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Michael B. Jordan Biography, Net Worth, Family, Lifestyle



Michael B. Jordan remains one of the most successful African-American actors of the 20th century. He is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors.

After a successful career and playing big roles in movies like Creed, Black Panther, and Chronicle, Jordan is one of the highest-paid black actors in the USA.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the life and biography of Michael Bakari Jordan. We will also take out time to talk about popular movies that have featured Jordan.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will know all there is to know about Michael B Jordan. By the time you are done reading this article, you should know everything you need to know about Michael B. Jordan.

Michael Jordan Profile Overview

Before we talk a good long look at everything there is to know about Michael Jordan. Let’s take a quick look at his mini-bio. The table below contains a handful of detail you probably didn’t know about Michael Bakari Jordan.

Full Name Michael Bakari Jordan
Nationality American
Birth Place Santa Ana, California, USA
Birth Date 9th of February 1987
Age 33 years Old
Profession Actor, Producer, Film Maker, Model
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 1.83 m
Weight 65 kg
Religion Christian
Marital Status  Single
Girlfriend Tessa Thompson
Net Worth $21 million

Michael Jordan Biography

Michael B. Jordan was born in Santa Ana, California on the 9th of February 1987. He is the second son of Donna Davis Jordan and Michael A. Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan is a professional actor and is not related to or named after Michael Jordan, the basketball legend.

His native name, Bakari is Swahili that translates into “noble promise” in the English language. His mother, Donna Davis Jordan was a school counselor at Newark Arts High School while his father, Michael A. Jordan was a caterer.

Michael and his family live in California before they moved to Newark, New Jersey when he was 10. He attended Newark Arts High School were to complete his secondary education. He was also among the most iconic basketball players in the School.

Before he decided to pursue a career in acting, Jordan had to work in supermarkets and stores to raise some money for sustenance. Over the years, Jordan has starred in over 70 movies and TV series.

Michael Jordan became a professional actor in the year 1999 when his debut movie “Cosby” hit the spotlight. That same year, he also starred in the film “Black and White” and “The Sopranos”.

In 2001, Jordan appeared in the film “Hardball” alongside John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves. A year later, he got the chance to play the role of Wallace in the first season of HBO’s epic TV series “The Wire”.

Michael B. Jordan also beat the late Chadwick Boseman for the role of Reggie Porter Montgomery in the 2003 TV series “All My Children”. From 2003 to 2008, Jordan appeared in some TV series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace, and Cold Case.

Jordan took on his first major leading role in the 2013 movie “Fruitvale Station”. He played the role of Oscar Grant and starred in the movie alongside stars like Octavia Spencer and Melonie Diaz.

This epic movie premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and gave Jordan the chance to be awarded an Audience Award for U.S. Dramatic Film and a Grand Jury Prize.

In 2012, Jordan starred in the epic 20th Century Fox “Chronicle” and three years later, he appeared in Marvel’s Sci-fi film “Fantastic Four” where he played the role of Johnny Storm alongside actors like Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara.

By the end of April 2015, Jordan was playing the role of Mikey in the movie “That Awkward Moment”.

Later that same year, he reunited with Ryan Coogler and Sylvester Stallone to shoot the movie “Creed”. The film was released by MGM and Warner Brothers on the 26th of November 2020.

In 2018, Michael B. Jordan appeared in Marvel’s Black Panther. He played the role of Eric Killmonger, the antagonist and villain of the movie.

Later that year, He played the role of Guy Montag in the movie “Fahrenheit 451”, an HBO adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic science fiction.

Michael Jordan Movies & Awards

Michael B. Jordan is a renowned African American actor that is best known for his roles in films like Fruitvale Station, Creed, and Black Panther, The Wire, All My Children, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood

Being a professional actor, Michael Bakari Jordan has won dozens of awards for his roles in blockbuster movies like award-winning movies like Fruitvale Station, Creed II, Black Panther, and Fahrenheit 451.

In his award collection, Michael B Jordan can boast of winning 5 NAACP Image Awards, 3 BET Awards, and a National Society of Film Critics Award. Aside from acting movies, Michael Jordan has appeared in a series of music videos like Did you wrong, Family Feud, and Whoa.

His voice can be heard in video games like Gears of War 3, NBA 2K17, Wilson’s Heart, and Creed: Rise to Glory. Aside from singing, acting, and making video games voice-over, Michael Bakari Jordan is also a model and product influencer.

Jordan has also been paid to appear in advertisements for Nike, Acura, Apple TV, and Piaget.

Michael Jordan Net Worth & Salary

Today, Michael Bakari Jordan is worth a staggering $21 million. This is a milestone for this outstanding actor. He makes most of his money as an actor and producer. He is also a model, influencer, and entrepreneur.

In 2016, Jordan spent about $1.8 million on a 4,627 square foot manor in Sherman Oaks, California. That was just the family house. Three years later, he bought his own 4,530 square foot mansion in Hollywood Hills for $5.8 million.

Jordan’s latest blockbuster movie “Creed II” allowed him to earn about $3.7 million. Aside from this movie, he has also made good money off other movies like Black Panther that made more than $1 billion at the box office. While Creed and Fantastic Four gross of more than $200 million in total.

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Top 20 Best Davido Songs Of All Time




Truth be told, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido is a spectacular artist and one of the finest musicians in Nigeria. His outstanding feats have allowed him to be branded as one of Africa’s finest musicians.

