Although educational institutions have transferred into remote working, lessons can still be fun. Let’s consider what interactive activities online can be implemented by teachers during the learning process.

The global pandemic has influenced almost all spheres of people’s lives. Companies have to transfer into the digital world while teachers have to conduct lessons via video conferencing tools and applications. Nevertheless, nothing is as bad as it may seem. Students can also get benefits from remote learning and from staying at home. For example, they can send write my paper for me requests to an online paper writing service. This will assist to assign some part of a load of homework projects to true professionals.

No matter that nowadays all lessons are carried out online, they can still be creative and entertaining. This is where fun virtual activities for students can assist. Teachers can play with learners even if they are in different places. The power of the Internet will be helpful here.

These activities and games have the goal not only to entertain learners but also to educate them. Moreover, they can assist to build friendships between learners and teachers despite distance learning. A sense of community will be created in virtual classes. Such online classroom games are also the possibility for learners to rest and have a break during lessons.

You can relax and distract from writing essays, reading study materials, and simply playing interesting games within your virtual classroom. If you are looking for some ideas for games that can help to make the classroom more engaging, there are some activities and a list of interesting games for your consideration.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is easy to play and is applicable for learners of all ages. A teacher should ask students to find an object and set specific details. For example, you can ask younger kids to find a thing of a certain color or number. This will assist to develop certain skills of these kids.  Older learners can find a thing that makes them laugh or brings them comfort. This game will assist to demonstrate the parts of the personalities of these learners. The goal of the learners is to find the necessary object as soon as possible, return to the screen and show it to the class.

Would You Rather

This is one of the most interesting virtual games for students that can help to carry out discussions. The aim of the teacher is to prepare “Would You Rather” questions. It is possible to find many series of these questions on the Internet. The most important thing is to be attentive and select only those questions that are age-appropriate for learners.
After that teachers give these questions to learners who should give their answers. To give responses, students can utilize the whiteboard, a function of the chat, or simply write down answers on blank paper and show them through the screen.

Where I’ve Lived

This activity refers to one of the virtual learning games that can help online gamers to get acquainted a bit closer. A teacher should send maps to students and ask them to color the places where they have lived or have traveled. Give as much time as possible on this activity to students so they are not in a hurry. After every student finishes coloring a map, they can share this map with other learners.

This enables learners to tell others about what interesting places these students lived. Moreover, a teacher then can ask students to write essays and tell the classroom about where they are from.

Who Said It

This is another example of fun virtual activities for students. Before the beginning of a lesson, a teacher should send a questionnaire with an enumeration of interesting questions. It is advisable for teachers to warn learners that they may share their answers with other students. That’s why learners should be more creative and it is desirable not to share private information.

Then, teachers should look through all answers to questions of students attentively, select the most interesting question, and make a list of answers of learners on this question. Next, educators can share this list of answers with the whole class. After students familiarize themselves with all answers, teachers can ask them to guess which learner gave each response. After the owner of every answer is defined, teachers can ask students to provide a brief explanation of their responses. If learners do not want to give an explanation, it is important not to force him/her. After all, it is just a game.

Alphabet Chain

The next activity is one of the best online classroom games that can help to expand the vocabulary of learners. To begin playing, a teacher should select a category with students. Then, the aim of learners is to name words that correspond to the chosen theme. It is important that every next word should begin with the letter of the previously told word.

If the learner can not come up with a relevant word, this student is out of the game. The winner of this game is considered the last learner. This game can be made more difficult. It is enough to set a specific period of time during which every student should come up with a necessary word.


We can sum up that there are many other ways how to make the learning process more fun rather than being involved in boring writing an essay. Our list of virtual games for students includes only some activities that can help students to enjoy distance learning. If teachers apply these ideas to the educational process, this will increase the productivity of learners.