Lyrics Flowers – Little Simz feat. Michael Kiwanuka

Sleep down, leap down..
Feel the pain of each troubled history
They’ll wipe his memories
Then tell him his past is a mystery
What is life without victory
Opinion on liberty, enlighten me
How to stay sane in a world so mental
World sick enough, a voodoo child playin’ Purple Haze
Can’t get no relief, lonely hours, never temporary
He knows at some point he will escape eventually
Still goin’ to heights, coincidentally, he’s a mess
But still good at puttin’ on a brave face for the camera
He smiles, you can tell it’s fake, you can tell it’s fake
The fee seldom that you be takin’ to Heaven’s gates
No ID, no entry, 27 club says
The good fly young, the good are our greats
Jimi, Basquiat, Amy, Robert, Janis, Kurt CobainWhen the stars die young
Took 27 years to realize
You already won
Flowers all, flowers all, flowers all
Flowers all for you
She’s problematic, nobody can’t stand it
Been told she’s a liability and not an asset
F**k how I’ma write it, confessions of an addict
How they let me sing to the masses
Lost what I had starin’ in the face of tragic
Like I didn’t just Back to Black it
Love was my losin’ game, let’s just call a spade a spade
Paparazzi on my doorstep, never leavin’ home
Lyin’ on the floor, minds blown, tryna reach the phone
Let me take one more hit ‘fore my eyes close
Let me take one more hit ‘fore my eyes close
S**t, I think that was my last hit
One more hit before my eyes close..④
Flowers all, flowers all, flowers all
Flowers all for you
Flowers all for youCan you feel this energy All we have is memories
Always heard but never seen, this is more than you know
Connect with my body and soul and do what my body is told
Picture a beautiful sight but not all that glitters is gold
Afraid of what the future may hold for me
If it’s too late before they dismantle my desires
Already won
This is a formality
Flowers all, flowers all, oh
Try not to be so optimistic
Already won
You already, you already won
You got the power, you got the power
Flowers all, flowers all for you
Whoa, all for you…
➤ Written by Little Simz & Michael Kiwanuka
Album: Grey Area
Produced by Inflo & Astronote
Little Simz | Michael Kiwanuka | 2019