You saw him on TV, you followed him on Facebook և Twitter:You can even see a resemblance to it at an event in your city. He told you how you can save money on car insurance by switching to GEICO. Now is the time to turn the tables and ask her to answer any questions you may have.

Gekko. It’s easier than you think. It is not easy to be so short.

Gekko. I’m counting to 15 և I’m going out for a timeout.

Gecko – a crocodile rock.

Gekko. Mine is better.

Gecko in transformation

Gekko. actually a reptile.

Gekko. Do not believe everything you read on the Internet.

Gecko. Absolutely: A great place to work. When the lights do not turn off on you.

Gekko. They do not cook as much as I do, friend. 😉:

Gekko. I’m a gecko, not a chameleon. I’m always green. 😉:

Gekko. Never get tired of it. 🙂:

Gekko. I haven’t tried, but maybe if I run really, really fast.

Gecko. Short: Very short.

Gekko. In fact, it kind of caught me. He immediately pulled me out of my suitcases.

Gecko. I do not know. WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO?

Gekko. Here is the recipe.

Gekko. I go to visit, but not to stay.

Gekko. I say. “Yes?” Yes? Seriously, what is that? ”

Gekko. You must first learn his language before he can learn your language.

Gekko. I saw the original patent և the correct answer is complete.

Gecko. See the photo above.

Gekko. I’m just a normal gecko, so no, not at all.

Gekko. When I was in elementary school, yes.

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