Car insurance in New Jersey

Whether you’re new to New Jersey or have lived in Garden State for a while and are just shopping for the best car insurance rates, you’ll be happy to check into GEICO. We have many ways to help you save money և lots of useful information for New Jersey drivers like you.

Take a look at the facts below when considering the car insurance coverage that is right for you. You can start your New Jersey car insurance price online or call us at (800) 947-AUTO (2886).

Standard vs. Major Car Insurance Policies in NJ

There are two major types of car insurance in New Jersey: Standard and Basic. The standard (most common) policy provides several options for coverage, including the ability to purchase additional protection. Basic policies, whether cheaper or not, offer limited benefits.

As a New Jersey driver, you must have an insurance identification card on your policy for each car և be prepared to show it if you:

  • Schedule an NJ vehicle inspection
  • They had an accident
  • They are stopped by a police officer

Automatic coverage required in New Jersey

According to the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission, all New Jersey vehicles must have liability, personal injury protection (PIP) ծածկ coverage for uninsured / uninsured drivers.

  • Bodily injury liability coverage. The minimum coverage is $ 15,000 per person և $ 30,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage. The minimum coverage level is $ 5000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): The minimum coverage level is $ 15,000
  • Coverage of bodily injuries of uninsured / uninsured driver. The minimum coverage is $ 15,000 per person և $ 30,000 per accident
  • Damage coverage for uninsured / uninsured driver’s property. The minimum coverage level is $ 5,000 per accident, with a $ 500 deduction

Full Tort vs. Limited Tort NJ Auto Insurance Policy

In New Jersey, you have the opportunity to suffer full or limited damage. Back: Complete damageYou have the right to sue a negligent party for pain or suffering as a result of an accident, regardless of the severity of your injury. Limited violation is a less costly option because you agree to limit your ability to sue for pain և until you have suffered a catastrophic injury.

If you are not sure which option you prefer, you can always talk to a GEICO insurance expert. You can even swing at one of our local New Jersey offices and talk to someone in person.

Important information about Personal Injury Protection (PIP) requirements in New Jersey

Information on car insurance claims for the state of New Jersey, as well as documentation for the New Jersey decision point review plan and preliminary certification plan, can be found at the link provided.

New Jersey Teen Driver Laws

New Jersey teen driverIn New Jersey, teens can apply for a student’s student permit at age 16. The new driver must drive for at least six months after obtaining his license. The driver may not be on the road between 23:01 and 5:00; At least three years of driving experience. Parents or guardians are allowed as guides, but not siblings.

At the age of 17, drivers can receive their probationary certificate, which allows them to drive without supervision. While the driver may be on the road without supervision, the remaining rules of the student’s student permit apply. When a driver turns 18, he or she is entitled to a full driver’s license. Please be sure to let us know when a caregiver or household member receives a license or permit so we can review your policy coverage.

Through GEICO, student drivers with a grade point average of “B” or higher may be eligible for a Good Student Discount. Check with a GEICO agent to verify the requirements.

New Jersey Registration Information

If you plan to visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office to obtain a license or register a car, you will need to obtain certain documents.

New to Garden State?

New Jersey law requires that the following be done within 60 days of your relocation or before your current paperwork expires, whichever comes first.

  • Transfer your license from abroad
  • Enter the name of your car
  • Register your car

For more information on requirements when moving to New Jersey, visit the New Jersey Transportation Commission website.