In this article, we’ll try to look at all of Davido’s finest songs and pick the only best sounds in the mix. There are a lot of songs written and composed by this spectacular Nigerian-American songwriter but we’ve been able to identify which ones stood far above the others.

Ranking of the best of Davido songs from 2011 to date is going to be a tough nut to crack and will generate a lot of controversies. Anyway, we managed to figure out the best Davido songs using analytics collected from Youtube and other music platforms to generate the most popular and trending songs written by Davido.

Before we take a good look at some of the finest songs written by David Adeleke, let’s talk a bit more about Davido.

Who Is Davido?

Top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria
Davido Networth Forbes – $32 Million

Even as amazing as Davido is, millions of people still fail to recognize his talent. Last week, I got into a heated argument with some of my friends because I said “No Nigerian Musician be like Davido”.

They didn’t like that statement and was calling names like Naira Marley, Burna Boy, Zlatan, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage. I still support my statement, there’s no Nigerian musician like Davido.

Born on the 21st of November 1992, David Adedeji Adeleke is an American-born Nigerian songwriter, musician, and record producer. He was rounding up his tertiary education in Business Administration at Oakwood University before he dropped out to pursue a career in music.

His resilience paid off after his debut song “Dami Duro” made headlines in 2011.  Since 2011 till date, Davido has been releasing back to back to back hit that has been on the top of billboards for weeks.

Just in case you didn’t know, Davido is one of the children of Deji Adeleke. His father, Deji Adeleke is one of the richest men in Nigeria but notwithstanding, David Adeleke managed to build a music empire and did not rely on his father’s wealth for sustenance or livelihood.

Even the Adeleke family stands as one of the most powerful families in Nigeria. Almost every member of this family is established in both business and politics. Davido, B-Red, and Shina Rambo stood out and created a unique brand in music and entertainment.

These facts make Davido not just one of the richest musicians in Nigeria but also one of the most hard-working Nigerian American songwriters on Earth. How cool is that?

Top 10 Best Davido Songs Compared

Davido has partnered with some of the baddest producers in Nigeria including Shizzi, Don Jazzy, Maleek Berry, GospelOnDeBeatz, Spellz, Uhuru, Tekno, and SARS to make some of the finest songs that any Nigerian have ever heard.

If you are looking for the best Davido songs, look no further because these are the best Davido songs of all time.

1. Fall

The name of the best song written by Davido at the moment is his hit track “Fall”. Davido’s “Fall” is an international record-breaking track, this particular song has given him more recognition than all his songs combined.

The official video for this mad jam was the first Nigerian music video to mark 100,000,000 views on Youtube. This allowed the song to be recognized as the most-watched Nigerian music video on YouTube. How crazy is that?

Fall is also the longest Nigerian song in Billboard Chart history, it was played consecutively from the day of its release till early January 2019. This means that it stayed on the Billboard charts for more than a year as number 29 on their countdown.

If you ask me, I know that there are a lot of Davido songs that sound better than his hit track “Fall” but no one performed as excellent as this mad jam did. At the moment, “Fall” is the best song written by Davido.

If you still haven’t listened to Fall by Davido, You should use this link to Download Davido Fall Mp3 Song Right now.

2. IF

“IF” is a Nigerian Afro-Beat Masterpiece and stands as one of the best Davido songs of all time because there’s nothing better than strong love and 30 Billion for the account.

This masterpiece quickly became one of the most popular songs in Nigeria after it was released on Valentine’s Day of 2017.

One of the factors that made this song an overwhelming success was the role of Tekno. Tekno produced the song and also helped mix and mastered this exciting song.

OBO went out of his way to create the perfect Nigerian anthem. The original version of this track gathered close to 100 million views on YouTube. The song was so good that Omarion did a dance video on it, R Kelly appeared on the remix, and a lot of Nigerian musicians did a cover on the song.

3. FIA

Another Davido song that sounded too good to be true and begin with an F is the song “FIA”. Fia pronounced as Fire was another song written and composed by David Adeleke in the year 2017.

This song was released in late 2017 by David Adeleke and was playing on every club and event center in the country. This song was so good that it hit more than 5 million views on YouTube three months after it was released.

Even immediately after FIA was released, it was featured on the Nigerian Billboard and MTV Base Official Naija Top 10 for more than 5 months in a row. After the success of the song, Davido hooked up with UK songwriter, Stefflon Don for the remix.

4. Aye

Aye is one of the best Davido songs of all time. This captivating love song was produced by T-Spice and Runtown. The music video of this spectacular song was directed by Clarence Peters. Aye is the perfect mix of heavy beat and light guitars.

The level of artistry on this song was top-notch. In the music video, Davido portrays a poor farmer who falls in love with a beautiful girl from a wealthy family. Even if the song was released in 2014, I believe that it is by far one of the most influential Nigerian love songs.

Just in case you don’t believe me, you should know that this song won the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards for the Hottest Single of the Year, 2014 City People Entertainment Awards Most Popular song, and The Headies 2014 Song of the Year.

5. Blow My Mind Ft Chris Brown

Blow My Mind is a major success and one of the finest international collaborations orchestrated by Davido. The official music video gathered more than three million views within the first 24 hours after its release.

Davido has even said that this hit song has gone 2X Platinum. According to RISA (the Recording Industry of South Africa), for a track to be recorded as a certified Platinum, it must have sold more than 20,000 copies. This simply means that Davido has sold more than two million copies of his hit track “Blow My Mind”.

Quite frankly, I think featuring Chris Brown on music to throw Beyonce’s “Brown Skin Girl” off the Official Naija Top 10 was a fantastic idea. Any place, any time, I’ll always choose Blow My Mind over Brown Skin Girl. What about you?

