Lyrics “Quarrel” – Moses Sumney

He who asks for much
Has much to give
I don’t ask for much
Just enough to live
But in the light
Morning will reveal the spoils of night
Through the walls of Jericho
Lies a heart of stone
With you, half the battle
Is proving that we’re at war
I would give my life just for the privilege to ignoreDon’t call it a lovers’ Quarrel..②
To whom much is given
Much is required
Luxurious liver
You never inquire
It ain’t right, you see
Who is your family
If I don’t have tools to fight
Calling this a quarrel isn’t right
Quoting this a quarrel
So immorally implies
We’re equal opponents
And we both antagonize
Don’t call it a lovers’ Quarrel..②Don’t call it a lovers’ Quarrel..②
We cannot be lovers
‘Cause I am the other
We cannot be lovers
Long as I’m the other…
➤ Produced by Moses Sumney, Joshua Willing Halpern & Cam O’bi
Album: Aromanticism
Moses Sumney 2018