This online Liberty Mutual Manual Manual Materials Handling Population Percentiles is based on the Liberty Mutual Manual Manual Materials Handling Equations, published by Potvin, et al., 2021. This online handwriting analysis tool provides the percentage of both men and women who can perform handwriting tasks without noticeable overexertion. The user is strongly advised to use the female population percentage for design purposes (see Interpretation of Results). The results can be used to perform ergonomic assessments of raising, lowering, pushing, dragging and dragging tasks to support ergonomic design interventions. This online tool provides the majority of the population, but the full-featured iPhone application ErgoValuator համատեղ, co-developed by Liberty Mutual և Kinetica Labs, will be available in the Apple App Store starting July 1, 2021 : Vision Recognition AI և provides Liberty’s population percentage, NIOSH revised increase equation, energy costs, and some և Sensitivity analysis tools to make task redesign decisions. ErgoValuator սեփական’s own feature allows you to assess the impact of task redesign changes on the level of back injuries. Contact Kinetica Labs for more information.

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