6. Assurance

Assurance is another spectacular romantic song written and composed by David Adeleke. Davido took the idea of true love to the next level by writing a love song for his lover and the mother of his child, Chioma Roland. He even expressed his love for her in the official music video of this mad jam.

Assurance is definitely one of the hottest Davido songs in 2018, it took Nigerians by storm. Who would have believed that the son of a billionaire would date a Nigerian girl, I always believed that he would fall for an Italian supermodel or an American actress.

Well, we see what makes Davido even more special. The official video for this love song was shot and directed by Meji Alabi and has acquired close to 70 million views on Youtube.

Even one loved this song both Papa, Mama, and Pikin because the song was too good and they never saw it coming.  Believe it or not, the chemistry and energy between Davido and Chioma is real and lit.

8. The Sound featuring Uhuru & DJ Buckz

Africa gets down and clear road for one of the finest Davido songs of 2015. I think I was 16 when this song was released and it was my ringing tone for more than six months.

Davido linked up with South African superstars Uhuru and DJ Buckz for one of the best Nigerian and South African songs of all time. The Sound was released in January 2015 just after the New Year and the official video was shot in Dubai and directed by Sesan.

The official video of the song started with Davido and DJ Buckz walking in the desert and playing rock, paper, scissors. It eventually got to a scene where Davido jumped off a plane, landed like Batman, and drove a Lamborghini.

My love for this song is too strong.

Today, The Sound has been watched more than 15 million times on Youtube and stands as one of the most interested Davido songs on Youtube.

9. Dami Duro

Since Dami Duro was the song that brought Davido to the limelight, it makes sense to add it to the top 10 best Davido songs of all time. This was the song that gave birth to OBO.

A lot of people have attacked Davido for buying music but you should know that he wrote this one by himself. Besides, I don’t buy that crap, Davido is a talented songwriter and even if he buys a song, he would still add the Davido ginger that would make the song go viral.

I don’t think there’s any song on this list that performed as amazingly as this one. Back then the Nigerian music industry wasn’t even as established as it is today and you’d have to spend close to a million Naira to shoot a poorly edited video. But all these didn’t stop Davido.

For a song that had nothing to do with love or women just a small boy bragging about his wealth, I’d say this song was top-notch. Compared to other songs released in 2011, I don’t think Dami Duro was a terrible song.

We had to choose between Dami Duro and Gobe, I liked Gobe more than Dami Duro but we ended up going for Dami Duro. Dami Duro was no doubt amazing and deserves a place among the top 10 best Davido songs.

10. Fans MI Featuring Meek Mill

Last on own list is one of Davido’s finest songs tagged “Fans MI” Featuring Meek Mill. This song was released after Drake and Wizkid made a song together and like all of Davido’s collaboration, it was outstanding.

The second verse where Meek Mill dropped a couple of bars was also top-notch. The video of this hit track was uploaded to Youtube five years ago. Today, it has generated about 11,871,370 views.

Believe it or not, I think Fan Mi is among the top 20 best Davido songs that we know of. There are so many other songs that we could have included in our list of the 10 best songs composed by David Adeleke

Other songs that were written and composed by David Adeleke that we listed in our top 20 best Davido songs of 2021 included:

  • Pere featuring Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug
  • Coolest Kid in Africa Featuring Nasty C
  • Skelewu
  • One Ticket Featuring Kizz Daniel
  • Tchelete (Goodlife) Featuring Mafikizolo
  • Gobe
  • The Money Featuring Olamide
  • Dodo
  • Risky featuring Popcaan
  • Flora my Flawa

We’ll have to stop there. We sincerely apologize if you wanted to see more amazing songs written by Davido but they were too many to add them all. But we listed them out just for you, maybe we’ll talk more about them next time.

Is there any other Davido song that was trendy we didn’t add? You can give us a heads-up via email or using the comment box below.

Top 50 Most Popular Davido Songs

Since 2011 till date, this Atlanta-born songwriter has composed more than 65 songs and three albums. His three albums: A Good Time (2019), Son Of Mercy (2016), and Omo Baba Olowo (2012) have been rated as “Best Album of the Year” by several publications and personalities around the world.

These are by far some of the most popular songs written and composed by David Adeleke.

All of You Ekuro Skelewu
Nwa Baby Flora my Flawa Fall
Bless Me Dodo Fia
Dami Duro FEM Holy Ground ft. Nicki Minaj 
Check Am Gbon Gbon Gbagbe Oshi
Down Mary Jane How Long
Get To You Ji Masun If
1 Milli Jowo Like Dat
Laleyi Tonight So Crazy ft. Lil Baby Betty Butter
New York City Sade Wonder Woman
Owo Ni Koko All Fingers Nwa Baby
Package Run Am Pere
Get to You Aye Return
Share My Blessings Dodo Wonder Woman
Green Light Riddim Embargo Assurance
Company One of a Kind Currency
Gbagbe Oshi Galilee Firewood
Return Assurance Owo Ni Koko

Top 30 Best Davido Collaborations

Top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria
Davido and Wizkid Performing Together

Davido has also collaborated with a lot of songwriters and composers around the world to make some of the finest songs that your ears have heard. These are some of the best songs Davido has made with other outstanding artists.

