’all give them drugs and early coffins it’s astonishing
I’m off the s**t I’m polishing my approach
To be more Hov like
Some dudes don’t like me
Cuz they know I’m what these h*es like
My futures so bright
The biggest rapper without a co-sign
Momma on the coastlineMedia sending blitzes but I got angels on my o line
Y’all must think you’re god or somethin
To think y’all actually got the power to be stoppin somethin
That’s been decided already
Your favorite model well I bet I’ve been inside it already
Your favorite car I bet I drive it already, Damn
I do what I’m born to do and you do what you’re told yea
I don’t think I ask for much just gimme what I’m owed yea
Man they tried to give me two
But I made them give me four
Opportunity aint knock
So I had to build the door
Bust it down, cuban link, buss it down
F**k my ex you know my next
I’m f**kin’ up not f**kin down
Not f**kin round I want the crown
That’s non negotiable
If I haven’t reached my goals I’m not approachable
Don’t talk to me I’m agitated
I know I’ve made it but I still feel like I haven’t made it
Guess that’s just the hustler in me
Yeah, that’s cool
Yeah, Jake One…
➤ Written by Russ 
Album: CHOMP 2
Produced by Jake One
Russ | 2021