Nowadays, transferring money and paying your gas bills from your mobile phone. Isn’t it a great idea? In the past six decades, Nicor Gas is a big name that has been assisting Illinois consumers with fresh, secure, and affordable natural gas services. All you need to do is accept and pay a bill through your smartphone’s mobile wallet. Try login account online with these easy steps shown below and stay benefitted with amazing benefits at Nicor Gas Station at every online payment and bill.

About Login

Nicor Gas is the state’s biggest natural gas operator and distributor of natural gas in North America. They deliver the comfort and convenience of natural gas.

It comprises 2,000 employees that are responsible for creating, managing, controlling, and examining a 34,000-mile circulation system, the security of employees, and pipelines have the highest precedence. This can be witnessed in their operating standards, training, and controlling operations. They try to meet and surpass all state and national laws.

Being an important part of the Illinois economy, they invest in programs and enterprises that enhance the community, encourage training, and foster environmental management. They not only strengthen assets but enhances resources for the communities.

How to Login Account Online?

To login to your Nicor Gas account, first, you need to register for Nicor gas. So, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official page of Nicor gas at
  • Click on My Account in the top right corner. 
  • If you’re new to, then click on New to My Account
  • Then, it directs you to the registration page. 
  • Here, fill in all the personal information First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Then, confirm your Email Address
  • Once you’re done with personal information, then move to security information.
  • Enter User ID. Make sure that your User ID is unique and contains characters between 6 to 16.
  • Next, enter your password. While entering keep in mind that the password must have 6 to 20 characters and include at least one number. Also, the password is case-sensitive.
  • Then, confirm the Nicor password
  • Answer the security question.
  • Click on confirm button

Your Nicor Gas account has been successfully registered. Now, you simply login to your account to pay your bills. To login to your account follow these steps:

  • For the existing users, enter your user ID.
  • Then, eneter your passowrd.
  • Click on login.

And it’s done! You’ll be redirected to your

How to Reset Forgotten user ID or Password at

If you have forgotten your user ID or password then it isn’t a big deal. Just follow these steps and you can get them back.

  • Visit the official page of Nicor gas login at
  • Click on My Account in the top right corner. 
  • Click on Forgot user ID or password.
  • If you have forgotten your user ID, then enter the registered email address
  • Then, request a user ID.
  • You’ll get your user ID on the registered email.
  • Come back and try to login Nicor Gas with your new user ID.

How to Reset Forgotten Password for Nicor Gas Account Online?

  • Visit the official page of login at
  • Click on Nicor Gas Account in the top right corner. 
  • Click on Forgot user ID or password.
  • Under Forgot password >> Enter your user ID and email address.
  • Then, click on request for a password.
  • A password will be generated and sent to your registered email address.
  • Check your password and try to login again with the new password.

What are the Payment Options at Nicor Gas?

Mobile Wallet Billing (MoBill) 

Once you have enrolled your account on moBill, then you can accept and pay your monthly bill from your smartphone wallet i.e. Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

  • For signing up, you need to enter your account number, ZIP code, and combine a pass of your gas bill with your mobile phone wallet. This can be done by a native mobile app.
  • The monthly gas bill will come in paperless form as it will be delivered to your mobile wallet.
  • No need for a username and password to check your bill. 
  • Once the bill is available to view then clear your bills every month. Whenever you receive a notification on your device. 
  • Use your credit or debit card to check and pay your bill. account. A convenience fee of $2.50 is charged on each transaction.
  • Fix your choices for the new bill and receive payment notifications, and scheduled date reminders.
  • Receive and pay your bill without any convenience fee for your payment through online banking.
  • Login to your bank or credit union’s website
  • Go to the bill payment section.
  • Add company name to the bill pay list.
  • Validate your account with a 10-digit account number and zip code.
  • Click on confirm to receive electronic bills by financial organizations.
  • When you’re done with these steps, your next gas bill is delivered to your bank account. Then, schedule a payment for a future date without any cost. 

You can also pay your bills with any other credit card like Sears Credit Card.

How to Report sign-in problems in Nicor Gas Account Login?

If you’re facing any trouble sign-in into your account then you can directly contact us. In case of any natural gas emergency or an interruption in gas services, you can contact Customer Care at 1-888-Nicor4u (1-888-642-6748) directly. Also, you can report your sign-in problems.

To report your sign in issue follow these steps:

  • Visit the official page of Nicor gas at
  • Click on My Account in the top right corner at Nicor Gas Account login page. 
  • Click on Report Sign-in Problems.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new page.
  • Here, enter the issue.
  • Then, enter your name, email address, Nicor Gas Account Number, Address, Phone, and Company details.
  • Click on Submit form. Login Support & Contact

At Nicor Gas, our customer service delegates are here to assist you 24*7 with gas emergencies. All you need to do is call us at 888.Nicor4U (642.6748). If you want to communicate with any of our representatives regarding your Nicor Gas Account or billing data then you can directly contact us at 888.Nicor4U (642.6748).

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