Coolest Kid in Africa featuring Nasty C Animashaun featuring Yonda
How Long featuring Tinashe Pere featuring Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug
One Ticket Featuring Kizz Daniel Big Picture featuring Gunna, Dremo, and A Boogie wit da Hoodie
The Money featuring Olamide Sweet in the Middle featuring Naira Marley, Zlatan, and Wurld
Risky featuring Popcaan Maga 2 Mugu featuring Simi
Blow My Mind featuring Chris Brown) Overseas featuring Sina Rambo
My Lilly featuring Jah Prayzar No Visa featuring Sina Rambo
D&G featuring Summer Walker Enter the Center featuring B.Red
Shayo Galore featuring Don Jazzy Feel Alright featuring Ice Prince
Wetin U Say? featuring Trey Songz Back When featuring Naeto C
Fans Mi featuring Meek Mill For You featuring 2 Face Idiba
Won Le Ba featuring Wale Dollars In The Bank featuring Kayswitch
The Sound Featuring Uhuru and DJ Bucks New Skul Tinz featuring Sina Rambo, and B.Red
Biggest Backside featuring B-Red Kekwanu featuring Timaya
Secret Agenda featuring P-Square Disturbance” featuring Peruzzi
Chillin featuring Naeto C & Runtown Betty Butter featuring Mayorkun

What Makes Davido So Special?

Theirs is nothing special about Davido. He is a normal human being like me and you but has been able to rise above challenges and any speedbump that tries to stop him.

David Adeleke is one of the few Nigerian musicians that can boast of shutting down the O2Arena in London.

You don’t know what that means? It means that Davido held a concert in this London Stadium on Sunday the 27th of January 2019 and the concert was sold out.

He sold more than 20,000 and filled the stadium to its brim and everyone that attended the concert both physically and online admitted that they had a good time.

Selling out tickets in this stadium is no small thing, the O2Arena, London is the most popular music and entertainment venue on Earth. Some celebrated Nigerian musicians can’t even sell out Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere ask Olamide in his Lagos Na Wa Album Launch.

Even His smashing hit 2017 song “Fall” broke the record as the longest-charting Nigerian pop song in Billboard history. This same song also became certified gold in the USA and Canada.

Yes, it’s hard to believe but it’s true. On the 27th of May 2020, Davido hit song ‘Fall’ sold more than 40,000 and 800,000 copies in Canada and the United States respectively.

Let me repeat it, there’s no Nigerian musician like Davido.

Source: InformationNGR

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Terry Waya Biography, Net Worth, Real Business




Terry Waya Million Dollar Empire was brought again to limelight when his son, Teeseer KiddWaya appeared on the 2020 Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show.

Since he resurfaced online, he has gone back to his old ways where he flaunts his flamboyant cars and posts live videos of himself counting huge piles of money.

In this article, we want to look at the life and biography of Terry Waya. We are even going to taking a close look at his business, family, controversies, and even Mr. Terry Waya’s Net Worth.

Before we match on, Who Is Chief Terry Waya,?

Terry Waya Biography

Terry Waya is a Nigerian businessman and celebrity that resides in London with his family. He is a very popular socialite that is known across the nation for flaunting his acquired wealth online.

He hails from the TIV cultural group found exclusively in Benue State, Nigeria. Born on the 23rd of August 1965, Terry Waya is a 55-year-old businessman. He is the father of Kiddwaya and Tersoo Waya.

Terry Waya was married to Susan Waya and their marriage led to the birth of two sons, Kiddwaya and Tersoo Waya.

He was born in a small village in Benue State before he moved to Kaduna to complete a small business deal with Northern traders. After that, he relocated to Abuja, where he got in contact with a lot of politicians, expanded his businesses, and became richer.

He completed his tertiary education in Kaduna Polytechnic and moved on to build his own company, Transcorp Hilton in 1992. The company had assets in different sectors including real estate, hospitality, oil, and gas.

Mr. Waya claims to be a businessman, consultant, lobbyist, and billionaire. Terry Waya is a wealthy businessman that is popular for his love for Italian designers especially Versace.

Unlike Hushpuppi that appreciates Gucci Wears, Terry Waya is a big fan of Versace Designers.

He even used to be called Mr. Versace because an the time he goes shopping, he enters a shopping spree for Versace clothes, accessories, and attires.

During his 40th birthday party in London, more than 40 prominent Nigerian politicians were spotted celebrating with him.

He has even proven to be close friends with Senator Dino Mayele, Former Governor of Bayelsa State Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, Dele Momodu, Adams Oshiomhole, Senator David Mark, and other high profile leaders.

There’s no doubt that this multi-millionaire lives a very flamboyant lifestyle. It has been said that Mr. Terry Waya has properties across Europe, The UK, and the United States.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Terry Waya may be a key player in the Nigerian shadow government known as the Cabal. Mr. Waya lives a very secretive life.

He is very well respected by prominent Nigerian politicians and has power in his voice.

In 2005, Terry Waya was arrested in his London residence for suspected money laundering. He was however granted bail shortly after the arrest and the whole matter was swept under the rug.

During the BB Naija Lockdown reality TV show, KiddWaya even bragged about his net worth once. He told Erica that he just keeps quiet about most of the actions that occur within the house because his Net Worth is far above anything BB Naija has to offer him.

Mr. Waya’s wealth was first revealed when a rookie journalist visited his Abuja home and shared photos of the beautiful mansion on the morning news.

After that, He acquired immense fame in the country and was even investigated by the EFCC and other intelligent agencies in England for financial crimes.

Despite his secretive life, Mr. Waya was among the Advisory council of All Progressives Congress (APC) Women and Youths in the 2019 Presidential elections. This means that Mr. Waya is even close friends with president Buhari.

