Project management should only be tasked to qualified and experienced professionals. Project Management certification is necessary to establish the proficiency of different project managers. By definition, it is a measure of knowledge and skills of various people working in various positions under project management.

Nowadays, most organizations consider your project management certifications when hiring project managers. We are thriving in a face of highly competitive businesses and one must outsmart the competitors. Anything can be treated as a project and hence the high demand for project management certification across the globe.

There are many benefits of project management certification including adding value to one’s professional capabilities, getting global recognition, and getting more job opportunities among other benefits. The PMP certification from various project management certifications training are necessary for the success of any type of project.

There are multiple project management certifications across the world. However, this article only discusses the best project management certifications:

CSM refers to Certified Scrum Master is a globally recognized certification awarded by the Scrum Alliance. It mainly tests a candidate’s understanding of agile Project Management and Scrum framework skills and practices. When you are a scrum master, you’ve got a global recognition of your ability to lead and manage a team to successfully achieve preset organizational goals.

To get this certification, you are required to either get coached by a Certified Agile Coach (CAC) or attend a classroom training by a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) for two days. The test is available in 13 languages which makes it open to more candidates.

With 50 questions that should be answered in one hour, a candidate is expected to score over 75% to get the certification.

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

CAPM exam candidates are expected to fulfill at least one before getting this certification. The first one is to undergo a 23-hour project management training. On the other hand, one should have at least 1500 hours of project experience or secondary degree qualification.

This certification has a five-year validity after which you should take a current CAPM exam to verify your knowledge of the PMBOK changes within the 5 years.

Candidates are encouraged to score above 70% but the exact score for the award remains confidential to the issuing authority. You are required to complete the CAPM exam within three hours. This exam has 150 multiple-choice questions.

  • PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification.

The Project Management Institute launched this certification in 1984. Applicants are required to have a minimum of three years of project management working experience, 4500 hours of leading projects, and 35 hours of project management training.

The candidate who is approved to take the exam will answer 200 multiple choice questions in 4 hours. The passing score is not disclosed but a candidate is encouraged to score above 75%. You need to take professional development units after every three years to maintain your certification.

  • Scrum Master certification

Project+ is a Scrum Master certification offered by COMPTIA and is ideal for inexperienced project managers. Candidates are required to have one year of working experience in small or medium-sized projects. If you have no work experience but have completed the project management course, you still qualify to apply for the Project+ certification exam.

The qualification for this certification is 70% and the exam consists of 100 questions. Candidates are required to complete the exam in one and a half hours.

Final Thoughts.

With this information, we believe that you’ve known the best project management certifications. Again, you understand the value of these certifications to your career success. All you need to do is look for a reputable PMC trainer to offer you the required courses. That way you’ll stand a better chance of passing the certification exam. Don’t sit and wait for the unknown. Undergo the project management training, do the certification exam, and let the world recognize you!