Lyrics “Ringer” – Nakala

I’m a liar, I’m a liar
Girl once I get inside you
I must start lyin’
‘Cause you ain’t a keeper, ain’t a ringer
Ain’t gon’ put a ring up on your finger
Girl you ain’t no ringer
And you ain’t a wifey, you ain’t a wifey
You ain’t gon’ change my life
Won’t be beside me, girl you ain’t no wifeyAnd you won’t have my heart
Never have my heart
You know there’s other girls
And I’ma keep you both apart
Yeah, I’ma try be real with you
Know that I’ve been feelin’ you
For now, you know
I’ll help you out when things go wrong
Long as you know you ain’t the only one
Long as you know you ain’t the only one
I’m feelin’ famous up in here
It’s good to have you near, boo
Finally this year, I finally get to meet you
Even if it’s in the back seat of this Uber
We’re gettin’ so damn close I can’t remove youI’ll take a groupie home tonight
I really wanna feel her
Have Mexican Delight
So tonight we drink Tequila
Drinkin’ up all the Tequila
Long as you know you ain’t the only one…
➤ Written by Nakala
Album: GIRL
Produced by Jonah & Brad Baker
Nakala 2018