Terry Waya Contact

Terry Waya has lived a very secretive life until now. Just like other rich Nigerian socialites, he has a massive following on his Instagram account.

You can always get in touch with Mr. Terry Waya via his Instagram handle is @TerryWaya.

Terry Waya Net Worth

At the moment, Mr. Terry Waya has a net worth estimated to be over $360 million. He doesn’t just have an offshore business, Mr. Terry Waya happens to be friends with some of the most powerful politicians in the nation.

On several occasions, Mr. Terri Waya has share live videos of his multimillion Naira mansion and its mouth gaping contents. The 55-year-old billionaire always shares pictures and videos of his mansion with the interior designed like it was owned by Versace.

Even KiddWaya confirmed his father’s wealth on several occasions in the BBN reality TV shows. Around 2006, Mr. Terri Waya paid a £500,000 bail of former Bayelsa State, Governor Diepreye Alamesiegha when he was arrested and detained in London.

His massive net worth has allowed him to stay at home and enjoy the world, touring beautiful cities, and spending huge amounts of money on expensive cars.

For a man that claims to run a successful business, Mr. Waya has taken measures to ensure that the interesting details of his business are kept a secret.

Terry Waya is super popular for showing off the money he has acquired over the years on social media.

He even claims that the only water that satisfies him is St. Olive’s bottled water that is imported from Paris, France.

Source: InformationNGR

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Nigeria Record Labels Looking For Artistes And Their Contact Address




In this post, I’ll be showing you how to contact your favorite Nigerian record label, how you can send your song to these record labels, and a list of Nigerian record labels looking for artistes. 

This guide will also show you how to join a record label, how to start a record label, how to approach a record label for a deal, and contacts of Nigerian record labels looking for artists.

There are hundreds of record labels in Nigeria looking for a recording artist to sign and make famous so that they can profit from him. If you are looking for a record label, to take your music to the next level, I have a list of record labels looking for artists.

How Does Record Label Deals Work?

It’s pretty simple.  You sign a label contract that states the agreement between you, the artist, and your boss, the label. As stated in the contract, the record label pays you for record sales and helps you secure more life-changing deals in the industry.

The label invests in your music career and development by making, distributing, and marketing your music. Your record label will have a share in your earnings as stated in your contract.

When a record label signs an artist, the money they pay the artist is called an “advance”.  A lot of wealthy Nigerian musicians were only able to achieve the level of success they have now because they joined the right record label.

Why You Should Join A Record Label?

Record labels have the power to make an artist successful, and they offer more opportunities, promotions, and fan base to songwriters than they can achieve on their own.

The record label is charged with the duty of distributing and promoting your music in soft, digital, and hard copy formats to music stores, music websites, and other marketplaces worldwide.

How Does A Record Label Make Money?

Record labels make most of their money when your music is purchased or licensed for use. These organizations also make money from marketing, royalties, album sales, touring, merchandise, gigs, concerts, or anything they could sell.

Nigerian Record Labels And Their Contact Address

If you are an upcoming artiste, rapper, or instrumentalist looking for a record label to kick start your music career, these record labels are looking for an artist that they would sponsor.


Top 10 Richest Kings in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Bloggers In Nigeria [2020]

Top 20 Richest Musicians In Africa [Forbes]

If you are looking for a record label using the right application, you can join any of these labels and become a superstar without stress.

1. 1960 Music Group

1960 Music Group is another record label that can sponsor your music. This is a Nigerian record label owned by Mark Redguard. He and his label have been signing a lot of Nigerian artists.

Depending on your contract with them, they can hire you their artiste and still get you signed into a major label like YBNL or DMW. If you are looking for a label that will sign you fast, I’d advise you to send this group a message.

  • 1960 Music Group Contact Address: Rio Plaza, Muri Okinola, Victoria Island, Lagos.

2. 5IVE Music Label

5IVE Music Label is currently controlled by three major Nigerian record labels including Chocolate City, Storm 360 Records, and NowMuzik Records. Paul Okeugo is the current CEO of 5ive music. He is a very influential man who can use his resources to boost your music.

This record label is currently endorsing Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap artists but also help promote different genres of music. If you feel like you need a label to support your work, then check out this label.

  • 5IVE Music Label Contact Address: 10B Bosun Adekoya Street, Off New Market Road, Oniru, Lagos.
  • Contact Website:

3. 5 Star Music Group

5 Star Music Group is one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria. This record label has housed artists like Kcee, Skiibii, and Harrysong.

Kcee the elder brother to the CEO of 5 Star Music, Emeka Okonkwo is also known as E-Money, a successful businessman and entrepreneur. 5 Star Music Group is also looking for artists to sign this year.

  • 5 Star Music Group Contact Address: 619 Mobolaji Giwa Crescent, Omole Phase 2, Lagos.

4. Aquila Records

Aquila is also among the best record label in the country. This label can push your music career to the next level, and they need talented upcoming artists. This is one of the best labels for upcoming artistes.

Shina Peller, CEO of Aquila Records, has helped a lot of artists and entertainers find solid ground in the Nigerian music industry including acts like Beezy, Base One, Mallow Reelz, Phantom, Que Peller, Slymkeyz, and Chaplyne.

  • Aquila Records Contact Contact Address: 873, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos State.
  • Contact Website:

5. April 12 Studios 

April 12 Studios is mainly recognized for Audio and Visual Productions but also accepts new music demos, tracks, albums, or promotional materials from unsigned artistes looking for record label deals.

  • April 12 Studios Contact Address: 18/33 Woji Alcon Road, ByFederal Housing Estate Junction, Woji, Port Harcourt
  • Contact Phone Number: +234 802 889 5962

6. Boy Blac’ Entertainment

Boy Blac’ Entertainment is another Nigerian Record Label and Recording Studio that is looking for an upcoming artist to make famous. 

If you have a beautiful track worth listening to, you can forward it to them and begin your career as a professional recording artist once you are signed. You can send them your record.

  • Contact Address: 34, Oba Market Road, Opposite Yanga Market, Benin- Edo State
  • Contact Phone Number: +234 (0) 7038537837
  • Contact Email:

7. Camp Music

Cobhams Asuquo is the standing CEO of Camp Music and has signed renowned artists like Timi Dakolo, Bez, and many more. This Nigerian record label is more attracted to RnB, Jazz, and soul artists. You can quickly be signed to Camp Music if you send your tape to their Contact Address.

  • Camp Music Contact Address: 26 Salauden Akano Street, Ogudu G.R.A, Ojota, Lagos.

8. Capital Hills Records

Capital Hills is one of the biggest Nigerian Record labels today. This label is mainly interested in music video shoots and distribution. But they are also looking for artists to sign.

Clarence Peters, a veteran video director, is the current owner of Capital Hills Records. He has worked with superstars like Chidinma Ekile, Phyno, Olamide, Don Jazzy, Davido, Tesh Carter, and many music bosses.

Getting signed into this record label holds a bright future for you.

  • Capital Hills Contact Address: 12b Ladega Str, Omole Phase 1, Ojodu, Lagos.

9. Chocolate City Records

Chocolate City is a home of some of Nigeria’s most celebrated rappers including Milli, Ice Prince, Victoria Kimani, Nosa, Dice Ailes, Loose Kanon, Jesse Jagz, and M.I Abaga.

With MI Abaga as the president of Chocolate City and Loopy Music, Chocolate City is one of the best record labels for upcoming Nigerian rappers.

C-City is mainly interested in rap artists but also promotes and sign hip hop artists. You can join them by contacting them today.

  • Chocolate City Records Contact Contact Address: Plot 102, Johnson Omorire Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • Contact Website:

10. DB Records

DB Records is another prominent record label in Nigeria. It is the home to artists such as Dbanj, 2kriss, and Kayswitch. They are also out to sign new talented artists and musicians. You can apply by contacting them.

Send your music to

  • Contact Website:

11. Davido Music Worldwide (DMW)

DMW is another record label that is looking for artists. DMW is another top record label in Nigeria that broke out from HKN Music.

DMW was founded by Adeleke David and has housed some of the most talented artists in Nigeria including Mayorkun, Dremo, Peruzzi, Idowest, and Yonda.

DMW record signing is mostly based on referral and hand-picking, so getting close and sending your music to a prominent member of the group will favor you.

Contact Phone Number: +234 706 961 1153

12. E.M.E Records

The Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) is one of the most successful record labels in Africa and has housed artists like Wizkid, Skales, Shaydee, Niyola, and DJ Xclusive.

E.M.E is owned by Bankole Wellington [Banky W], who is exceptionally talented in artiste management, talent building, and branding. He can sign you if you reach out to him now.

Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) has been dissolved and is now a full-fledged media agency.

  • E.M.E Records Contact Contact Address: 106, Rasheed Baruwa Street, Omole Estate, Ojodu, Lagos.

13. Edge Records Studios

You can also send your music to Edge Record and start your music career. This record company though small can offer you a good deal that will take your job to its peak. Just contact them using any of the following means below.

  • Contact Address: 44 Isaac John Street, Fadeyi, Lagos.
  • Phone Number: +234 1 8754885, 08023576693

14. Gary Studios

Gary Studio is another Nigerian record label looking for good music and promising upcoming artists to promote. This label is into Hip Hop, upbeat, high tempo, afro-pop, rap, trap, and pop music.

Gary Studio also does Music Recording, Sound Effects, Recording Audio, Mix & Mastering, Recording Engineer, Music Production, and Promotion.

  • Contact Website:

15. Grafton Entertainment

Grafton Ent is a Nigeria and UK based record label looking for good musicians and promising upcoming artists to promote. This label is into Hip Hop, upbeat, high tempo, afro-pop, rap, trap, and pop music.

  • Contact Website:

16. Grand Style Entertainment Ltd

Grand Style Entertainment Ltd is a record label that is also into Music & Video Production, Artist Promotions, Marketing, and Promotion & Album Sales. This record label can make any average songwriter become a superstar.

If you can contact them now, you can be the next star.

  • Contact Address: 33, Yaounde Street, Zone 6, Abuja.
  • Phone Number: +234 (0)803 638 051
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Website:

17. HKN Music

The HKN Gang is a prominent Nigerian Record Label owned by the Adeleke family, and it’s home to big names like Orezi, Shina Rambo, and B Red.  This record label is looking for the artist and can sign you if you reach out.

  • HKN Music Contact Address: 6A Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • Contact Website:

18. Hyperteck Digital Record

The Hyperteck Digital Record is a famous Nigerian record label owned and controlled by the veteran artist. Innocent Idibia is popularly known as 2Baba. If you get signed into this record label, you can become a star instantly.

Hypertech is another record label that is looking for an artist, the thing is that the team in charge of receiving recording artiste is not very active and does not respond to calls.

If you have really good music, try to forward it to them for them to listen to.

  • Contact Phone Number: 08133115108 (SMS only)

19. Kennis Music

Kennis Music has been branded “Africa’s No 1 Record Label“. It is a record label that is into R&B, pop, and hip-hop music.

Kennis Music was founded by famous Nigerian radio DJ Kenny Ogungbe but owned Kehinde “Keke” Ogungbe and Dayo “D1” Adeneye.

They have signed many popular artistes, including K.C. Presh, OJB Jezreel, Mike Aremu, Tony Tetuila, 2face, BANTU, Goldie Harvey, and Sound Sultan. Kennis Music is also a Nigerian record label is looking for new artists to sign.

  • Contact Website:

20. Leisuretyme Production

Leisuretyme Production is another indigenous record label that focuses on Music Production, Album Sales (retail and wholesale), Sound Design, Audio Recording, Mix and Mastering.

This label is owned by CHINEDU PAUL OHACHU, a music producer and songwriter based in Anambra State, Nigeria.

But if you own an excellent sound, they are willing to sign you and help you get an offer from a big record label.

  • Contact Address: Shop A335/F2403, New Electronics, Onitsha, Anambra State.
  • Phone Number: +234 046 491 5195

21. Livespot360 Studios

This Nigerian record label is owned and managed by a woman, Mrs. Deola Art Alade. She is the Chairman of LiveSpot Studios, one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria.

If you can link up to this record label with a good song, I assure you that you’ll get signed immediately and start your musical journey with one of the best records in Nigeria.

  • Live spot Studios Contact Address: 17B Fatai Arobieke Street, Lekki, Lagos.

22. Made Men Music Group

The Made Men Music popularly known as Triple MG is one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria. This label has housed some of the biggest names in the Nigerian music industry such as Tekno, Inyanya, DJ Cublon, Emma Nyra, and Selebobo.

This Nigerian record label is owned by Ubi Franklin [Nigerian businessman and philanthropist]. This record label is mostly interested in Young and talented Afro-pop artists.

  • Contact Email:

23. Mavin Records

Mavin Records has known the biggest and most successful record label in Nigeria. Mavins Record is a cut out from Mo hits and has signed more than a dozen successful artists.

Every artiste here is thriving. The Big M has trained superstars like Tiwa Savage, Dija, Reekado Banks, D Prince, Korode Bello, DNA Twins, Dr. Sid, Johnny Drille, and Poe.

Just send your CD to their address, and your music will be in Don Jazzy’s ears in no time. If It is good, well get ready for a significant record label deal. This record label has also been known to offer the best deal to upcoming artistes.

  • Mavin Records Contact Address: 27a, Akwuzu Street, Off Providence Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
  • Contact Website:

24. Maxibeats Inc

Maxibeats Inc is another indigenous record label that focuses on Music Production, Beat Sales, Sound Design, Audio Recording, Mix and Mastering. But if you own a perfect sound, they are willing to sign you into their music group.

This record label has helped a lot of upcoming artistes get an offer from a big record label without breaking a sweat. This label is owned by Benjamin Nnonah, a music producer and songwriter based in Enugu State, Nigeria.

  • Contact Address: 9 Ogui Road, P.O Box 1446 Enugu, Enugu State.
  • Phone Number: +234 48 481831, 08064113238
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Website:

25. Mo’Hits Records

Mo’Hits Records Limited was a Nigerian record label owned by D’banj and Don Jazzy. Founded in 2006, it was one of the most recognized record labels in the land, after signing D’banj as its first recording artist.

The label was producing a lot of excellent tracks back to back. Although they have ceased operations, you should get in touch with the promoter if you need help promoting your song.

  • Phone Number: +234 (0) 8033480122, 08032127898
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Website:

26. Now Muzik

The Now Muzik Group is a dedicated promotional and management team set up to build your Music career. This label is owned by Efe Omorogbe and has worked with a lot of big names in the Nigerian Music Industry including Reminisce, Olamide, Burna Boy, 2 Face, and Tiwa Savage.

  • Now Muzik Contact Address: 26 Beckley Estate, Abule Egba, Lagos.
  • Contact Website:

27. Osh Productions

Osh Production is a mini label in Nigeria. This group is into Music production, recording, sound engineering, mixing, and mastering but also does song marketing and promotion.

  • Contact Address: 2 Femi Asiwaju Close, Ojodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Phone Number: +234 (0) 8074595818
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Website:

28. Premier Music Nigeria

Premier Music is another successful record label in Nigeria. This Record Label is always on alert for talented and promising artists. You can be a part of the team if you contact them today.

  • Contact Website:

29. Shawl-X Studio

If you are looking for an A-rated Nigerian record label that you can join easily, then this is the record label for you. Shawl X Studio is into music production, marketing, distribution, and adverts.

If you join this record label, then you might be a superstar faster than you think. They are really good when it comes to developing young talents and making sure that upcoming musicians hit the limelight.

  • Contact Address: 4, Shibiri Road, Iyana-Ilemba, Oto-Awori, Lagos
  • Phone Number: +23414034354, 08052801922.
  • Email:

30. Starboy Music

Starboy Music is another successful record label in Nigeria owned by Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, it is home to artists like Terri, Legendury Beatz, Mr. Eazi, Maleek Berry, Efya, Ahmed, and many others.

This is the best record label of any upcoming artiste using the Afropop genre. The Starboy Music is always on alert for talented and promising artists. You can be a part of the team if you contact them today.

  • Starboy Music Contact Address: 9C Ayinde Akinwande Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
  • Contact Website:

31. Storm Records

Storm 360 Records is owned by the older brother to Asa Asika, Mr. Obi Asika. Storm 360 Records is a great avenue for Music promotions and talent building. Storm 360 Records have worked with M.I Abaga, Sasha P, Naeto C, Illbliss, Elajoe, Ikechukwu, and Overdose.

  • Contact Address: Plot 77, 22b Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

32. Super Cool Cats

This Nigerian record label is owned by the record-breaking artiste, Ice Prince Zamani.

SCC is also affiliated to Chocolate City, and they are attracted to upcoming artistes who are into Hip Hop, upbeat, high tempo, afro-pop, rap, trap, and pop music.

Some of the acts include A’fan, Jilex Anderson, Ice Prince himself, and many others.

  • Contact Mail:

33. Tams Records

Tam Record is another Nigerian based Record Label housed in Port Harcourt. This label is mostly interested in Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Dancehall, RnB, and Afro music.

This is one of the hottest record labels in PH because it is filled with a university student who has an extensive network and good music.

  • Contact Address: Off Lt. Col. Larry Crescent, Agip Estate, Mgbuoshimini, Rumueme, Port Harcourt.
  • Phone Number: +234 804 4194 945, 0803 6678 593
  • Contact Website:

34. Tinny Entertainment

Tinny Entertainment is one of the fastest rising record labels in Nigeria thanks to the likes of Ycee, DaboTurner, Bella, and Damilare. Tinny Entertainment is one of the best record labels for new & upcoming Nigerian songwriters especially those interested in Rap and Hip Hop.

  • Tinny Entertainment Contact Address: 9 Kunsela Str, Ikate Elegushi, Lagos, Nigeria to contact them.
  • Contact Website:

35. Penthauze Music

Penthauze Music is another Nigerian Record Label that is looking for talented musicians to sign this year.  This label is owned by rapper Phyno and houses other starts like Runtown, Shugaboi, Superboi Cheque, Storm Rex, and Flipside on its bill.

If you are a talented artist, you should send your song to PentHauze Music using their contact.

  • Phone Web Address:

36. Toplink Entertainment

Toplink Ent is another fast-rising record label that is into Music production and Marketing. But this label is looking for a recording artist to give a record deal to start his Music Career.

If you are interested in joining this record label, you can send your song & album to them.

  • Contact Address: 35 Igbogbo road Ikorodu, Lagos state
  • Phone Number: +234(0)8027636640

37. Bahd Guys

Bahd Guys is another record label that you can join if you can rap, sing, or trap. This record label is owned and controlled by Folarin Falana also known as Falz the Bad Guy.

If you feel like you are a bad guy and would like to join this record label, then send Falz a shout out using the label’s official contact.

38. Trybe Records

The Trybe Records is owned by eLDee the don and has been existing since the early 2000s at the University of Lagos [UNILAG]. It was one of the most prominent record labels in the early 2000s.

Trybe Records is Nigeria’s first indigenous record label, and it’s one of the most respected Nigerian record labels. This record label has had deals with superstars like M.I Abaga, Sarz, Kemistry, Eva Alodia, Freestyle, Kaboom, and Sasha P.

  • Trybe Records Contact Address: Plot 17b Adesola Akinnifesi Street, Lekki, Lagos.
  • Website:

39. X3M Music

This record label has had contracts with artistes like Simi, D’Truce, Sammy, and Praiz and is owned by Steve Babaeko. X3M Music is one of Nigeria’s foremost record labels in Nigeria and easily pick you as their crucial artiste if you contact them.

  • X3M Music Contact Address: 6a Folusho Alade street, Off Omodara Awuse street, Opebi, Lagos
  • Contact Website:

40. YBNL

YBNL is the home of some of the most prominent Nigerian artists from Lil Kesh to Viktoh, Davolee, Fireboy DML, Limerick, Adekunle Gold, DJ Enimoney, Temmie Ovwasa, and Olamide [CEO].

If you want to join this record label, you need to send your song to their contact Email or Website. The website admin will contact you and direct you on the next step to take.

Contact Email:

How to Send Your Song to a Record Label

If you want to send your song to a record label, you first need to get the label’s manager contact and build a relationship with him/her. Get her to squeeze out time to listen to your music.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to reach out to your dream record label.

1. Look for their Contact – I have provided some of their contacts, so get the contact of your preferred label and reach out to them.

2. Contact The Label – When you contact them, Don’t flash or send SMS. Go straight to the point. They value every second. Do not greet or ask any stupid questions. Just send them your song and details.

3. Follow up the matter – Call and text the agent from time to time and follow up on the project. Don’t just send the song and abandon it.

What is a Record Label

A record label also called a record company is a brand/trademark whose business is to market music recordings and music videos. They do the heavy lifting for musicians who don’t have time to promote their music or merchandise.

How to Start a Record Label

Did you know that you can start a record label with no money? There are so many ways to start a record label that you may not be aware of. If you’re not interested in joining a record label, you can start one and run it on your own.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to start a record label.

1. Choose a Good Name, Logo, and Brand Look.

2. Set up a Website

3. Register The Name

4. Register the record label

5. Set up Contracts and Legal Details

6. Sign Artists

How to Join a Record Label

If you want to get a record deal fast, you have to follow my checklist step by step.

1. Find a Good Studio and Record a Demo.

2. Share and Promote your Music.

3. Contact a record label or an agent.

4. Follow up the agent [Become friends with the agent].

5. Sign the record contract and go with the flow.

This is how to approach a record label, contact a record label, and start a record label.

If you are having a problem reaching out to your problem reaching out to any label in this list, let us know and we’ll help you contact them.

Source: InformationNGR

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